An Early Stream of GROG – Macabre Requiems [Reissue] (2022) | “PREMIERE

Today we are sharing a stream of ‘Macabre Requiems‘ the macabre debut full-length album from classic era Portuguese death-grind band GROG, which was originally released on Skyfall Records back in 1996 and has been long out-of-print. Many consider this album an underground classic from the mid-to-late 90’s rise to brutality and surely a record that fits well within the visceral canon of Portuguese/Spanish death metal realities, a record entirely concerned with pure brutality, obnoxious riffs, sickening gore and little else.

Up front, this is not really a “premiere”, it was already available to stream, but I agreed to feature it before release. ‘Macabre Requiems‘ is a solid old school brutal death record, well worthy as the culmination of the band’s work starting in 1991. Best track for my taste is “Excreted and Vomited Abortions” per some thrash influences on some of the riffs.

The album releases this Friday, November 11th on CD, Cassette Tape and digitally by way of the good folks at Portuguese underground label Helldprod Records and United States blood freaks Headsplit Records.

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