An Early Stream of ETERITUS ‘Rotten Transition’ LP (2021)PREMIERE

Today we have the honor of premiering a full stream of Polish death metal quartet ETERITUS‘ third full-length album ‘Rotten Transition‘. Representing the third stage of the band’s impressive evolution beyond their Swedish death metal influenced beginnings in 2014, this album retains the impressive breakthrough of its predecessor ‘Order of Death’ (2018) as a part of Eteritus‘ signature but this time with a (mostly) new line-up beyond drummer Nitro (ex-North) refining the heavy groove and sharp recording quality of that previous record while pushing into new melodic ideals. Note impressive new vocalist Oz as well as a strong presence from bassist Kinio, together they ensure this album’s sound escapes anything generic or expected with wild expressivity and an emphasis on groove sure to impress fans of everything from Grave to Arroganz. Scroll down to the SoundCloud stream below and let ‘Rotten Transition’ introduce you to this fine band’s newly invigorated self. ‘Rotten Transition‘ will be available on CD and digital download this September 24th through the good folks at Godz ov War Productions. Thanks goes to the band, their representation and record label for the opportunity to share this album.

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