An Early Stream of “I1” from VAINA’s ‘Futue Te Ipsum’ LP (2022)PREMIERE

Today we have the privilege of sharing and early stream of “I1” a preview track from ‘Futue Te Ipsum‘ the latest album from Finnish experimental/avant-garde black metal project VAINA which releases in about three weeks: Friday, March 4th on Compact Disc by way of long-standing cult label Aesthetic Death. Any sub-genre tag applied to this artist’s work is perhaps limited to the song or even the moment, though, as black metal is a notion and/or form of movement achieved throughout the album by any number of means. In this case “I1” arrives by way of swinging tremolo picked machine movements in siren-like circle of blasting programmed drums and empyreal synth punctuating each run… at least for the first half of the 8+ minute piece which soon releases itself into the dark elektro-wilderness and is rebirthed as psychedelic bassline unto industrial blackened spectacle, scrambling through concurrence of lead runs and slow-ascending digitally shocked riff. The effect is chaotic in the sense that the organic, the spiritual and the prosthetic mesh into an especially fixated feat that certainly has to be experienced to be known. The artist provides some context for the song:

“Ask yourself…
What is left of your god, when you undress it from all the names, texts, ceremonies, rituals, aesthetics and music… All of that what gives form to your god and makes it concrete. Cut all its connection to religion, tradition and culture. What is left then?

What is the source of your god?
What is its true

Thanks goes out to the artist, their label and representation for the opportunity to share this song in early preview of the album. Scroll down to the YouTube embed below to experience “I1”, and as always do your best to support the global experimental music underground and grab a physical copy from Aesthetic Death’s webstore.

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