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To all of my Patreon Patrons who have helped support the site over the last two years: Thank you! As of July 25th, 2019 I have discontinued my Patreon subscription campaign for the sake of greater personal independence and to avoid supporting Patreon and their affiliated corporations. I have loftier goals for Grizzly Butts that include a print/PDF zine supplement, yearly feature collections available as PDFs, t-shirts/merch, cassette/digital label, and even greater ambitions that I would rather self-fund (or say, do a planned Kickstarter campaign for) instead of creating a subscription service that I have to grind under for years to build up. I believe in full transparency just as much as I do personal independence so, I’ll still make good on all of the promised ideas I’d mentioned on Patreon including some design updates for the site and hopefully a full site redesign in the near future.

If you would still like to support Grizzly Butts (It costs ~$125.00/year for the custom domain and hosting package), and PayPal donation/contribution button is available at the bottom of this page. I will leave a note here when the yearly cost of operation is met either by my own funds or donations/tips. The following people are listed in chronological order of support and I greatly appreciate their contributions to the website over the last two years. Again, sincerely Thank You.

 #  Name  Links
 1 Koldan Penner Koldan on RateYourMusic!
 2 Gregor Blažon  Kuroishi_x on RateYourMusic!
 3 Aaron Spack
 4 Stewart McCauley
 5 Daniel Betancourt
 4/17/2018 Reached 1st Patreon Goal!  Thank You Everyone!
 6 John Frank
 7 Chris Baumgartner
 8 Simian Lowlander
 5/15/2018 Reached 2nd Patreon Goal!   Thank You Everyone!
 9 ManOnTheMun
 10 CynicShinigami
 11 Zoltan Nagy
 12 Jeremy Proctor
 13 Athanasios Barmpalexis
 14 Michael Thot mwthot on RateYourMusic!
 15 Pavel Kharkov
 16 Joe Carreno
 17 Lucas Miles
 18 Joey B. Enranger on RateYourMusic!

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