An Early Stream of ALTARS ABLAZE ‘Life Desecration’ LP (2022)PREMIERE

Today we have the privilege of sharing an early stream of ‘Life Desecration‘ the debut full-length album from Czechia-based blackened death metal band ALTARS ABLAZE, which releases this Friday September 16th on Compact Disc and digitally by way of the good folks at Lavadome Productions.

Though you’ve likely not heard of Altars Ablaze before today their constituency includes members who’ll be recognizable from the general spheres of Heaving Earth and the Czech brutal underground a la Feeble Minded, Supreme Conception as well as Cult of Fire‘s current live line-up. That’ll be enough indication that they’re bringing a professional and polished first impression with this LP, a ‘ready perfected craft with a clear goal in mind of setting everything aflame between peak late 90’s death metal supremacy and the molten, relentless spectrum of black metal at its most brutal and percussive whip. The difference between ‘Life Desecration‘ and the average blackened death metal crew today will be obvious from the moment you kick into the record, they’ve got riffs — Or, a rhythmic thread which reveals with purpose and intensity generally unheard of outside of the most elite and impassioned crews playing this style today (Perdition Temple, Azarath, Spearhead). The intense rhythmic finesse and cruel brutality of the record will convince well enough on its own, so, get to it if you are so inclined. Easily one of the better albums you’ll hear this month/year from my point of view.

Thanks goes out to the artist, their label and representation for the opportunity to share this excellent song early. Scroll down to the Bandcamp embed below to finalize your descent. As always do your best to support the -real- death metal underground and grab a physical copy from Lavadome Productions:

    Per the Press Release:

    When it comes to extreme metal, words like “brutal” or “bestial” are often tossed around as euphemisms for “low-effort.” Many releases promise an uncompromising degree of sonic destruction, but rarely follow through with ideas interesting and well-crafted enough to deliver on that promise. Life Desecration, the debut offering from Czechia’s ALTARS ABLAZE takes a nuclear sledgehammer to that trend. Forged by seasoned veterans of the Czech extreme metal scene, Life Desecration unleashes a flurry of blackened death carnage that concentrates enough concussive force to rival the most vicious of their more primitive antecedents. But this quintet sets itself apart by refusing to sacrifice compelling artistry in the pursuit of sonic savagery.

    ALTARS ABLAZE’s mode of attack hearkens back to the finest moments of the infernal blasting death metal of the late 90s (embodied by the likes of ANGELCORPSE, HATE ETERNAL and DIABOLIC), blended with the most aggressive specimens of Nordic black metal, such as 1349 and SETHERIAL. But these are merely convenient points of reference. ALTARS ABLAZE are consummately unique in their interpretation of their style, with nuanced riffing and a command of dynamics, far exceeding those of any superficially comparable act.

    ALTARS ABLAZE’s rare creativity shines through in a variety of unexpected moments throughout this record, too many to mention individually. Put simply, the band is unafraid to throw listeners off-balance by introducing dense layering of guitar polyphony, riffs that cycle through multiple divergent paths, and the introduction of asymmetrical shuffling drums amidst the blasting. In just over half an hour, ALTARS ABLAZE assert themselves as a distinctive and fearsome entity, and prove that, even in a style known for relentless aggression, there is ample room for subtlety and compelling songwriting.

    Recorded at Davos Studio.
    Mixed and mastered by Christian Erkens at Cyphx-Audio.
    Cover artworks by Nuno Zuki of Belial NecroArts.

    Altars Ablaze is:
    Michal Kusak—vocals
    Tomas Halama—guitars
    Frank Serak—guitars
    Pavel Satra—bass
    Peter Hetes—drums

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