An Early Stream of SIGNS OF THE DYING SUMMER ‘Oto jest Pustka’ LP (2021)PREMIERE

Today we have the privilege of premiering a full stream of Polish black metal trio SIGNS OF THE DYING SUMMER‘s debut full-length album ‘Oto jest Pustka‘. Formed in 2020 this Poznań-based (west-central Poland) nihilistic depressive black metal band takes key inspiration from the sullen dirges of Katatonia and glass-shattering atmosphere of Shining in presentation of their own void, twisting these ideals into patient yet tumultuous black metal pieces. Designed as six pieces of a whole, it is ideally enjoyed in one uninterrupted sitting as the variation available naturally reveals itself. Scroll down to the SoundCloud stream below and let the record do its thing. ‘Oto jest Pustka‘ will be available on CD and digital download (+ shirts) this November 21st through the good folks at Godz ov War Productions. Thanks goes to the band, their representation and record label for the opportunity to share this album.

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