An Early Stream of TRIUMPH ‘Retaliation Warfare’ LP (2022) | PREMIEREINTERVIEW

Today we have the privilege of sharing an early stream of ‘Retaliation Warfare‘ the second full-length album from Reno, Nevada-based war metal act TRIUMPH which releases next Tuesday, March 15th on Vinyl, Compact Disc, Cassette Tape and Digitally by way of cult label Inhuman Assault Productions. The sole overflowing efforts of musician Immolater of Blasphemous Creation and Ritual Genocide, ‘Retaliation Warfare’ is true to form bestial black/death metal inspired by the best of the late 80’s and early 90’s with his own percussive whip in hand. Fans of Proclamation, Order From Chaos, and Blasphemy should immediately appreciate their attack. Beyond those points I think it is best to let the artist speak for himself and his intent in a short interview, included here with the stream.

Thanks goes out to the artist and their label for the opportunity to share this album with the masses. Scroll down to the Bandcamp embed below to experience the whole thing, as always do your best to support the global death metal underground and grab a physical copy from Inhuman Assault ProductionsBandcamp or webstore.

War metal is a physical, imposing act best experienced live yet you’ve done a fine job capturing the violence of it on these two Triumph records thus far. As a drummer, and I suppose the most important anchor of the sub-genre’s efficacy, is there a certain level of skill or feeling you’re looking to get out of any recording session? Did you feel like you’d stepped it up on ‘Retaliation Warfare’?

The direction I am going for as a band is total annihilation. My aim is to make the music as intense and aggressive as possible. I also use a more unconventional approach to achieve this, such as keeping the drums pounding the majority of the time. The drums are my main instrument and the focal point of the band. I prefer to keep things violent and slashing the whole time. While I’m sure the intensity is too much for some people on the recordings, it will definitely be a spectacle to see such punishing drums in person when we perform live soon. I do feel like I stepped it up with song writing and the production on the second album. Self recording is an art form of itself and can make or break a band. I am still fairly new to all of it and constantly learning new things, but I am getting better and better at it. My only goal is a band is to move forward and upwards with every release getting stronger, not the other way around.

Was there a major vision or key events that’d preceded formation/work on Triumph? For lack of a better term, there is an certain authenticity available to ‘Retaliation Warfare’. I’d assume classic or earliest war metal and black/death ideals play a big part in your approach but what’d prompted your own solo work under this banner?

There came a point in time where I was just too inspired by certain bands and people in the genre where it gave me a great impulse to create something monstrous. I wanted to be that inspiration and strength for people who needed it, just like certain bands gave me strength and changed my whole perspective on things when I really needed it. Music is an incredibly powerful thing. Metal to me means strength and will power, anything less is not worth my time. This is why I chose the name Triumph. It is all about having iron discipline and really pushing the boundaries of your existence to what you are truly capable of, basically achieving your full potential.

In terms of philosophy and not so much imagery, is there a Satanic thread in Triumph’s lyrics? I’d noted the theme of overcoming the self, autonomy, and how this might tie into the project being a solo act — The thought being that you’re pushing against any perceived limitations, overruling the self.

I do not write any lyrics about Satanism or satanic themes. I have nothing against these things I just prefer to give the band a more militant approach. I don’t consider myself a Satanist so it wouldn’t make sense for me to write about that. I prefer to write about hate, disgust, war, genocide, supremacy, chaos, will power etc. because these are things that I can relate to more. The lyrics and band name definitely go hand in hand with it being a one man band though. Doing everything by yourself takes great discipline, and I admire the people who can pull it off flawlessly. It is not easy, and if you can manage to execute the sound of total war all by yourself then you are a force to be reckoned with in this genre.

Assuming Triumph exists for the sake of creating music you’d want to hear, or, as a reflection of your tastes on some level, what does ‘Retaliation Warfare’ mean to you in terms of the listening experience? The aggression, skill, riffs and style come across clear as day but is there a statement you’re making on this record which the listener might otherwise gloss over?

The ultimate message I’m trying to convey on this album is the conquering of one’s self. No matter how hard life gets or how many obstacles may get in the way you must not accept defeat and let it break you. Retaliation Warfare basically means the rejection of weakness and standing alone against all. Casting weakness and societal standards aside and peering into the depths of your own soul and seeing what you are truly made out of. There was war in my head and in my heart when I was writing this album. I took all my hatred and channeled it into this atrocity.

What is the best way that fans can support Triumph?

Buy the albums/merch and come to shows!!! Support the underground!!!

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for the interview

Per the press release:

On March 15th internationally, INHUMAN ASSAULT PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the highly anticipated second album of Nevada’s TRIUMPH, Retaliation Warfare, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Hailing from Reno, Nevada, TRIUMPH is a lone-wolf abomination evoked by Immolater (Ritual Genocide, Ancient Malignity, Blasphemous Creation) in 2019. The band’s debut album, Edict of Iron Ascendancy, was released by INHUMAN ASSAULT on CD and tape t the end of 2020.

Lyrically, TRIUMPH represents the total annihilation of weakness and the conquering of one’s self, hence the band name. Other lyrical subjects are hate, war, disgust, death, honor, chaos, destruction, genocide, and supremacy. 

TRIUMPH came into existence right before the global Covid pandemic hit. Immolater has been involved with many different projects over the past decade and has been performing live/ releasing music consistently throughout those years. After dealing with lots of hardships and obstacles with band members, he decided that doing a solo band was the right direction to go. It was time for something new & relentless. He felt a great impulse for total control of the music; thus, TRIUMPH was born. 

Both war march and war machine – a war “marchine,” perhaps? – TRIUMPH’s second full-length assault is merciless and mesmerizing in its single-minded focus. Scything and slashing, pulsing and primitive, and uniquely locating the elusive balance between all-consuming chaos and martial order, not for nothing is this new record titled Retaliation Warfare. Immolater’s ultraviolence spreads in all directions, sparing no one and nothing, these waves of wild black/death barbarity cresting and then crushing the listener. Maniacs for Canada’s Revenge, Black Witchery, and Spain’s Proclamation will be pleased; all others will cower in fear. Prepare for Retaliation Warfare!

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