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To all of my fellow HEAVY METAL and VIDEO GAME fans: You are unique, you are passionate and I want these things to unite us in our appreciation of these forms of art. There is nothing more redeeming to me than sharing in celebration of amazing music and video game art. Thank you from the bottom of my soulless husk for allowing me to express my opinions and promote these things that I love.

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Check out my PATREON if you’d like to be featured here on this page. I’ll be painting portraits of folks who support me, as well as naming contributors and donors. Will link supporter social media, gamertags, or projects/blogs by request!


 #  Name  Links/Portrait
 1  Koldan Penner VanDerGrafGen on RateYourMusic!
 2  Gregor Blažon  Kuroishi_x on RateYourMusic!
 3  Aaron Spack