An Early Stream of HARVEST GULGALTHA – Ancient Woods (2022)PREMIERE

Today we have the privilege of sharing an early stream of ‘Ancient Woods‘ an impressive second full-length album from Phoenix, Arizona-based blackened death metal band HARVEST GULGHALTHA, a mesmerizing rain of atmospheric death metal dread built to a cyclone of blackened fire and shot forth from the mouth of immense infernal cavern. The album releases this Friday, November 11th on CD, Vinyl LP, Cassette Tape and digitally by way of the good folks at Polish underground magnate Godz ov War Productions.

HARVEST GULGALTHA build upon a foundation of classic United States death metal intrigue, developing the doomed and meandering push-and-grind bands like Incantation had posited at the pinnacle of the late 80’s whilst taking the atmospheric effect of this type of wheeling-out and stewing deep in excessum and crafting cursed spells of blackened, dissolving nox which notably feature dual vocal performances and steadily crawling, semi-dissonant rhythms. Ringing chords, agonized shouts, a dark ravine of growls around every corner, and oft slow-kicked beats present an endless wandering in corridors of ominous tension, feats which are familiar in resonance but fairly unique in approach. There is truly sinister weight in these ritualistic yet riff-driven accosts, most of which find the odd, or, opportune moment to strike with brutal hits of speed and swerve into blackened harass, ringing out of these moments as if a recoiling mass of snakes.

Harvest Gulgaltha, 2022

In most practical and direct terms these folks have put together their most effective recording to date, a satisfyingly atmospheric blackened hand applied to mid-paced and somewhat dissonant death metal movement to great effect. The trade between vocal styles is an impressive first note of individuality but soon the guitar compositions equally dominate the signature of the experience, a patient yet engrossing style which they’ve developed in exponential result since 2012. As a side note, fans of the more dismal spectrum of early atmospheric sludge metal with its tribal, dual-voiced and dissonant affect should likewise find this rhythmic language an easy fluency to grasp, even if this isn’t likely the main influence of the band. Easily one of the finer unholy death metal records of the month and an absolutely worthy hex overall.

Thanks goes out to the artist and their label for the opportunity to share this captivating, fantastically conceived and intensely atmospheric record early. Scroll down to the SoundCloud embed below to finalize your descent. As always do your best to support the black and death metal underground and grab a physical copy from Godz ov War Productions.

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