BODY ASPHYXIATION SCIENCE – Space Adaptation Syndrome (2021)REVIEW

Maniac G-forces, gastric torsion from every conceivable angle and capillary-bursting facial distortion all manifest as symptoms of the brutal and addictive beast that this Brighton, England-based death metal duo present on their debut demo ‘Space Adaptation Syndrome‘. Rooted in both early 2000’s brutal death metal aggression and influenced by the myriad science fiction-themed acts of today, Body Asphyxiation Science‘s first public statement is a brief yet potent proof of concept which sticks in mind for the sake of just how much they do with the roughly nine and a half minutes on offer. Digitally released mid-September of this year and now headed to compact disc and cassette versions shortly, you’ll get why this one deserves a physical edition the moment the first song hits.

Body Asphyxiation Science formed earlier this year between guitarist, bassist, and drum programmer Joss Allen (Mutilius) and vocalist Jason Baker. So far they’ve managed this somewhat crudely crunched-out yet thrilling enough set of three songs, each presented with a clean and oppressive sound which wanders off into headier spaces beyond the majority share of brutal attack. Most of ‘Space Adaptation Syndrome’ represents strong mediation between late 90’s pure death metal and the attack of early 2000’s brutal death metal, a format which should appeal to fans of everything from Exmortem and ‘Reduced to Ashes’-era Deeds of Flesh to today’s sci-fi extremists, such as Inoculation. “Transcending To The Outer Reaches Of The Crushing Black” does a fine job of binding these worlds with an impressive snare-lead verse riff and a few effects-drenched breaks amidst the slow burn of the middle third of the song. “Planetary Cemetery Funeral Urn” thrashes about to start hitting upon a more percussive hit before dropping into space ambient backed death/doom-esque riffing which feature a melody that’ll likely please nostalgic Nile fans with half as many notes in hand. The title track ultimately lands the best balance between bolt-gunned death machinery, roaring tremolo-driven rhythms and spaced-out intermissions as it reprises some of the fire of the opener and delivers the most memorable cut of the demo.

The full listen presents us with a few well developed major modes of attack that appear in the process of “fusion with meaning”, still finding a novel way to implement forms into signature functions. ‘Space Adaptation Syndrome’ is nonetheless impressive, though, as we do find Body Asphyxiation Science beginning to blend their core vacuum of stargazing brutality into an liquid crystalline oeuvre that is already worthy of sharding off into meaningful iteration. Appreciated as is, in demo form, these ideas present immense potential for this brand of adrenaline-shocked death metal in the future. The next step is the hardest, though, as finding a consistent drummer capable of expanding these ideas into memorable (or just impressive) signature is arguably the best way to realize that potential. A solid first showing deserving of a moderately high recommendation.

Moderately high recommendation. (70/100)

Rating: 7 out of 10.
TITLE:Space Adaptation Syndrome
LABEL(S):Brutal Cave Productions
RELEASE DATE:October 15th, 2021 [CD, Cassette]
BUY & LISTEN:Bandcamp
GENRE(S):Death Metal,
Brutal Death Metal

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