An Early Stream of DISEMBODY ‘Reigniting Hellfire’ LP (2022)PREMIERE

Today we have the privilege of sharing an early stream of ‘Reigniting Hellfire‘ the debut full-length album from Finnish black/thrash metal duo DISEMBODY which releases this coming Monday, April 18th on Compact Disc, and Digitally by way of venerable underground heavy metal label Helldprod Records.

A proper thrash metal undertaking built upon the high standards of early-to-mid 80’s guitar driven invocations of pure evil, Disembody‘s first record invokes more than just the riffs of a certain era but the personage, or, character essential for making the artform a true spectacle rather than a hobby. Their early Angelripper-esque rasped vocal and ‘Show No Mercy‘-informed left hand technique pair mayhemic, brutal mindset with post-NWOBHM speed metal’s intricacy, remembering to be tuneful at every available moment but in the same way that records like ‘Infernal Overkill‘ and ‘Endless Pain‘ were. Previously only available on cassette tape, ‘Reigniting Hellfire‘ gets its CD/digital release including with the band’s ‘Diabolic Deathstrike‘ EP a cacophonic preamble igniting similar old school ‘evil’ thrash metal energy with a dose more early Slayer in mind up front. Fans of Antichrist (Sweden), Condor, Cruel Force and riffs will claw their own eyes out in bloody ecstasy.

Thanks goes out to the artist and their label for the opportunity to share this album with the masses. Scroll down to the Bandcamp embed below to experience the whole thing, as always do your best to support the global heavy metal underground and grab a physical copy from Helldprod RecordsBandcamp or website.

Per the press release:

Helldprod Records marks April 18th as the international release date of DISEMBODY’s debut album, Reigniting Hellfire, in CD format


Known by its harsh and boiling cold musical metallic underground landscapes, Finland has been keen enough to show us the rising of the morning star since the early days of this death and doom era. Many of the names to summon the infernal ones remain historical in these halls and many more continue to follow the same path of this unholy devastation.

Being said that, the unheavenly troops of combat DISEMBODY are undoubtedly one of the new gems to raise chaos and destruction in Suomi’s heartful metal scene. Unborn in 2019 they soon reincarnated in their definite moniker after a brief Disincarnate passage.

The first “Diabolical Deathstrike” Ep released in the same year it’s a relentless riffing machine gun blended with lava iron sludge that hits you hard like a cannonball. Not for the faint-hearted for sure!

Nearly 2 years later, DISEMBODY returns with a malevolent cacophony of undisputed black thrash beating madness. Maintaining its ugliness and dirtiness the band increased their adrenalin levels on rawness and roaring clashing steel. Indeed, “Reigniting Hellfire” stands as a ferocious and unmerciful attack, this crudeness marks the beast within the band that takes the early Slayer influences as well with the ones from Sodom, Kreator and Vomitor as their driving maniacal forces.

These two releases will be included for the first time in a special CD edition that promises to burn and melt your soul to the ground. Left handled by Helldprod Records and for all ripping warriors of havoc!

DATE RELEASE: April 18th, 2022
Cat Nº #: HDP088
Format: CD Jewel Case
LTD: 200 copies
Genre: Black Thrash

DISEMBODY’s Reigniting Hellfire Tracklist:

  1. Intro [01:15]
  2. Out for Blood [04:14]
  3. Black Magick Doom [04:05]
  4. In the Outer Darkness [04:06]
  5. Descending into Infernal Realms [01:57]
  6. Devil’s Possession [04:05]
  7. Troops of Damnation [04:42]
  8. Legions of Black Fire [03:20]
  9. Abysmal Hellstorm [04:27]
  10. Blackthrashing Fist [06:21]
  11. Diabolical Deathstrike [04:34]*
  12. Merciless Attack [03:42]*
  13. Evil Unchained [03:51]*
  14. Altar of Degradation [03:20]*
  15. Infernal Curse [03:32]*

*Extra tracks 11 to 15 from the EP “Diabolic Deathstrike”

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