An Early Stream of CAVEMAN CULT’s ‘Blood and Extinction’ LP (2021) | PREMIEREINTERVIEW

Today we have the honor of premiering a full stream of Miami, Florida based bestial death metal band CAVEMAN CULT‘s second full-length album ‘Blood and Extinction‘ alongside a short interview. When drummer R. Smith says music should “go darker, more primitive and more underground” over time he isn’t joking as this follow-up to 2016’s ‘Savage War is Destiny’ does just that, pushing the limits of their already uncompromising brutality without pandering to anything or anyone. Wheel down for an early Bandcamp stream of the album and take a few minutes to read the interview.

Nuclear War Now! Productions will release ‘Blood and Extinction’ on CD, 12″ vinyl LP and digital platforms this Friday, October 1st. Look for it at the label webshop HERE. Thanks goes to the band, their representation and record label for the opportunity to share this album early.

I’ve always approached bestial death metal or war metal from the perspective of an early 80’s hardcore punk fan, the musician’s own capability for physical violence expressed at killing speed, and the “purpose” of that action is directed outward in the same way but with mayhemic/anti- human intent or, for the sake of presenting a revolt against all life. What has you stabbing so hard that the knife breaks? What is the major intent put into Caveman Cult’s attack?

Rick: We’re all fans of many music styles, but we just have a knack for creating brutality. For years Harold and I have been hunting down the filthiest sounding stuff we could find and constantly sending it back and forth. It’s not just limited to bestial metal bands. The major intent, if there is one, is to give people who seek audio extremity in the same way we do, one hell of a ride. We also like for the music to create a chaotic atmosphere in a live setting.

How much importance to do place upon engagement? Does the average listener’s reaction factor into presentation or performance while you’re working out new material? Is Caveman Cult created for the sake of your own brutal satisfaction? The band name has always spoken to me as a sort of directive towards like-minded thought (or, lack thereof) sharing in a common primitive or instinctive event.

Rick: There are no outside factors that play any important role in influencing what we do. We do what we do and enjoy our own vision and sound. We try and stay away from anything too visually generic and try and keep the brutality at a maximum. Like minded, as well as non-like minded people find their way to what we do naturally, and we’re in touch with a some people. But not too many. We don’t really network with a bunch of bands from the scene.

A lot of bestial black/death metal gets lumped into “worship” categorization by fans and journalists alike either because they’ve missed the nuance of forms or in some cases they might’ve only heard 1-2 other groups in within the niche. Would you guys consider Caveman Cult worship of any particular musical altar? Does the process of creation come from scoping out that specific black/death landscape or, do you all purposefully avoid the influence of other sub-genre similar approaches?

Rick: We’re influenced by a wide range of bands for sure. I wouldn’t call it worship. I also don’t consider us black metal. Black metal to me, essentially is satanic metal, which isn’t what we’re doing. War metal is such a weak term also. I do know that when writing with the band, I implement lots of rules, mostly “don’ts” as far as the kinds of parts I want to stay away from playing. There will never be a “thrash” beat. There will never be a “mosh” part. I try to keep dramatic tempo changes in songs to a minimum. Generic can be fine sometimes as long as it’s executed in a bludgeoning and uncompromising way, and doesn’t sound like some Revenge clone.

I’m not going to suggest war metal has gone mainstream just yet, from my perspective a lot of the imagery has become awkwardly fashionable but this is a harmless or, potentially positive thing. Although your sound is probably even more crushingly non-commercial on this second record, you know we can’t be that far from a sort of tribalist apocalyptic earth where pop music is basically vocaloid war marches at blitzed speed… I suppose the question is, at this athletic high point on ‘Blood and Extinction’ do you foresee Caveman Cult’s sound having to go anywhere beyond what you’ve achieved here to keep you all engaged as musicians? Is there even the slightest urge to create something accessible going forward?

Rick: There will never be an urge for accessibility. I think the music should go darker, more primitive, and more underground.

From my own experience the live presentation has always been a big part of Caveman Cult’s appeal, brutal and uncompromising music takes on a different life when experienced as a performance. How important is it that you get to tour these new songs? Any tours, one-offs, or festivals in the works?

Rick: We currently have a string of shows booked in the USA including Los Angeles, Seattle, Baltimore, New York, and Miami. We will also be playing Total Death Over Mexico in 2022. A major announcement for live shows will be made via Nuclear War Now! very soon. We enjoy playing live. That’s when we’re in our rawest and truest form. We’ll never be a “studio” project. We’re an actual band.

What is the best way fans can support Caveman Cult?

Rick: Show up to our shows, and buy our music and merchandise. Fly us out to play your city. Give us your money, your drugs and your women!

Per the press release:

In an era defined by malignant blight, 2021 is as appropriate a year as any to introduce new CAVEMAN CULT material into our collective bloodstream. Blood and Extinction is the second full-length record from the Miami terror machine, and their first for Nuclear War Now! Productions.

With the recent addition of a second guitarist, CAVEMAN CULT manages to intensify the savage attack that has heretofore defined their mission. Chaos and violence deluge the aural canvas with neither regard nor remorse for their audience. In the tradition of CONQUEROR, Bestial Warlust, and Sarcofago, the Florida cult destroys any semblance of reason, rationale, or regard for humanity. This is the musical analog of a spiked bat.

CAVEMAN CULT produced and recorded this offering themselves, affording them precise artistic control and an undiluted ferocity. Relentless and suffocating, this is war metal in its truest sense: a simulacrum of the violence that controls and dominates our essence of being. Blood and Extinction is primal barbarity that knows no surrender.

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