An Early Stream of SORGUINAZIA’s ‘Negation of Delirium’ LP (2021) | PREMIEREINTERVIEW

Today we have the honor of premiering a full stream of the debut full-length album from Canadian black metal duo SORGUINAZIA in the form of the mesmerizing command that is ‘Negation of Delirium‘. We find this duo at a state of higher function five years beyond their impressive self-titled demo, having conjured from the ritual self a searing form of rawest graveyard creeping and psychedelia-steeped occult black metal that is far more directive and empowered than that description might suggest. Brash and skull scraping as black metal ought to be yet leagues more resonant than any contemporary considered, ‘Negation of Delirium’ is a work from a band with an impressive sense of self and signature. But hey, you don’t have to take my word for it, we’ve been granted access to the brains of Xolaryxis and Axczor for a short interview offering some insight into their craft. Scroll down for a full stream of ‘Negation of Delirium‘ right away, support the band by grabbing an LP or CD, and check out the interview while you’re at it.

Iron Bonehead Productions will release ‘Negation of Delirium‘ on Compact Disc and 12″ Vinyl LP this Friday, October 15th. Orders HERE and Bandcamp HERE. Thanks goes to the band, their representation and record label for the opportunity to share this album early.

During the first inoculation several years ago Sorguinazia was presented as an event outside of the psychic continuum, perhaps from the perspective of two daimonian presences ensorceling control and emitting a distortion of perceived time. From the laymen’s perspective years have passed and the craft of ‘Negation of Delirium’ is, by my own account, elevated into something far more dynamic. Should we receive this cranked level of potency as intentional progress? Are there any greater ambitions realized within this debut full-length?

Xolaryxis: As far as the writing and production itself goes, it is not so much intentional in the way of the outcome. I do not plan but rather listen and offer my hands space to speak. However I am also dedicated to study and acquisition of knowledge of all sorts that I may be a more suitable conduit. I am always seeking ways and methods to better articulate my perceptions and “explain” myself.

Axczor: progress should be a way of life, the self should not be rotting sitting there, getting worse as we age. We seek evolution of the spirit beyond the limits of the body, this full length is a time capsule of our efforts for the years of writing and recording. There were many challenges in creating this album that we have defeated and grown from, it would be a great honour to have people enjoy it in a similar fashion, as we worked very hard in creating the album.

In keeping with the tradition of the spells and entrancement found on the self-titled demo, songs like “Conquering Skies” are of course composed but seem derived from a relative state of transfixion, or, psychedelia-induced motion; This thought paired with references to transcendental magick have me wondering if Sorguinazia is a purely musical exploration or if occult spirituality and entheogenic exploration are expanded wings of the entity?

X: for me there is no separation between occult spirituality and musical exploration, because I think all reality is ripe with aether and all consciousness is opportunity to interact with the physical and metaphysical. Sound crafting is however a very direct representation of thought becoming “matter”, so I feel like specific spellwork/occult parallels can be more clearly drawn.

A: An occult understanding and/or sensation while listening to to an album made with a harnessing of such mystery is the absolute intention, and a result of practice, both in spirituality as well as the connection with the instrument.

Is “psychedelic black metal” too crude or suggestive a tag for what Sorguinazia represents? Though I understand there is existing precedence for the raw and contemplative black metal specific forms within these songs, has any form of psychedelic rock inspired any of the techniques or movements found within ‘Negation of Delirium’?

X: Insofar as how the music itself sounds, I think it’s fairly accurate. I personally have a fair bit of disdain for purely “psychedelic” bands or occult practitioners because I think results can be severely limited and there is a certain arrogance that comes with many of those types that I tend to have trouble respecting. I personally just refer to Sorguinazia as “occult black metal”. I have a great interest in 70s progressive bands such as King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Yes, and of course Pink Floyd, so perhaps some of that influence creeps through.

A: We are what we are. I wouldn’t say that psychedelic rock has inspired me in a huge way, but when you’re working with instruments alone, you are at the mercy of what your own hands are capable of. Black metal has a tendency to be incredibly varied in its delivery, and it is something I quite enjoy about the genre. I couldn’t say that I’m helping lessen that notion.

Sorguinazia takes me to a unique state of mind and of course I am curious what it is that takes thee creators to the point of creation. Are there personal rituals, sonic influences, literature, drugs or altered experiences which specifically incited the seven pieces of ‘Negation of Delirium’?

X: I am a fairly serious occultist, and my personal experiences, philosophy, beliefs and research form the basis for my contributions. Everything spoken about pertains to specific real experiences or practices.

A: My efforts differ from purely meditative, to improvised, to rehearsed as hard and as much as I can. Playing different instruments, as well as having a voice to make use of, combines different parts of the conscious and unconscious brain. The point of creation is just that, to create. A kind of music that we would enjoy listening to, although, with the multiple instrument identities mentioned above, it becomes more chaotic

Substance that’d negate delirium itself is a sort of loaded prospect in mind, I am somewhat wary of envisioning lucidity as the major goal of these pieces but, is the title of this record chosen to reflect a specific form of, or journey toward, transcendence? Does it matter what the listener achieves in reaction or is it more important for Sorguinazia that the effect has landed within the parameters of your own artistic vision?

X: I do have a specific goal as a musician to illicit or at least hold space for the possibility of gnosis, even momentarily. The Negation of Delirium for me is quite literal – negating the delirium of separation between the mundane and the spiritual, between all duality, and in support of the concept that we all – at varying degrees and amongst other forces – have some ability to exert our will and determine our own fates.

A: Where would the world be without irony? It is all a matter of perspective, I meant for my attacks on this album to be as precise as they can be – to the limits of my past self’s musicianship. A goal can still hold a mirroring effect along the path, even as clear as the initial thought may be.

Are live performances in the works for 2021/2022? What is the best way that fans can support Sorguinazia?

X: Live performance is important to what I feel a musician’s role is in the larger cultural sense. As such we are hoping to bewitch airwaves near you at the soonest possible convenience. Money is a primary method of energy transfer. Purchase of albums, merch, or tracks is available at

A: No actual live performances are in the works, as we want to release the full length first. You can support us directly, or our label iron bonehead productions.

Per the press release:

IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present SORGUINAZIA’s highly anticipated debut album, Negation of Delirium, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

In 2016, out of the void inconspicuously tumbled a vortex of dread decibels. Bearing the moniker SORGUINAZIA, the power-duo’s first recorded work was a limited-edition tape EP that soon bore successive editions across a number of formats. Of them, IRON BONEHEAD released Sorguinazia on CD later on in 2017 and then on 12″ vinyl in early 2018. And for good reason: SORGUINAZIA are shamanistic butchers of pseudo-occult intellectualism, purveying pure cannibalistic black metal with preternatural fire. They may’ve hailed from Canada, but by all measures, their sound was otherworldly to the extreme, both primitively primordial and exceedingly nuanced. Sorguinazia was the sound of all colors being absorbed and spit back out, mangled and malign.

While a full-length work was promised not long after the release of that first EP, years of tension and unease followed, which perfectly suited SORGUINAZIA’s sense of the unpredictable and unorthodox. At long last, their debut album arrives: Negation of Delirium. Almost too perfectly titled, SORGUINAZIA’s first full-length work warps deliriums of all sorts – mental, physical, cosmic, even sexual – and negates them all the same. It’s very much in line with what the duo of Xolaryxis and Axczor presented before, but arguably in more brittle form here. Indeed, this almost-deliberate desiccation takes their ghoulish ‘n’ ghastly black metal to uncomfortable realms of sensory experience, that previously wobbly balance between beyond-the-shade mysticism and soul-flaying insanity now upended, and we are but below to witness its unsettling fallout. Put another way, this soundpool of gibbering, horrendous “notes” that somehow coalesce into rude yet strangely alluring shapes is faintly recognizable as being performed by humans, but the sonic-unto-spiritual dislocation is so strong that it thusly transports the listener far beyond the realm of man. Is there a return?

Or, more pithily, imagine a pile of old tapes from the crude-yet-aristocratic Concilium collective left to rot in a sewer… Or, just simply, this is truly the Negation of Delirium. SORGUINAZIA offer no return.

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