FAQ / Contact Me

FAQ: If you’re a band, PR firm or record label:

  • You’ll reach me a lot faster if you just use grizzlybutts@hotmail.com
  • The only genres I guarantee I will NOT review:
    • Hip-hop/R&B/Rap/Funk/Nu-metal
    • Country/Bluegrass/Americana
    • Singer/songwriter. (unless it is some crazy ass outsider shit like Jandek)
    • Absolutely everything else is fair.
  • Digital file/EPK submissions:
    • Should be in MP3 and not WAV when possible. Creates storage issues on portable devices. I often walk when I listen! If you’re worried about fidelity then I will accept a physical copy.
    • Please send the files using a Dropbox link if you don’t use a service like PromoJukeBox or Haulix.
    • SoundCloud, BandCamp links without a download will be lower priority as I can’t always stream them and multitask when solely using my phone.
    • Please have your MP3‘s labeled or at least files named in order in your EPK.
    • Please include at least one minimum 1200×1200 sized version of the album art in the EPK.
  • If you wish to submit a physical CD or LP copy of your promo:
    • E-mail me for an address to send it to.
    • It’ll be a United States mailing address
    • I hugely prefer vinyl!
    • The review will be extended 1-2 paragraphs that examine the packaging, artwork, and might include several photos of the product itself.
  • It may take up to 3-4 weeks for a full review.
    • Independent bands are given some extra priority.
    • I won’t always remember to inform you of the review, follow me on twitter!
    • If it is not reviewed after 3-4 weeks, e-mail me and I will prioritize it.
  • I will not censor controversial music.
    • It will include a disclaimer of abject neutrality.
    • It might not be promoted on social media.
    • Politics and/or controversy won’t factor into coverage.
    • I do not personally support fascism, homophobia or racism.
    • I do not consider anti-religious art as controversial. I encourage it.
  • If you contribute to my Patreon:
    • The score of your releases and their coverage will not be affected.
    • The priority/speed of your releases and their coverage will not be affected.

Please use this form if you have any questions, or if you would like to submit content, media, or discuss any sort of business. I am always looking for a front/backend/site designer as well as a banner artist, my needs are specifically tuned towards hand-drawn art, paintings, and grimy 90’s demo tape art.




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