Hi, my name is Josh.

I’ve been writing about music and video games online since 2009 primarily to expand my skills with words. I’ve received about six years of college education (Microbiology, research and technical writing)  primarily in Oregon and Washington state. Though that doesn’t qualify me for anything; I suppose I’m nothing more than an overly enthused fan of things who also writes. My only real goal in life is to eternally chase after the thrill of learning. The true curse of it is that I’m naturally skeptical and analytical of all things I encounter. While I’m never one to review anything that is less than 30% worthwhile it is only for the sake of avoiding the self-destructive role of becoming a critic known for negativity. I am forever open to both collaboration and constructive criticism. So, don’t hesitate.

My hopes and dreams are simple:

  1. Review and promote the amazing underground world of Heavy Metal releases.
  2. Write up reviews and interesting takes on current/retro Video Games.
  3. To make a living doing #1 and #2 simultaneously.

I’ll keep doing my best and appreciate anyone who takes the time to read the things I have to write. My goal is to work up the quality level to freelancing, crowdfunding (via PATREON) and additionally create video/audio versions of content. I have an incredible amount of hatred for advertisements, seriously I’m a jerk about it, they insult and cheapen all forms of art. My ambitions are to aim for crowd-sourcing instead of depending on advertisement to monetize my time. I ask $1 per month if you can afford it. If you can’t afford it, no problem, by all means its worth even more to me to hear from people who enjoy what I write.


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