An Early Stream of “Stilstand” from HERSKER’s ‘Befængt’ EP (2022)PREMIERE

Today we have the privilege of sharing an early stream of “Stilstand” the second preview song from ‘Befængt‘, the debut EP from Danish blackened punk project HERSKER, which releases in a couple of weeks: Monday, March 7th on Cassette Tape by way of tastemaker Caligari Records. These folks bring black vomited and affected work here on their first tape, concise and completely wretched stuff delivered with a hateful sort of aggression and plenty of crusted-over riffs. The artist provides some context for their intent with some thoughts on their lyrical themes:

Thematically and musically, Hersker tarries with the existential nullity of modern life. The band’s name itself is an ironic reminder that nobody is in charge of their own life. “Stilstand” (i.e., stagnation) mimics the claustrophobia of waking up to the same job in the same city every single day. In Hersker’s universe, small moments of violence are the only escape from drudgery, and on “Stilstand” the repetitive d-beat is finally torn apart by a welcome round of furious blasting. This potential line of flight comes to naught, however, as the track settles back into its fundamental hopelessness.

Thanks goes out to the artist, their label and representation for the opportunity to share this song in early preview of the album. Scroll down to the SoundCloud embed below and check out “Stilstand” — As always, do your best to support independent artists and labels, grab a physical copy from Caligari Records’ webstore or Bandcamp.

Per the press release:

CALIGARI RECORDS is proud to present HERSKER’s striking debut EP, Befængt, on cassette tape format.

HERSKER is a Danish blackened punk outfit that began as a one-man project in 2015. The project gained new momentum in 2020 when a drummer was added to the lineup. The two-piece recorded their debut album during the fall of 2020, and it is slated for release in 2022 by Strange Aeons Records.

More recently, HERSKER recorded an EP titled Befængt, which is seeing release on cassette via CALIGARI. Befængt means “infested” in English, and suitably do the songs on the EP traverse a world of contagious anxiety. A pulsing sense of dread permeates the songs, intensified by the strange-yet-cool recording, which sounds remarkably distant and upfront simultaneously. Through it all, a steady D-beat pushes that pulsing sense of dread ever forward, only to be occasionally interrupted by blastbeats that tear at the edge of the compositions. Each song bears witness to human incompetency; entropy is the only truth.

Alive and dead…HERSKER will infest your soul with Befængt!

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