An Early Stream of GAROTED ‘Bewitchment of the Dark Ages’ LP (2023)PREMIERE

Today we have the privilege of sharing an early stream of the fourth full-length album from Kansas City, Kansas-based death metal metal quartet GAROTED. The riff-obsessed crew arrive upon their latest LP having built a reputation for brutal, relentlessly scourging classics inspired death metal as they tap into the core violence of the genre and push a few generations deeper. ‘Bewitchment of the Dark Ages‘ is remarkable for its alchemical volatility, an approach which not only calls back to a certain elite breed of United States death metal but weaves its own thorny noose of rapid fire riff and hailing down leads to stunning, neck whipping result. The album releases this Friday, May 26th on compact disc and digitally by way of the good folks over at Lavadome Productions.

The pure death metal fan who’d recognize the real thing with an eagle ear from a hundred miles away only need know one thing: This record has riffs. Taking the hammered-at hackles of ‘Deicide‘ in hand alongside the fiery reconditioning of death metal in the late 90’s and forging that new reality to a perfect diabolus since the late 2000’s, these folks have all the backing of death metal that’d never lost the original plot throughout the ages. Their work is intense, merciless in its percussive trait but never machine-like in movement thanks to the lucid consciousness shared between the guitarist and drummer who each claim their own throne in the realm. Garoted haven’t simply returned to form beyond their last release in 2017 but returned with a worthy and fearsome display of death metal’s most enduring fortitudes. FFO: Vader, Perdition Temple, Centurian.

Thanks goes out to the artist, their label and representation for the opportunity to share this album a few days early. Scroll down to the Bandcamp embed below to finalize your descent… As always, please do your best to support the death metal underground and grab a physical copy from Lavadome Productions this Friday:

Per the Press Release:

GAROTED – New Album Announcement – ‘Bewitchment Of The Dark Ages’ via Lavadome Productions

Kansas-based Death Metallers GAROTED have announced their fourth full-length, “Bewitchment Of The Dark Ages”.

It will be released on May 26th, 2023 via Lavadome Productions on CD and digitally.

With each album, GAROTED have consistently pushed the boundaries of their craft to deliver a more extreme and proficient form of Death Metal. So they do on “Bewitchment Of The Dark Ages” which serves as a contemporary testament to the vicious emanations of the genre’s early days, and promises an all-out sonic assault showcasing finest unhinged aggression.


1. Infernal Death’s Majesty

2. Black Canticle Of Horror

3. Rites of Sinister Defilement

4. Pestiferous

5. Khaos Soul Pandemonium

6. Arcane Shadow Idolatry

7. Unfathomable Manifestation

8. Harkening to the Age of Blood & Plague 


Devo – Vocals

Drew Frerking – Guitars

Jonathan Tennant – Bass

Nolan Weber – Drums

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