APARTHIVA RAKTADHARA – Adyapeeth Maranasamhita (2022)REVIEW

As they continue to gain notoriety as one of the most violent acts borne in the place of Kāli Aparthiva Raktadhara have arisen as well-prepared destructive agents within each instance of brutal bestial death metal they’ve terrorized with thus far, starting with 7″ demo ‘Agyat Ishvar (অজ্ঞাত ঈশ্বর)‘ (2018), a release that’d caught thousands of frenzied ears with the hellish atmospheric vacuum surrounding its pulse — A war-metallic collision of noisome guitar tones, noxiously stormed drumming, the occasional pinging snare, and a rocketing black/death metal pace that’d landed somewhere in the midst of the best of Angelcorpse influenced bestial death metal. They’d already been mentioned in the vicinity of groups like Tetragrammacide, Adversarial and Pseudogod for good reason, wherein clear enough standards were set and expectations along with them if you’d asked me… at least, on the condition that the band needed to crank the quality of riffing up few notches to manage a memorable feat from it all. The crux of my enjoying the trio’s debut full-length ‘Adyapeeth Maranasamhita (আদ্যাপীঠ মরণসংহিতা)‘ today more-or-less hinges on the idea that they’ve done exactly that — Improved in vast leaps in terms of riffcraft and presentation in the years since. Better musicianship is key in further turning their wheel in development of a distinct maze of thorns, a chaotic burl that begins to behold a their signature rhythmic morass hurtling forward with only violence and destruction in mind.

Within these bashed-out and no-nonsense six, six-minute pieces Aparthiva Raktadhara appear focused on a high level of execution above all else, aiming for the exciting point of obliterative precision that suggests a side of death metal closer to the Perdition Temple spectrum of things in terms of sheer attack, yet their compositions are woven in maniacal ways rather than thrashed out at a high-end percussive rate, leaving a bestial/war-waging affect as its residue. Opener “Noumenal Wings of Uncreation Hover Over the Excrements of Sunyata” does a fine job of setting a sort of mid-paced ‘Blessed are the Sick‘-esque point of reference before charging into its maelstrom, a key moment of death metal stricture set upon the tone of the album and an elemental voice which persists from that point on. From my point of view the major difference felt beyond that point arrived within pieces like “Omnicidal Samshan-Pyre of Kaalkutha” as semi-dissonant progression, rather than phrasing, which tunnels in a manner not unlike the most rabid early aspect of Portal, or, ultimately (and tangentially on my part) motions that’d arisen from the uneven mania of classic underground groups like Order From Chaos and (again) late 80’s Morbid Angel. One could easily reference modern war metal or bestial death metal mutations in gleaning stylistic detail from their hammered-out craft yet the bones of their efforts are entirely traditional no matter how it is spliced and read, the din of it all is notable moreso for an refreshingly cruel, maniac sound that lands with even more terrifying purpose.

The veins of true wrath have arguably only been revealed by a matter of cleansed production at face value, most of what’d been said about Aparthiva Raktadhara‘s 7″ predecessor could also be said about this debut, yet the more that ‘Adyapeeth Maranasamhita (আদ্যাপীঠ মরণসংহিতা)‘ developed within its longer, riff-centric points of concentration the sooner the sea-change of their efforts revealed its deadly serious attack containing more than blind and threshing-random mayhem. Sitting with the roughly ~35 minute run of the album on repeat for several hour sessions reveals a sort of motoric reactivity, a point of great concentration where rhythms become intoxicatingly achieved and with this in mind “Gnostic Arousal Of Shava Lingam” at the butt-end of Side A ended up being one of the most coherent and simply-stated pieces within the scarifying maze of the full listen, a sort of Concrete Winds-esque moment of brilliance achieved just past the ~5:00 minute mark, simple as it is, which eggs on further listens and encourages more rapt attention paid to the guitarist’s malevolence.

Bigger songs, better drumming, immersive brutality, and the pure bestial essence of death metal expanded upon within six variations on a theme all makes for an easily enjoyed full-length debut herein, one that properly displays the hateful yet intelligent stubbornness of these ‘old school’ minded musicians craftsmanship without sounding flatly derivative or hangers-on in spirit. A nuke of an album that’ll satisfying the patiently riff-obsessed with increasing waves of its yield. A moderately high recommendation.

Moderately high recommendation. (77/100)
TITLE:Adyapeeth Maranasamhita
LABEL(S):Iron Bonehead Productions
RELEASE DATE:May 20th, 2022


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