EXTINGUISHED – Vomitous Manifestations (2022)REVIEW

Into the Gonarch’s lair, the final phase of these skull-bursting carapace’d monstrosities spearing and spewing its teabagged girth across your corpse, lungs stuffed with suffocating gobs of its yellowed toxic slime. The second to last boss in Xen, the mindflaying extradimension explored at the apex of Half-Life, greets us with a huge sack-a-swingin’ in approach of Finnish death metal quartet Extinguished. The Turku-borne quartet are the exact sort of trundling, crooked-riffing garage death gig I’ve been brain-hungering for these last several months, tapping on hollow neon slicked tanks and rummaging through auto-generative hallways of horror in hopes of finding a sound so freshly disgusting that it raises my right eyebrow all the way off along with the rest of my face. ‘Vomitous Manifestations‘ might be their first tape but these folks have long been cutting this sort of filthiest, raw and eye-popping dead underground recordings between their collective this last decade. It arrives at just the right ripeness between the most basal chunks of classicist tradition and the hotly stomped and strewn entrails of future depravity.

Formed in the middle of 2020 and featuring folks from the wildly underappreciated Obscure Burial, similarly-minded Sickness, and bestial black-thrashers Sadochrist (formerly Sadokist), you can head into the realm of Extinguished rightfully assuming it’ll be a spat of sinister and perfectly rotten elitist death noise. While their approach is the zombie blood smeared semi truck with a full tank of gas-sized roar you’d expect ‘Vomitous Manifestations‘ is, at least to my ears, a specific cut towards the ‘Severed Survival‘ influenced ex-thrasher days of Finnish death metal around ’89-’92 before the most savvy Finndeath folks quickly traded their ‘Reek of Putrefaction‘ and Necrovore bootlegs for bellbottom jeans and started writing Motörhead songs with death growls. The only major difference I’d point out in the pacing of their attack is a lean towards the Morgue (Illinois) spectrum of sharp riffs and doomed-out rants rather than always kicking n’ burping early death/grindcore belched stuff found in the Finnish death underground. In terms of modern bands in the general realm, think of Morbific, Anthropophagous and any else who similarly thrashes, grooves, and dooms with the force of crusty old death metal demolition.

Might sound like a lot to glean from a 16 minute tape but Extinguished don’t waste a second of their time crunching into the ‘Grey Misery‘-level heaviness and Killtown sluiced grime of their sound. Opener “Two Deadly Blows” hits upon ye olde elastic groove by alternating between two riffs at a time, sticking to just a couple repetitions apiece as they shape the first half of the song. Those four major riffs that mold the first impression effortlessly expanding into variation… Well, you get the idea, I could geek out all day on how the best ‘old school’ death metal presents the illusion of motion by creating high-rate changes in movement and motion. It only need be said that Extinguished are pushing the impact of their detailed chord-chopping with a spastic and inspired sense of movement; Brain melting stuff in motion but not at all “caveman” in construction and performance. They’re on the level for my own taste, or at least pushing into some real death metal taste as they cut into like eight riffs per song creating a caustic, guts-thrilling storm of action.

Where I’d say Extinguished show the most promise beyond the usual quick study of herald acts lies in the kinda Autopsy times ten pieces on the tape, specifically my personal favorite song of the lot, the threatening to crumble reveal of “Unforeseen Consequences”. It is the sort of song that blurs past on a quick, mindless spin but as the tape builds up some momentum after 3-4 rotations in a row the rotten maw of the beast truly begins to splay as this song reveals its lumbering, cruelly doomed opening salvo feat. the sound of folks falling into the fires of Mt. Doom before we’re granted its groovin’-hard last third. Sure, the effectiveness of ‘Vomitous Manifestations‘ boils down to simple yet effective cuts and solid grooves to back ’em but that’d never been a mark against records like ‘Primordial Malignity‘, a level of huge this band could easily hit in the future. Point made, this tape is as stuck in the craw of classic death metal demo days as it looks but their work is so far from the usual couch slouchin’ moshable revisionist death nods of today. A very high recommendation.

Very high recommendation. (88/100)

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.
TITLE:Vomitous Manifestations
LABEL(S):Caligari Records
RELEASE DATE:February 24th, 2022

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