An Early Stream of DECIPHER ‘Arcane Paths to Resurrection’ LP (2023)PREMIERE

Today we have the privilege of sharing an early stream of the debut full-length album from Athens, Greece-based black metal band DECIPHER. Formed in 2017 and now arriving upon their first LP the quartet have quickly built their own thrashing-yet-thoughtful form of black metal which they’re prone to deliver with the occasional kicking death metal throttle. ‘Arcane Paths to Resurrection‘ is remarkable not only for its violent movement but its lingering hex, a memorable brand of riff-stoked songcraft which only intensifies its fixation as the full album burns on. Every piece counts here and I think they’ll win quick fealty with folks seeking the deadly strength of sentient and wholly engaged black/death metal herein. The album releases this Friday, April 21st on compact disc and digitally by way of the fine people over at Transcending Obscurity Records.

It all comes with a twist, an extra something to cause the greater wound to sting as ‘Arcane Paths to Resurrection‘ blends the atmospheric and the directly stabbed-at into their own black metallic pulse. For most songs on the album this means a steadily built guitar hook, a memorable riff, or a distorted tangent which pulls the ear into Decipher‘s realm a bit deeper with every step. The loftiest peak achieved in this sense is the ~9 minute soar of “Altar of the Void” set within the middle of the album, moment of surreal levitation as much as it is a hail of fire. From that point the interconnected nature of the full listen should be most clear, that each piece complements one another in placement and the natural flow of their work becomes all the more dramatic in phrase and movement.

Thanks goes out to the artist, their label and representation for the opportunity to share this album a few days early. Scroll down to the YouTube embed below to finalize your descent… As always, please do your best to support the extreme metal underground and grab a physical copy from Transcending Obscurity Records this Friday:

Per the Press Release:

Info –
Greek black metal band Decipher have come up with a much awaited full length album that showcases their steely vision and penchant for writing superbly structured songs that have an inherent catchiness to them while also being gritty and dynamic. Songs range from having faster, rousing parts to poignant, evocative solos without losing track of the groove that just keeps your head bobbing despite life and painful reminders about it. The album doesn’t give you much time to dwell on things as it keeps throwing one deadly riff after the other at you as you’re forced to scramble in an attempt to fully comprehend them before life comes to an end. Decipher have effectively eschewed all trends, imbibing the best qualities and giving a fresh, sincere expression that doesn’t owe too much to any one style or aspect of it. They’ve delivered here a timeless piece of black metal that’s impactful and strongly evocative, and as close to perfection as you can hope to get.

For fans of – Bolzer, Varathron, Necromantia, Ravencult, Dodsferd, Nigredo

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