ENDTYMER | May 26th, 2023

ENDTYMER is the inevitable weekly “music news blog” series I’ve been working to avoid for some time. It hits at the end of every week with the intent of covering notable new releases, sharing news of new releases, and musing over various personal listening habits. It is a largely informal blog, has opinions, etc. so chill out a bit. I do my best to cover as much of everything I receive in some form regardless of genre or representation, don’t hesitate to send anything and everything my way: grizzlybutts@hotmail.com


The fourth week of May brought a shitload of weird as hell, deep, and incredibly finessed extreme metal works of insanely high caliber. Teitan‘s second LP ‘In Oculus Abyss‘ waxed nihil far beyond the norm, PhlebotomizedClouds of Confusion‘ brought some ancient death metal feeling into their moderne tunefulness, Liquid Flesh expanded upon the classic death metal mold with ‘Dolores‘, Usnea‘s ‘Bathed in Light‘ built a doomed chasm out of hardship and psychedelic wonderment, Ruïm‘s personal-spiritual ritual ‘Black Royal Spiritism – I​.​ O Sino da Igreja‘ expanded the mind and crushed the brain, and Kostnatění essentially created its own vernacular, a personal accomplishment that will blow minds and confuse guitarists for years to come and of course… The thing I’d had the best time with overall was, a Sardinian stoner-assed garage rock record. Their celebration of the increasingly canned heat of humanity and violence en masse sparked the hedonist in me, or, had the right late spring/early summer roll.

LOOSE SUTURESSado Sex For Dummies [Electric Valley]


Svart Records recently announced what we can consider the ultimate retrospective collection for British late-era NWOBHM band BLOOD MONEY, a group which had formed in 1984 after their early 80’s crew Wolfbane split, pulling in the drummer from Desolation Angels and getting to work on a heavier, thrashing style which was all their own for the three years and two LPs they’d persisted with. The big news here is the 3LP set of remasters which includes the ‘Metalyzed‘ demo circa 1985, their debut LP ‘Red, Raw and Bleeding‘ (1986) and its follow-up ‘Battlescarred‘ (1987) the LP with the demo + live songs includes a zine and is exclusive to the vinyl. Otherwise there is a 2CD set with out those extras. I’m a huge fan of that first LP and it should perk the ears of folks who enjoy early Nasty Savage, At War, Exciter and Warfare. NWOBHM bands who were late to the party and turned speed metal weren’t entirely rare but there were only a small handful who’d really pulled it off (see: Atomkraft) and these Manchester-borne folks always took their songwriting seriously, or, somewhere memorable.



VILE RITUALCaverns of Occultic Hatred [Sentient Ruin]

Sentient Ruin have announced Maryland-based psychedelic bestial death metal project VILE RITUAL are ready to burst forth from obscurity with their debut full-length album ‘Caverns of Occultic Hatred‘. They’re lining it up for a June 16th release this year on LP, CD, MC and digitally. Love the album art and I appreciate the comparisons to Antediluvian and Chaos Echoes. Check it out over on Bandcamp:

Portland, Oregon-based doomed pontificator magnate MIZMOR has announced they will release ‘Prosaic‘ their latest full-length album this coming July 21st by way of Profound Lore Records. A.L.N. recorded the record in his home studio, Abilith, commenting: “I tried to streamline my process, to keep things interesting, engaging, and fun for me out of self-love. Often when I make records, it becomes a slog and I find myself in a proverbial hole where I’ve lost perspective. I simply wanted to see if I could make a record I was proud of without going to that place.” Of course it is a big damned record and you’ll only get one single out of it, but it comes with a pretty impressive music video too. Check out “No Place To Arrive”, which was conceptualized and creatively directed by A.L.N. and Emma Ruth Rundle, over on YouTube:

German death metal band TEMPLE OF DREAD have announced their fourth full-length album ‘Beyond Acheron‘ will arrive via Testimony Records. The album will be released on August 11th on vinyl LP, CD and digitally. Guitarist Markus Bünnemeyer states: “Our first single “The Plague” starts very groovy but ignites the full charge of old school death metal in the chorus at the latest. Our singer Jens is supported by Marc Grewe on vocals. Without his early works Temple Of Dread would not sound like they do today. Interesting how similar and complementary the two voices are. Lyrically the song deals with The Plague of Athens: An epidemic that destroyed man from within and thereby carried off almost a whole civilization. Parallels to modern pandemics would be coincidental.” Check out the song over on YouTube:

Although I haven’t been all that impressed with Arizona death metal solo act THORN to date it does look like he’s found somewhere to go with it as the inevitable third full-length looms on the horizon. Transcending Obscurity Records have announced they will release ‘Evergloom‘ on September 15th this year and the implication is that it will feature a mix of death/doom and some manner of melodic death metal influence. Check out the first single “Hypogean Crypt” and see what you think:

Memento Mori and Godz Ov War Productions have announced they are working together for the July 24th release of ETERNAL ROT‘s third full-length album. They’ll release ‘Moribound‘ on CD and vinyl, cassette tape and digitally. If you are a fan of headier death/doom and don’t already know about these folks gear up for some grit and an explosive sound. I’m interested to see how they’ve evolved, if at all, over the last few years. Check out “Desecrated Guts” over on Memento Mori’s YouTube channel:

Sentient Ruin have announced the impending release of ‘Trisect Joys of Pierced Hearts‘ the latest full-length release from United States based black metal duo LUCIFIXION. It arrives June 30th on LP, MC and digital formats. I am not familiar with this group but I’d appreciated the Karmazid penned album artwork and the violence of this preview song:

Québec-based cult black metal label Sepulchral Productions have announced that on June 24th they will present the long-awaited return of MISERERE LUMINIS. ‘Ordalie‘ will be the first album from this atmospheric black metal collaboration between members of Gris and Sombre Forêts members in ~fifteen years and one look at the album art nearby the first single “Le Sang des Rêves” should quickly convince:

Memento Mori have announced they will release ‘Streams of Rot‘ the debut album from Philippines-based death metal band FORMLESS OEDON this coming July 24th. Formed in 2019 to stoke the first of pure death metal by way of some thrasher friends the band resembles classic Finnish death metal to some strong degree. See if you can hang with ’em by way of “Heavenly Abomination” over on Memento Mori‘s YouTube:

Finnish pagan prog-rocking dark folk sojourn HEXVESSEL return for a sixth album, ‘Polar Veil‘ which intends to convey the cold chill of the sub-arctic north by way of black metal. Mat “Kvohst” McNerney (Grave Pleasures) brings his gothic, doom-rock eerie to this unique record in quite strong contrast to the previous few releases from the band while retaining his signature expressive range. They’ve gotten some choice spots from Nameless Void of Negative Plane for a guitar solo on “Ring” and they’ve tapped Okoi from Bølzer for additional vocals on “Older Than The Gods”, which serves as the first single from the album. Svart Records will release the album on September 22nd. Check out “Older Than The Gods”:

UK death metal band AGELESS SUMMONING are set to release their debut full-length album, ‘Corrupting the Entempled Plane‘ this coming July 21st by way of Dark Descent Records. Vocalist Ali Lauder states: “Ageless Summoning was inspired by the otherworldly death metal of Steve Tucker era Morbid Angel and the discord of Immolation. We try to emulate the sludgy malevolence and desolate atmospheres of the likes of Gateways to Annihilation and Here In After,” and I greatly appreciate that transparency but it isn’t quite that cut-and-dry as I listen to this first single “Epoch of Souls”. Should be an interesting record:

Osmose Productions have announced June 30th as the release date for latest EP from Mexico-based black/death metal band DEMONIZED. ‘Abyss Vanguard‘ will release on jewel-case CD and 12″ vinyl. Osmose will be handling the worldwide release of those and Vomit Records will release the digipack CD for the Americas. The new line-up of this band includes Gene Palubicki (Perdition Temple) and members of Hacavitz. Check out the first preview track “Unleash the Devil’s Bane”:

Caligari Records have announced August 4th as the release date for the debut album from German prog-death adjacent band HALLUCINATE. ‘From the Bowels of the Earth‘ will release on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape. Vocalist/lead guitarist Persecutor explains the conception of the album: “From the Bowels of the Earth sprung forth from a very tough psilocybin experience right before the onset of the pandemic. It almost broke me mentally; I wasn’t prepared for it at all. I started writing the songs in an attempt to put myself back together, trying to integrate that experience. It was a very dark and intimidating display of ancient powerful archetypes haunting me with synchronistic, apocryphal, and soul-crushing revelations – not the funky-shmunky colorful hippie shit most people associate with this stuff. So a psych-stricken, kinda-prog death metal record felt most natural to tell the story, where each song represents a stage of the trip with its physiological, psychic and spiritual implications.” Sounds absolutely devastating, I’m into it:

Hypnotic Dirge have announced the release of the fourth NONE album titled ‘Inevitable‘ on June 30th of this year. Their fourth album threatens to be their longest and darkest work and I am looking forward to it living up to the wall of pure depressive collapse their work has been thus far. The album will release on CD and digitally with vinyl coming in late August of this year. Check out the first preview song “Rest”:

Swiss black metal sorceress ASHTAR focuses on a blackened doom metal style, a gloom-stricken and cutting release titled ‘Wandering Through Time‘ will release by way of Eisenwald this coming July 28th. Check out the first preview song “Into the Gloom” over on YouTube:


This week I’d caught up with last weeks videos and recorded this weeks (which still need to be edited/rendered) so this should have seven videos to start and I’ll add five more tomorrow (5/27) morning.

PHLEBOTOMIZED – Clouds of Confusion (2023) | REVIEW


USNEA – Bathed in Light (2023) | REVIEW

TERRIFIER – Trample the Weak, Devour the Dead (2023) | REVIEW

SPEEDWHORE – Visions of a Parallel World (2023) | REVIEW

SHADOWS – Out For Blood (2023) | REVIEW

HÄSTSPARK – Ostiarius Inferni (2023) | REVIEW



Here is a tentative list of what is coming up next week in terms of reviews. The following records have been listened to extensively, a preliminary review has been drafted (or completed), and I’ve locked them in for coverage. In terms of the “Short Written Reviews + Video” column, these are more tentative, some of them may be cut if I do not have enough time to get around to everything. These choices are subject to change as the final drafts evolve and other releases might potentially take priority:


TOMBSTALKER – Age of Darkness [May 29th, Boris Records/Morbid Aggressor]
THANTIFAXATH – Hive Mind Narcosis [June 2nd, Dark Descent Records]
ORDER OF DECAY – Mortification Rites [June 2nd, Sentient Ruin]
LEATHÜRBITCH – Shattered Vanity [June 2nd, Shadow Kingdom]
TORTURE RACK – Primeval Onslaught [June 9th, 20 Buck Spin]
CLAUSTROM – Claustrom [June 9th, Unorthodox Emanations/Avantgarde Music]


KUUJEOJA – Collected Works: MMXIV​–​MMXX May 5th, Rubeus Obex]
BONE POTION – Savage Pyramid [June 2nd, Self-Released]
FJOERGYN – Judasmesse [June 2nd, Trollzorn Records]
WOLFTOWER – Crownless King of the Dismal Dark Empire [June 1st, Inferna Profundus]
WYTCH HAZEL – IV: Sacrament [June 2nd, Bad Omen Records]
THE KRYPTIK – A Journey to the Darkest Kingdom [June 2nd, Purity Through Fire]
TORTURED DEMON – Rise of the Lifeless [June 2nd, Self-Released]
KVAD – So Old [June 2nd, Purity Through Fire]
HEMPLIFIER – The Stoner Side of Doom [June 2nd, Electric Valley Records]
MINAS MORGUL – Nebelung [June 2nd, Trollzorn Records]
BONGZILLA – Dab City [June 2nd, Heavy Psych Sounds]
THE IMMORTAL SAMSARA TRAVELERS – Hanging Gardens in Glacial Apocha [June 2nd, Utech Records]

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