SYNCHRONY: News, Week in Review & Upcoming Releases (7/23/21)

A weekly feature focusing on select heavy music news, primarily involving new and upcoming releases with a list of ’em provided at the end. This also serves as a week in review, collecting all of the most recent content on Grizzly Butts in a brief additional list. Want to see what came out this week? Read the “Annihilate This Week” column every week. If I can’t hear it, I won’t cover it! If you have new releases, show announcements, or important heavy music news that’ll be relevant or interesting to folks send it to:

THIS WEEK IN NEWS (7/17/21 – 7/23/21)

  • The biggest downer of the week, but perhaps a necessary mirrorview, the second single (and music video) from Swedish melodic black metal band WORMWOOD‘s upcoming full-length ‘Arkivet’ is nothing short of devastating, and is sure to disturb. “The Gentle Touch of Humanity” is described by lead vocalist Nine: “The world watches in apathy as the heart is being ripped out from its core and a continental-wide scar stretches throughout everything we know. The Gentle Touch of Humanity is what our tired and dead eyes watches from the temporary sanctuary we call our home. Nothing can be done, the wound is too deep, let’s hope nature goes out with a fight.” the album releases August 27th via Black Lodge Records. Watch the video over on YouTube: [LINK]
  • Transcending Obscurity Records have announced the debut album from atmospheric black metal band NOLTEM titled ‘Illusions in the Wake‘ this coming October 10th on all formats. Noltem is a trio featuring members from Marsh Dweller, Protolith, and Seidr. Yeah, I dunno those bands either. The album also promises guest spots from members of Falls of Rauros and Nechochwen, those guys I’m a huge fan of and a good indication of what to expect here. Slap it on Bandcamp and see if you’re into it: [LINK]
  • Wallingford, Connecticut-based progressive/technical death metal band XENOSIS have announced their fourth album ‘Paralleled Existence‘ which is set for release on digital and compact disc this coming October 1st. These guys rule, plenty of shred but nothing too self-involved or frilly, lots of odd-metered sectors and jazz-fusion touches explored. Check out the first single “Castrato” over on Bandcamp: [LINK]
  • Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed Nevada-based death/thrash metal band BLASPHEMOUS CREATION and announced their new album ‘Forsaken Dynasty‘ is up for pre-order to be released August 20th on CD and digital. Now, I say death/thrash but I mean a bloody galloping through the battle ruins type jig, drums aren’t great but this one is a serious jogger. Looking forward to it. Listen to the first preview track “Vindication Scourge” over on YouTube: [LINK]
  • Edged Circle Productions have announced October 22nd as the release date for Norwegian black/heavy metal soldiers PHANTOM FIRE‘s highly anticipated debut album, ‘The Bust of Beelzebub‘, on CD and vinyl LP. Described as a crossing of “pitch-black speed metal and moody epic metal alike” you know I’m into this band already. No preview songs just yet but they’ve got a recent EP you can check out in the meantime. Details, cover art, etc. over on Edged Circle Productions’ website: [LINK]
  • On October 8th internationally, Antiq Records will release French black/folk metal project PAYDRETZ‘ debut album, ‘Chroniques de l’Insurrection‘, on digipack CD. Paydretz’ lyrical themes focus on the War in the Vendée and the Chouannerie (a French rebellion against the Revolution). Through “epic, violent, and melodic black metal, with vehement and sometimes traditional music” a description that immediately appeals to me. You’ll also note that members of Belenos, Grylle, Haunternoz, Himinbjorg, and Vehemence are among their ranks and this suggests high quality, sincere work in every case. Check out the first preview track “Le Tocsin nous Appelle” over on YouTube: [LINK]
  • I dunno, sometimes I get an e-mail and have no idea what is being pushed but hey, I saw a pic of the guitar guy in Welsh hardcore punk band GRAND COLLAPSE wearing a Raw Power shirt and hey, click-click-click they’re pretty good. The latest single takes a wee piss on le Queen and her immigration policy: “Without Let Or Hindrance” kinda thrashes too, check it out. The band’s third album ‘Empty Plinths‘ is out August 6th and I’m into it. Bandcamp it: [LINK]
  • German post-black metal project AGRYPNIE have released the single “Am Ende Der Welt – Teil 2.” The track comes from the band’s 6th full-length album, “Metamorphosis,” which is out this coming August 6th via AOP Records. If I can paraphrase the description: The song itself is about missing a place that was integral to one’s own personal development, yearning to be there to the point of wishing to wake up from the present in that place. Listen over on YouTube: [LINK]
  • Iron Bonehead Productions have announced October 1st as the release date for VENEFIXION‘s debut album, ‘A Sigh From Below‘, on CD and vinyl LP. I’m all in on this record after what, five seconds of it starting. Ancient death metal, cryptic and thrashing but clear-cutting all in its wake. Listen to “Of Wolves and Ghosts” over on SoundCloud: [LINK]
  • Purity Through Fire have set September 30th as the release date for Austin, Texas-based black metal band TRIACANTHOS‘ debut album, ‘Apotheosis‘, on CD format. Fans of Judas Iscariot (they’ve covered a song here) and the inspired medieval/high-melodic charm of Purity Through Fire’s German black metal spread are in for it. The vocals are notably venomous here on the first preview track “Pagan North”, check it out on YouTube: [LINK]
  • [Promoting my own stuff]: is just one guy and I also have my own label/publishing company named SPIRIT COFFIN PUBLISHING. Today (July 23rd) I’ve released the cassette tape version of INCINERATE‘s second album ‘Back to Reality‘, a classics-minded death/thrash metal album. Today also marks the release of the first issue of MYSTIFICATION ZINE a very sturdy, very glossy 70 page zine — All of the writing, interviews, columns, reviews etc. come from me but I’ve gotten some great artists and photographers to class it up. Issue I: “Primitive Futurity” is just a starting point and they’ll only get better from there. The next issue is planned for early December but, is kinda dependent on these selling. Thanks for any support! Check out more details on the zine and my releases at the shop: [LINK]
Mystification Issue #1 “Primitive Futurity” (Spirit Coffin Publishing)
  • Notable promos at press this week: Anguish, Lucifer’s Fall, Age of the Wolf, Edenic Past, Akefal, Malignament, Cinema Cinema, Swelling Repulsion, Voodus, Dawn of a Dark Age, The Blood of Christ, Apostolica, Hail Spirit Noir, Shuyet, Toxic Ruin, Xenosis, Gridfailure, Pandemic Outbreak, and Ossuary. Don’t see your album/news listed? Send it to me:

CRAVEN IDOL – ‘Forked Tongues’ (Dark Descent Records)

SITE WEEK IN REVIEW (7/17/21 – 7/23/21)

With my concussion fading and too many things to do in the meantime between releasing a cassette tape and a zine which I’ve been conceiving for the last four years, I want to show some appreciation for folks who’ve stuck with me forever. There are some people who’ve been supportive since, what, 2011? I owe folks some serious love for which I usually only dole out yearly on my anniversary posts, tons of Thank Yous coming up! But yeah, I want to make sure everything I do shows some gratitude for those who share at least some of the same passions in music and bother to read what I have to say. I don’t take it for granted, I’m not a self-important person and I do appreciate those who interact and/or stand guard at the gates.

In the meantime, I’m still behind on things in general here on the website. Hexorcist, Lykhaeon and Arna reviews will happen before I publish my Best of July list. Fate’s Hand and Shrieking Demons EP reviews will go up tonight or tomorrow, Galvanizer next week. Anything else will wait ’til free time is available. I’ve likewise got a backlog of video game reviews which are basically finished but need updated title graphics etc. Are people still interested in my video game reviews? Anyhow, should be all caught up next week.

GALVANIZER – ‘Prying Sight of Imperception’ (Me Saco Un Ojo)

UPCOMING RELEASES (7/24/19/21 – 7/30/21)

NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list, some titles are already reviewed and/or covered and some have yet to enter the final queue for consideration and processing. An asterisk (*) indicates that a full review is drafted or in preparation. A pound (#) indicates a short review is warranted and in process. A plus (+) indicates that the album has already been reviewed. Click/Tap on RECORD LABEL name for preview, stream, or store.

  • HEXORCIST – Evil Reaping Death [July 26th, Memento Mori/Godz ov War/Unholy Prophecies]
  • GALVANIZER – Prying Sight of Imperception [July 26, Me Saco Un Ojo/Everlasting Spew]
  • THY DARKENED SHADE / AMESTIGON / INCONCESSUS LUX LUCIS / SHAARIMOTH – SamaeLilith: A Conjunction of the Fireborn [June 30th, W.T.C. Productions]
  • VREXIZA – Vrexiza [July 30th, Signal Rex]
  • EXPUNGED – Into Never Shall [July 30th, Hell’s Headbangers Records]
  • XALPEN – Sawken Xo On [July 30th, Black Lodge Records]
  • BLACK MASS PERVERTOR – Lex Sodomaticum [July 30th, Self-Released]
  • DANTALION – Time to Pass Away [July 31st, Darkwoods]
  • TOMBSTONER – Victims of Vile Torture [July 30th, Redefining Darkness Records]
  • AMNESIA ETERNA – Malditos [July 30th, Brutal Records]
  • FETID ZOMBIE – Transmutations [July 30th, Transcending Obscurity Records]
  • KARLOFF – The Appearing [July 30th, Dying Victims Productions]
  • BREATHLESS – Breathless [July 30th, Dying Victims/Relics From the Crypt]
  • MOON MACHINE – Moon Machine [July 30th, Self-Released]


Yes, tours are a thing again in certain parts of the world and ~16 months ago posting flyers/announcements of them was a part of this column. It finally is again. As a fellow who has spent years studying, writing about and working with infectious disease specializing in immunology, epidemiology, and micro/molecular biology for biotech/pharma companies — I would strongly suggest you wear a mask, keep a distance, and only take the risk of attending if the band has some serious riffs. I will not personally be attending indoor/club shows for at least another year but I urge you to make your own judgement based on general community health standards and services rather than generalizations. Above all else, respect others choices and make your own informed decisions.

“TOURANTULA” East Coast Fall Tour feat. Inhuman Condition w/Crusadist
U.S. Tour Fall 2021 – Municipal Waste w/Crowbar, Skeletal Remains & Dead Heat
U.S. Tour 2021 – Mon Laferte (Chilean songstress!) w/Various artists
U.S. Summer (mostly West Coast) Tour 2021 – Exmortus w/Lich King

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