Hi, my name is Josh.

I’ve been writing about music since the summer of 1998 starting with my own zine Raze (four issues, photocopied, 50 copies each) and as a result I quickly became a reviewer for Pasadena, CA based publication Flipside from 1998-2000 when the zine ended. I became quite hated for my short and obtusely negative reviews as J-Cyco¬†because quite frankly: I was a 17 year old hardcore punk/crossover kid at the time. Todd (editor-in-chief post Al Flipside) was amused enough by my idiocy at the time to send me stuff for years, anyhow. I didn’t begin writing about video games, or much of anything else, online until¬†2009 primarily to expand my writing oeuvre and general lexicon. In the space between I’d received about six years of college education (Microbiology, research and technical writing) primarily in Oregon and Washington state. Though I’ve had many jobs throughout my life (physical therapist, editor, etc.) none have involved my passion for music and art.

My goals for Grizzly Butts as a pursuit and potential business are driven by a compulsive Heavy Metal obsession. Every waking moment of the day I’m an overly enthused fan of HEAVY METAL who is compelled to write every free second I get. My methodology is ‘old school’ in the sense that I grew up reading music ‘zines, as well as big heavy metal magazines, in the early 90’s — an era where reviews/features were long, in-depth, and honest. You won’t get a messy 200 word blog entry from me, every release deserves at least 600-1000 words of thought and extensive repeat listens. Without serious consideration and effort, why would writing be worth reading? I believe the effort musicians put into music is worth serious time and thought. This is the value I offer as a writer. My philosophy of earnest criticism backed by extensive listening and thorough research stands out in the suffocating metal blog biosphere.

It had been impossible to consider writing about music as a sustainable full-time career until I’d seen crowd-sourcing work so well for a select few. It is entirely possible to foster a small community of shared interest with small scale crowd-sourced funding. The cost of maintaining an advertisement free website with zero sponsored content is roughly $100 per year. To achieve this goal I need 8-10 people to pledge $1.00 USD per month, per year. That is the main goal of my Patreon, though it will expand over time as features and artist interaction becomes more ambitious.


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