An Early Stream of “This Prison I Call Flesh” from LIVE BURIAL’s ‘Curse of the Forlorn’ LP (2022)PREMIERE

Today we have the privilege of sharing an early stream of “This Prison I Call Flesh” the epic 11+ minute album closer from the hotly anticipated third full-length album from British death metal band LIVE BURIAL. ‘Curse of the Forlorn‘ releases Friday, September 23rd on Compact Disc, Cassette, and digitally by way of cult extreme metal label Transcending Obscurity Records. The 12″ vinyl release with arrive in several variants on December 30th.

The third chapter from this Newcastle upon Tyne-based crew continues down their well established path toward perfection of personalized ‘old school’ death metal features, their ideal landing somewhere between Morgoth, Cancer and Atrocity (Germany) now incorporating a darker, morose atmosphere which takes some small inspiration from Finnish death metal. Though they deliver most of this record with the thoughtful yet unrelenting aggression of the early-to-mid 90’s greats “This Prison I Call Flesh” is the grand finale, the Eldritch opus which first floats and then shoves the listener off into the great beyond. It serves some brilliant punctuation and representation for a record which otherwise blazes through its admirable uptick of sophisticated barbarity beyond the last. One of the better death metal releases of the month and, well, I’ll review it next week anyhow.

Thanks goes out to the artist, their label and representation for the opportunity to share this excellent song early. Scroll down to the YouTube embed below to finalize your descent. As always do your best to support the death metal underground and grab a physical copy from Transcending Obscurity Records‘:

Per the Press Release:

Two years after the release of their highly acclaimed full length ‘Unending Futility’, UK’s strongest purveyors of classic death metal Live Burial return with a new full length which is a staggering improvement over it in all conceivable ways. As if new techniques have been unlocked, the songwriting on this record is far more intricate and multi-faceted, with the band not only relying on their trademark lurching doomy death metal crawl but also expanding upon the scope by adding new textures and influences, including those sounding Finnish in origin. Despite these enhancements in sound, the music has only become faster, more aggressive and scathing, with vocals being acerbic enough to melt flesh but also somehow carry emotion, which in turn are magnified by excellent lead-playing. This is the culmination of the purest form of death metal worked upon to make it relevant, nay, cutting-edge in terms of extremity, technical proficiency and even emotive capability where this old school style of music goes.

FFO: Asphyx, Unleashed, early Atrocity, Morgoth, early Vermin, Skeletal Remains, Thorn, Heads For The Dead

Line up –
Jamie Brown – Vocals
Rob Hindmarsh – Guitars
Jake Bielby – Guitars
Lee Anderson – Bass
Matthew Henderson – Drums

Artwork by Luke Oram (Slugdge)

Track listing – 
1. Despair of the Lost Self 
2. The Ordeal of Purification 
3. My Head as Tribute 
4. Exhumation and Execution
5. Blood and Copper 
6. Sepulchre of Collapsed Kingdoms 
7. This Prison I Call Flesh 

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