ENDTYMER | October 7th, 2022

ENDTYMER is the inevitable weekly “music blog” series I’ve been working to avoid for some time. It hits at the end of every week with the intent of covering notable new releases, sharing news of new releases, and musing over various personal listening habits. It is a largely informal blog, has opinions, etc. so chill out a bit. I do my best to cover as much of everything I receive in some form regardless of genre or representation, don’t hesitate to send anything and everything my way: grizzlybutts@hotmail.com


This week there were two records which stood out as the best of the week’s new releases and I ultimately decided based upon sheer number of listens compelled, making for the obvious choice of Australian trio FACELESS BURIAL‘s third LP ‘At the Foothills of Deliration‘ to start and landing nearby is the absolute mastery of Greek progressive black metal group AENAON‘s ‘Mnemosyne‘. Otherwise there is a fine enough King Gizzard record out tomorrow and another wild Sumac / Keiji Haino collaboration that I’m itching to hear. Nothing all that exciting in the necro-metal universe beyond the hipster stuff otherwise. Pretty slim column this week since I’ve been working too much otherwise and not sleeping enough.

FACELESS BURIALAt the Foothills of Deliration (Dark Descent/MSuO)


  • De Profundis – The Corruption of Virtue (Transcending Obscurity Records)
  • Blind Illusion – Wrath of the Gods (Hammerheart Records)
  • Coffin Torture – Blennoid (Sludgelord Records)

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HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNEOvertaker‘ (December 2nd, Self-Released)

Bay Area metal group HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE have announced that December 2nd will be the release date for their long-awaited next record ‘Overtaker‘. They’ll have it available on CD first and I believe it’ll be entirely self-released. Band-leader John Cobbett has described the album as “psychedelic thrash” and interestingly enough the line-up features ex-members of Vektor, so, I’m pretty wild over the idea. Plenty of guests on the record from the looks of it and it seems they’re making an event of it. Check out the prog-punkish, frantic wheeling of the first single “Don’t Follow the Lights”:

Invictus Productions have set November 25th as the release date for a new mLP from the good folks in French death metal band SÉPULCRE. ‘Cursed Ways of Sheol‘ will release on CD and 12″ vinyl. I think I’d premiered their first record a couple years ago alongside a short interview, they seemed like cool enough folks and they had -riffs- for miles, all of that seems to intensify on this substantial EP. This is easily the most exciting new release grab of the week for my taste.

Odium Records recently announced the latest album from DEVILPRIESTIn Repugnant Adoration‘ will be released on CD on November 12th this year and the vinyl LP will follow in April of 2023. The first single from the album, “Shem-ham-forash”, does a fine enough job of recalling their sound since it has been about six years since their debut record:

Australian black metal project VIKVANIR has announce they will release their debut EP this coming October 22nd digitally. ‘On The Shoulders Of Gods‘ is a five track EP musician and composer Zachary Carlsson who’d chosen the project name for its relation to Norse mythos and a general theme of epic fantasy in his work. I’d really enjoyed the preview song and the album art so I’m looking forward tot he full thing.

Vancouver, British Colombia based solo death metal project DAEMOGOG comes from former Atrae Bilis member Brendan D. Campbell, an experimental bedroom death metal kinda gig with a science fiction/horror motif. Anyhow, they’ve announced their first full length record ‘Yawning Expanse Yearning‘ will release through the good folk at Bent Window Records on October 14th. You know you’re in for something noisy and fucked up when they’re namedropping Portal and Wormed in the materials and I’m way there for it. Initial release is a digipack, the cassette version will be announced soon. Check out “A Glistening Aperture & A Frothing Maw”:

Extirpation, 2022

Chaos Records have announced November 25th as the release date for a new miniLP from Italian black-thrash metal band EXTIRPATION titled ‘The Endless Storm‘ on CD with the vinyl version coming ​next year. Great first impression, love when the blasts hit a bit harder, guitar work is strong on this first track “Electrocution Strike”:

If you were hyped over the latest Razor record here is another hit of classic Canadian thrash metal by way of AGGRESSION who have revealed the first single from their fifth full-length album ‘From Hell With Hate‘ which will be released on 12″LP, CD, Cassette and Digital this coming November 17th by way of Xtreem Music. “Return of the Frozen Aggressor” is patented hell-bent and horror infused thrash these guys’ve always been known for.

Polish black/thrash metal trio WITCHMASTER have announced their latest album ‘Kaźń‘ with a music video for the title song and lead single,”Kaźń” alongside the release date of November 25th via Agonia Records. Completely fucked up torture video but a strong accompaniment to the ripping bestial blackened thrash song they’ve kicked off the festivities with. Violent, subversive, cruel, all in disturbing excess… Looking forward to the album.

Legendary grindcore-gone-heavy rock group XYSMA recently took a break from their 25+ year hiatus and announced a sixth full-length album. ‘No Place Like Alone‘ will be released on Svart Records in early 2023 marking an entirely unexpected return sine their last record came out in 1998 and a uniquely voiced hard rock song otherwise, plenty of great keyboard/synth work and an altogether upbeat piece. [pre-orders]

Dutch vinyl centric label Electric Spark have announced they will release ‘Apathy Awakened‘ by Tilburg, Netherlands based progressive rock/metal band ENMA on vinyl LP this coming October 28th, 2022. Not really my thing, fairly accessible style though I appreciate the 2000’s Tool influenced rhythms on this song.

New England black metal cult Eternal Death have announced the debut full length from U.S. based black metal band FOREST THRALL. ‘Apparitions of the Golden Horned‘ will release on cassette this coming October 28th and an LP edition will be announced at a later date. Their sound seems somewhat tragedian, cold based on the two preview tracks available.

Helter Skelter Productions have announced November 18th as the release date for British/Greek psychedelic metal crew AMON ACID‘s second album, ‘Cosmogony‘, on CD and cassette. The double-LP vinyl will be release February 18th, 2023. Been a big fan of these guys since I’d premiered one of their records a couple years back, pleasantly surprised with the songs they’ve got on offer here, basically half of the album:

Canadian death metal quartet DETHEROUS have announced their second full-length album ‘Unrelenting Malevolence‘ will release through Redefining Darkness Records this coming November 11th. Crank up the first single and if you’re all like “Man, that sounds like early Demolition Hammer and Morbid Saint” yeah, I’m pretty sure that is the point up front. Stoked for it.

Italian black/death metal band SIRRUSH have announced they will release their new album ‘Molon Labe‘ through Non Serviam Records on November 25th. The cover art was painted by the singer and it is exquisite work, bravo. Definitely a bit of Ancient Rites and perhaps Behemoth in their sound, but these are vague observations on my part, check out the first preview song and figure for yourself:

Profanatica, 2022

Hells Headbangers have announced November 25th as the release date for limited 7″ EP from United States black metal cross-downturners PROFANATICA titled ‘Pale Fuck‘. Six songs, six minutes a side, seven inches, and kind of a pricey collectors item for my own taste but hey, some of the most engaging, blasphemic and snide stuff from the band to date. Pre-orders are up on HHR:


AOP Records have announced November 25th as the release date for KARG‘s eighth album, ‘Resignation‘, on CD and vinyl LP. This is the main post-black metal group from J.J. who is otherwise best known as the vocalist for Harakiri For the Sky. Though it is not my usual interest in terms of black metal I find his longer form compositions notable and often immersive. The announcement coincides with a video for the first single “Grab der Wellen” which features P.G. from Groza:

Times change, people change, people leave and SAMMAL changes, yet we can still consider their sound a very Finnish type of progressive rock there is a fresh “prog-psych-boogie” descriptor attached to their first album as a trio, ‘Aika laulaa‘, which will be released on November 18th by way of Svart Records CD, digitally and vinyl LP. Loved their sound on the previous two records but this one is already sounding more my style by comparison. Check out band’s new single “Sehr kryptisch”:

Brooklyn based experimental rock/metal group LITURGY has announced a new double-album ‘93696‘ which will release on March 24th, 2023 by way of Thrill Jockey. The album’s title track is now available to hear as “93696” but a new mini album, ‘As the Blood of God Bursts the Veins of Time‘ has been simultaneously released, a set of new pieces which act as a three-movement alt take on the new album’s title track. It isn’t as confusing as it sounds, basically an EP surrounding the title track from a larger album. I have always been one to admire the most colorful and daring outsiders available to heavy music for the sake of it but this new EP has this noise-metal (think late 80’s Helmet) sort of thing going on within its dissection of the ~15 minute piece, all of it kinda hitting the right spot this time around.

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