ENDTYMER | February 24th, 2023

ENDTYMER is the inevitable weekly “music news blog” series I’ve been working to avoid for some time. It hits at the end of every week with the intent of covering notable new releases, sharing news of new releases, and musing over various personal listening habits. It is a largely informal blog, has opinions, etc. so chill out a bit. I do my best to cover as much of everything I receive in some form regardless of genre or representation, don’t hesitate to send anything and everything my way: grizzlybutts@hotmail.com


The ~final week of February wasn’t exceptional for new releases though the 24th found a wild glut of eh, just alright releases. Bodyfarm‘s ‘Ultimate Abomination‘ is an easy choice if you’re a death metal fan, Necrovation‘s latest 7″ is a choice for the more eclectic-minded, and there is a “just ok” record from Insomnium today, too. For black metal there is a new Azaghal (Finland) record which has been solid enough in previews today. If you’re interested in folk metal Heidevolk put out a decent new epic in ‘Wederkeer‘, nonetheless they will never top ‘Batavi‘. Otherwise Sleep Terror‘s spaghetti western themed record ‘Railroad to Dystopia‘ is actually a pretty good listen if you’re interested in instrumental technical death metal that isn’t simply number-milling the usual shit. With all of this in mind it was British doom metal group Wolves in Winter‘s debut ‘The Calling Quiet‘ that easily took the crown this week.

WOLVES IN WINTERThe Calling Quiet [Argonauta Records]


You’ve got the first three Cryptic Slaughter records memorized, Wehrmacht was cool but you want something more “heavy metal” without sacrificing speed and a lot of crossover feels slow as fuck elsewhere in the mid-80’s and shit like Anthrax is still bunk. Where do you go? Well, you’d jet over to ‘Scum‘ if you’d any sense, hippy, but before that was an option HIRAX were one of the coolest bands to bring a uniquely heavy metal focus to the crossover phenom in 1985-1986 when they released ‘Raging Violence‘, their debut and ‘opus’, and the shorter (~16 minutes) much more impactful ‘Hate, Fear and Power‘ the next year. They were basically done as a crew by 1987 and didn’t show up on the radar again until thrash returned as a cartoonish, commercialized zombie in the early 2000’s. When Deep Six Records released Hirax‘ third album ~2004 they’d likewise reissued those first two records in 2005 and we’ve not gotten any substantial re-release from these classics of thrashcore/heavy metal since. Thankfully the good folks over at ARMAGEDDON LABEL have licensed CD and vinyl editions to be released this coming April 2023 after being out of print for a couple of decades. In both cases they’ve preserved/re-photographed the original album covers, and mastered each for vinyl anew. Anyhow, I love these records, particularly ‘Hate, Fear & Power‘ which I consider essential for every thrash metal, speed metal, crossover, and even just LA hardcore punk interested fan.




Helsinki, Finland-based solo black/dark metal band UNOHDUS bring us an atmospheric take on depressive black metal, whirling in shades of doom when they can. They’ve likened their craft to a mix of 2000’s depressive dark/black metal be it Lifelover or Forgotten Tomb but I’d say the Totalselfhatred comparison is best. Anyhow they’ve put up their first two song demo ‘Niin turhaan tähdet valaisivat meitä‘ over on Bandcamp (for free) and I’d felt it was worth mentioning. Not entirely my thing but also not too far out of the realm of possibilities. A good start anyhow.


Netherlands-based death metal crew GRACELESS have always been interesting as a noisome take on classic death metal sounds, usually a pretty good show in terms of album art and style. Well, French label Listenable Records tend to agree with a bit more enthusiasm now having signed the band, announcing reissues of each of their three full-lengths to start. Likewise, they’re not far from completing their fourth LP which seems to indicate a step towards death/doom metal adjacency explored on recent releases, the band states: “The forthcoming album will add yet another layer to what some reviewers have called ‘the Graceless sound’: guiding the listener through ever darker catacombs of doomed melancholia while proudly striking a blunt death metal hammer. We are ready to descend further down. Are you coming with us?” Check out their most recent album in the meantime:


Memento Mori recently announced a few new signings and first up is Polish/British duo ETERNAL ROT who are likewise teaming up with Godz Ov War Productions for the band’s third full-length, which has been announced for July 24th. More details soon. Always full support for Memento Mori releases, and I am stoked to hear more from this band as they continue to evolve their hard as nails death/doom sound. For more info: www.memento-mori.es


Photo by Emerik Siimessalmi

When did this band put out a second record? Didn’t hear a damned word about it back in 2022. Another new Memento Mori signing + joint release involves Finnish old school death metal troupe SADISTIC DRIVE. The quintet hail from Joensuu and they’ve chopped away at an early Cannibal Corpse influenced sound lately. Memento Mori will partner with Rotted Life when it comes time to release the band’s third full-length, which they’ll announce sometime this year. Check out their 2022 record, first I’ve heard of it:


From The Vaults have announced they’ve signed epic heavy/doom metal band ALTAR OF OBLIVION. The sextet are a big favorite of mine, especially their most recent full-length so I’m glad they’ve found a launching pad for what comes next, which, apparently is a mini-LP due out this year. The band comments: “We just signed a record deal with Danish label From the Vaults, which will put out a five-track EP named “Burning Memories” in the summer of 2023, followed by our fourth full-length album “Proselytes of the Apocalypse“”, the band states. “Both sonic endeavors were recorded prior to the pandemic, and we can’t wait to have them unleashed upon old fans as well as new“. So, two big releases to look forward to in the next year or so.


MEGALITH LEVITATIONObscure Fire‘ [Aesthetic Death]

Russian lysergic doom metal ghouls MEGALITH LEVITATION have announced their latest album ‘Obscure Fire‘ this coming March 31st by way of Aesthetic Death (CD), Sounds of Karachun (CS) and [addicted] label digitally. This will be their third full-length and this news arrives with a bit of hype on my end since I’ve been a big fan of these guys since their ‘Acid Doom Rites‘ album released back in 2019. Stoked for this one, and I continue to love the album art from GodLikeIkons. No clip yet but we’ve got a pre-order link.


Here is the best song released this week “Outwith the Plains of Ultimatum” from Australian death metal band PUSTILENCE‘s debut full-length ‘Beliefs of Dead Stargazers and Soothsayers‘. The album will release this coming April 24th from Memento Mori and Rotted Life Records, the vinyl version will release later in the year. Expect fully elite peak 90’s death metal style taken to a its penultimate violence, sure to be a highlight of the year for my own taste. Until then check out “Outwith the Plains of Ultimatum”:

Dutch progressive death Metal band PHLEBOTOMIZED have announced their union with Hammerheart Records will continue to bear fruiting bodies with the announcement of a new album titled ‘Clouds of Confusion‘. The suggestion for this album is that it harkens back to their 90’s material, the classic atmospheric/prog death and grotesque yet adventurous side of the band emerging. The album is set to release on CD, LP and digital thi coming May 26th. No preview yet, the first single has been announced for next Friday, March 3rd.

Dutch progressive Death Metal legends Phlebotomized and Hammerheart Records proudly announce the new album “Clouds of Confusion”! 

DØDHEIMSGARD and Peaceville Records have announced the band’s long awaited sixth full-length ‘Black Medium Current‘ will release this coming April 14th. Described as “bleak, dark and dissonant…” and with a curious album cover no doubt we can expect the unexpected from these Norwegian avant-garde black metal ancients. Maestro Vicotnik comments: “There is a certain amount of facticity to moods, in turn moods are conditions of thinking and ultimately solicit a variety of responses. The contradictory notions of angst and if angst is tied to free will or rather solely a deterministic human feature. If an agent is invested in being a particular thing and when the state of being is compromised, one would normally find oneself in a state of existentialist despair and confusion. Are we in perpetual despair because our identity depends on qualifiers that can crumble at any moment? Yet trying to solely avoid these states of confusion and discomfort through structuring all notions of an all-encompassing rationality in order to interact with the objective world, is perhaps in part to relinquish personal freedom and the potential of growth? With this album I am trying to create moods in which this angst and confusion is prevalent, and through my experiential notions pose questions, (primarily to myself), that perhaps extends to facilitating the development of inner resources, overcoming self-deception and promoting freedom through art and creative exercise.” Brilliant mind and I am bloated with anticipation for this one. Again, no preview track yet.


Iron Bonehead Productions have announced April 14th as the release date for the debut LP from United States black metal project SEVER. ‘At Midnight, By Torch Light‘ arrives on CD and vinyl LP. I don’t know anything about this fellow other than the name Ma-Kaxul and I am somewhat familiar with the ‘Sadistic Sorcery‘ demo from last year but I’d enjoyed this new song “Abyssonaut”:

Greek atmospheric black metal artist SPECTRAL LORE has announced a new four song ~44 minute mLP titled ‘11 Days‘ set to be self-released digitally this coming March 21st alongside a new double LP, ‘IV‘, which will also release in 2023. The mLP is “thematically based on the refugee sea route to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. This route has become one of the most dangerous in existence for refugees and has caused the loss of thousands of lives in the last ten years.” it seems the release is both a protest to the suffering of immigrants as well as a fundraiser (digital only, I assume) for efforts to help migrants. Physical editions from I, Voidhanger and Throne Records will be announced as soon as they are ready.

Satanic doom metal quartet THE CROOKED WHISPERS have announced their sophomore full-length ‘Funeral Blues‘ will arrive this coming April 7th on Ripple Music. This is an international effort with members pulled from the United States and Argentina and they have a somewhat unique sound influenced by sludge metal’s more hissing vocal variety a la Burning Witch. Unique stuff, check out the first single:

III Damnation Productions have announced April 21st as the release date for Greek black metal entity HERETIC CULT REDEEMER‘s third full-length album ‘Flagellum Universalis‘, which will release on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape. This is a unique black metal project coming from members/ex-members of Acrimonius, whom you should be well familiar. The concept of the record “plunges into the paths of the primeval human urge of opposition to law and structure; it is a profound spiritual and philosophical journey towards Eosphoric self-knowledge. Heretic Cult Redeemer consider themselves as the means, harbingers, and vessels of Luciferian and Promethean teachings, as expressed through the frenzy, of the touch of Echidna.” and it looks to be an impressive showing based on this first preview song:

Chilean ‘old school’ death metal group PUTRID YELL have announced their debut LP will arrive by way of Pulverised Records. The classic chainsawing sound of ‘Consuming Aberration‘ will release on April 14th. They’ve got an exceptional crew behind it between Cristian Leon (Lion’s Roar Studio) and Damien Herring (Subterranean Watchtower Studio). They’ve named classic late 80’s Swedeath and the raw horror of early Brazilian extreme metal crews as main influences. Check out the first preview song “Indescribable Evil Instinct”:

Traditional heavy metal band MACE’N’CHAIN comes from Swedish musician David Nilsson who is best known for his work in death metal band Feral. After releasing a rough demo (‘Upon the Anvil Formed‘, 2021) which I’d bought upon release, the fellow has been hard at work on a debut full-length which is now ready to reveal. ‘Among Ancient Pillars‘ will be released by way of No Remorse Records this coming March 24, 2023. Nilsson comments: “I am extremely honored to be teaming up with No Remorse Records! And I simply could not imagine a better place for Mace ‘n’ Chain than this highly respected label, because there simply could be none. SWING THE CHAIN!” you can pre-order the album today and likewise check out the first single, “The Key to Ancient Riddles”:

Swedish stoner rock originals DOZER have returned with a sixth studio album after a decade-plus wait. ‘Drifting in the Endless Void‘ will be released this coming April 21st on Blues Funeral Recordings. Co-founder and lead guitarist Tommi Holappa comments: “It’s been 15 years since the last Dozer album and this is who we are now. We might be older, maybe not so much wiser, but I think we may have made one of our best albums. When we started writing new material, we didn’t have a clue what this band would sound like in the 2020s. It was a bit nerve-wracking at first, but after we finished “Missing 13”, the first song we wrote for the album, we knew we were onto something. The first single “Ex-Human, Now Beast” has all the energy, power and heaviness we’ve always loved to create, it’s proof we can still rock and we can’t wait for people to hear it!” and it seems they’ve coming back with a bang as this video/single “Ex-Human, Now Beast” is instantly memorable stuff:

Funeral death/doom metal project MESMUR have announced their fourth full-length album is on its way toward an April 14th release by way of Solitude Productions and Aesthetic Death. ‘Chthonic‘ will release on digiCD first and then vinyl at a later date. This record concerns itself with the underworld as a spiritual place, of judgement, horrors and much more. Paraphrasing here, there is surely more to it. Album art smokes, no preview track yet but you can find a bit more information on Aesthetic Death’s site:


German classic thrashers NECRONOMICON have announced their latest full-length album ‘Constant To Death‘ will release by way of El Puerto Records. The release is set for April 28th but no notes on formats just yet on my end. This is the band’s twelfth studio album and I have to admit that I have not followed their releases since, maybe 2004? They’ve always been pretty solid. The main fellow behind the band Freddy has suggested this is his “most modern and at the same time most personal album” not only in the sense that it covers a broader interest beyond thrash metal but that it deals with death over the world in a socially conscious way. Great album art, too.

Unique Italian noise rock group THE TURIN HORSE are finally back with a progressive/psychedelia influenced full-length for 2023. ‘Unsavory Impurities‘ will release through Reptilian Records and Invisible Order this coming March 24th. If you’ll recall I’d enjoyed The Turin Horse‘s debut EP years ago and didn’t know if they were still active. So far it sounds like they’re pushing noise rock/post-hardcore into their own zone and though it is different than expected they’ve undoubtedly got a bigger, better idea here.

Transcending Obscurity Records have announced they’ll release the latest album from Canadian dissonant death metal group IGNOMINY this coming March 10th. They’ve emphasized that the style of the band is not a random number generated event, that each song arrives with purposeful arrange and effect on ‘Imminent Collapse’. I only wish there was that much thought put into the album art, since it is not great. Otherwise I’m looking forward to this one. Check out a couple of songs over on Bandcamp:

Invictus Productions and The Ajna Offensive have announced their joint efforts to release a fifth and long-awaited full-length from Swedish black/thrash metal originals UNPURE. The history of this band stretches back to 1991 with a sound that was ahead of its time, or, sticking to the roots of black metal in a way which was rare even in 1995. I’d always compared their ideal to that of something like Tulus, but of course different influences with a similar mindset. That all bears returning to as I look forward to when ‘Prophecies Ablaze‘ arrives March 31st. The first preview song “Northern Sea Madness” is available over on Bandcamp:

German brutal death metal band STILLBIRTH have announced their latest album ‘Homo Deus‘ will arrive this coming April 7th. This will be the bands eighth studio album and their first through Distortion Music Group. “The album […] is a much more diverse album than our last releases. You can expect a maximum violent Stillbirth album, but this time we’ll give you a few more seconds to catch your breath in between the songs. Every song got its unique style with razor-sharp guitar riffs, crushing drums and a lot of vocal variety between nasty grunts to ear-splitting highs. To get the maximum brutality into your ears, we worked again with the audio-studio ‘Demigod Recordings’ for mix and master of the album. Our cover designer Aghy Purakusuma did a superb job on our landscape artwork and we again combined our love for details to hide some Easter eggs in the cover. We can’t wait to hear the opinions of our old and maybe new fans.” Always stoked to hear more from these folks as they’re just generally entertaining, high energy stuff. Check out the video for “Autonomous Eradication”:

Shadow Kingdom Records have announced April 21st as the release date for Salt Lake City, Utah heavy metal trio BLOOD STAR‘s debut album. ‘First Sighting‘ will arrive on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape. These folks cropped up with a single back in 2020, gaining a bit of traction for their relation to Visigoth by way of their guitarist but this comes in a different sort of rock infused traditional heavy metal style. Check it out for yourself, the brand-new track “Cold Moon” is up on Bandcamp. Wait for it ~2:39 minutes in, too fuckin’ slick.


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Short Reviews | February 23rd, 2023


Here is a tentative list of what is coming up next week in terms of reviews. The following records have been listened to extensively, a preliminary review has been drafted (or completed), and I’ve locked them in for coverage. In terms of the “Short Written Reviews + Video” column, these are more tentative, some of them may be cut if I do not have enough time to get around to everything.


ASTRIFEROUSPulsations From the Black Orb [March 10th, Me Saco Un Ojo/Pulverised]
NECROPANTHERBetrayal [March 3rd, Self-Released]
PHANTOM FIREEminente Lucifer Libertad [March 3rd, Edged Circle Productions]
AT THE ALTAR OF THE HORNED GODHeart of Silence [March 3rd, I, Voidhanger]
PLAGUE BEARERSummoning Apocalyptic Devastation [March 3rd, Nameless Grave]
REZNSolace [March 8th, Self-Released]


OCEAN OF GRIEFPale Existence [March 3rd, Personal Records]
CARMAOssadas [March 3rd, Monumental Rex]
GOROD The Orb [March 7th, Self-Released]
LITTU Accolti da antiche radici [March 3rd, Self-Released]
FVZZ POPVLI III [March 3rd, Retro Vox Records]
BRACKWASSER KNIPPBlutrunst Mob [March 3rd, Raddatz Records]
NUCLEAR HOLOCAUSTSailing Seas of Nuclear Waste [March 3rd, Selfmadegod Records]
71TONMANOf End Times [March 3rd, Transcending Obscurity]
PYREFICATIVM Oneiron [March 1st, Inferna Profundus Records]
BLOODJOBMetastasis [March 10th, Lethal Scissor Records]

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