SYNCHRONY: News, Week in Review & Upcoming Releases (6/18/21)

A weekly feature focusing on select heavy music news, primarily involving new and upcoming releases with a list of ’em provided at the end. This also serves as a week in review, collecting all of the most recent content on Grizzly Butts in a brief additional list. Want to see what came out this week? Read the “Annihilate This Week” column every week. If I can’t hear it, I won’t cover it! If you have new releases, show announcements, or important heavy music news that’ll be relevant or interesting to folks send it to:

THIS WEEK IN NEWS (6/12/21 – 6/18/21)

  • French label Impure Wedding Productions have released a cassette tape box set from black metal artist FORBIDDEN SITE titled ‘Par l’Art et par le Sang‘. The mythical French black metal act includes their albums ‘Renaissances Noires‘, ‘SturmUnd Drang‘ and ‘Astralgeist‘ all reissued with care on cassette tape format, and housed in a custom box featuring a woven patch and metal pins. Always happy to support this fine label, always lots of care for the classics and well chosen packaging for special editions. Check out their reissues of Vargavinter and A Canorous Quintet also: [LINK]
  • Hell’s Headbangers Records have announced the signing of Australia’s ESKHATON. They’re working on a new new mini-album, ‘Horracle‘, which is being recorded and will be released by the end of the year, it’ll be on CD and 12″ vinyl. The band are also at work on their fourth album soon enough. Apparently ‘Horracle’ will be five tracks and about a half hour long, plenty of room for their brilliant sound. I’d really liked ‘Omegalitheos’ a few years back so I’m ready for this one. Follow them on Facebook: [LINK]
  • Agonia Records have announced their signing of Australian black/death metal band DENOUNCEMENT PYRE. The band are currently working on their fourth full-length and first since 2016. I always love what these guys have to say and have been a fan since ‘World Cremation’ back in 2010. “Denouncement Pyre stands for the destruction of the limitations of man,” comments D (guitar & vocals). “Drawing inspiration from the darkness that lurks beyond the boundaries of flesh and mind. Through doorways to Daath. Forever unbound!”. On the new record deal, D adds: “We are stoked to be joining forces with Agonia Records for our forthcoming album. So far the recording sessions for the new record have been the most intense yet. With ever burning hunger we look forward to unleashing this beast upon you all soon!” and hey, if he’s that stoked I am too. Very consistent band. Follow ’em over on Facebook: [LINK]
  • Doom metal act HOUR OF 13 have revealed a brand-new track, “His Majesty of the Wood” is the lead single from the band’s long-awaited fourth album, ‘Black Magick Rites‘, set for international release on August 27th via Shadow Kingdom Records. I’ve already got the album since I bought it during the 24 hour window it was available last year, can’t wait to talk about it more. Check out “His Majesty of the Wood” over on Bandcamp: [LINK]
  • Swiss Black Metal project RAVENDUST have set August 18th as the international release date for their second full-length album ‘The Gold Of The Aura‘. Ravendust is the guitarist from Helvetic black metal bands Chotzä, Malphas, and Temple of which I probably know Temple best. This stuff carries his signature but isn’t necessarily too similar to those other groups. Check out the single “Existence” on YouTube: [LINK]
  • DARKTHRONE‘s Fenriz has announced FENRIZ METAL PACT radio show, a reprisal of his Fenriz Radio which was a legendary irregular SoundCloud showcase for his taste. I find the guy always speaks best for himself: “So, after 3 years of Radio (Fenriz) silence I am back, I had listeners in more than 50 countries back then on soundcloud and it was a one way communicative channel (get it?) only this time my show is a tad more interactive and I have a sidekick that will monitor questions you can ask me that I will answer on the show and the songs will be played on the show directly and I will talk a lot more than I did on my soundcloud shows.” So, what does that mean? It is a Patreon you can follow for like three bucks. He’ll answer questions and present songs etc. Here is the Patreon link: [LINK]
  • A Fire In The Cold Season is a rural noir thriller film from Newfoundland director Justin Oakey who has worked with Mat McNerney and Kimmo Helén of the Finnish folk band Hexvessel for its score, which will see vinyl release on 250 Ltd. and signed black LPs, available October 22nd this year. They’ve collaborated before on shorter films but A Fire In The Cold Season a first full feature-length soundtrack which is described as a “wild and evocative cross-pollination of Finnish and Newfoundland spirit.” The preview track, “Romance of Mystery”, is certainly intense, check it out over on YouTube: [LINK]
  • MASTODON have teamed up with Dreamstage to present a live performance which has been set for July 15th, at 9PM EDT. The title of the event will be Captured Live At Georgia Aquarium which directly indicates where it is taking place and I’m sure it’ll be lovely. I believe it will be an entirely acoustic presentation from what I’ve gathered here. The program will likewise include commentary from the band “offering an inside view into their creative process.” Cool, haven’t heard from these guys in forever so, interested in checking this out. Tickets: [LINK]
  • United States black/death doom metal band DIMENTIANON will return with their fifth full-length album this July 13th via Paragon Records. They’ve added Don Zaros (Evoken) on keyboards and Joe Fogarazzo (Rigor Sardonicous) on guitar & bass so, these guys are old pros. Since their inception in 95 (as The Forgotten) they fuse eclectic extreme metal influences with grit and organic sound design. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with developments: [LINK]
  • Finnish melodic black metal trio AUTUMNFALL have joined Transcending Records for the physical release of their debut full-length ‘Ghosts Of Light‘ coming later this year. Formed in the Summer of 2019 by Jussi Hänninen (ex-Fall Of The Leafe, ex-Unhola), Autumnfall is an indirect continuation to Fall Of The Leafe’s first two melodic death/folk metal-tinged records from the late ‘90s. ‘Ghosts Of Light‘ was released digitally in April of this year and will see release on CD and vinyl later this year via Transcending Records. So far no exact date but man, go listen to this record! If you liked the last Inexorum this record should fit like a glove, though it does lean a bit more classic black metal. I have long been a fan of Hänninen’s work and am so glad I’ll be able to get a vinyl copy of this one, huge hype if emotionally driven extreme metal is your thing. Check out the album over on Bandcamp: [LINK]
  • Classic Spanish death/thrash metal band CANKER have finally decided to do an official and long-awaited (24 years) reissue of their second album ‘Exquisite Tenderness‘, replacing quite bad cover art with a new paiting and issuing this brutal, technical but groove heavy record on CD and Digital formats this coming July 6th via Xtreem Music. If you don’t recognize this band go buy fuckin’ ‘Physical’ their 1994 album, if you like Kreator-cranked death/thrash that is the one to start with! Check out a preview song from their second album over on YouTube: [LINK]
  • Fifteen years along the way we’re getting a bruiser of a full-length debut from Bay Area death/thrash metal band LACERATION. Their style basically stays on point with their 2018 ‘Imitation‘ EP for ‘Demise’ and that means brutal thrash metal, 90’s death metal a la Demolition Hammer’s first album and ‘Malleus Maleficarum’. Classic death/thrash sound, you know I’m there for it and have been anticipating their next move. It’ll be available from Rotted Life Records on CD and cassette July 16th, and then LP on September 24th. Pre-orders are up on Bandcamp: [LINK]
  • Bitter Loss Records have announced August 6th as the release date for the debut EP from Australian death/groove metal band ASHEN which will be titled ‘Godless Oath‘ on CD and 12″ vinyl formats. Great sound on this one, these guys have members of Vespers Descent, Darkenium, Chaos Divine, Burial Ground, and etc. bands you’ll not have heard of unless cued into the Australian underground black/death headspace. Great album art on this one and this first song has some serious balls: [LINK]
  • Vastum’s LEILA ABDUL-RAUF will release her fourth full-length solo album, ‘Phantasiai‘, this coming July through Cyclic Law, with a vinyl release to follow in September as a co-release with Cloister Recordings. I liked her previous solo record and so far this one sounds entirely different. The cover art, track listing, preorders, two tracks from the album etc. are all up over on Bandcamp: [LINK]
  • Portland, Oregon-based death metal band WITCH VOMIT have dropped the curtain on their latest EP ‘Abhorrent Rapture‘ and made it available digitally via 20 Buck Spin‘s Bandcamp. The CD and cassette edition will be released on July 2nd (pre-orders are up) with the vinyl releasing September 10th. This one sounds like they’ve been swallowing glass and eating more roadkill than usual. Listen to the whole thing right now: [LINK]
  • Chaos Records have announced August 6th as the date for Portland, Oregon-based death metal band DECREPISY‘s debut album, ‘Emetic Communion‘. Chaos Records will handle the CD version, Life After Death and Seed of Doom will handle the vinyl LP and cassette tape versions. These guys formed in Portland’s hellstorm of a 2020 and it sounds like it, very heavy and nothing overthought based on previews. The main guy kicking this one around seems to be Kyle House from Vastum and Acephalix but also features members of Ritual Necromancy, Grave Dust and Funebrarum. Don’t love the cover art but the album sounds amazing. Check out the first preview over on Bandcamp: [LINK]
  • NOTABLE ALBUMS AT PRESS THIS WEEK FROM: Laceration, Dungeon Serpent, Godhead Machinery, Mordred, Alchemy of Flesh, Planet of the Dead, Fell Harvest, Tragedy and Triumph, Razor, Flame Dear Flame, Ashen, Sentenced (book!), and several more. Look for coverage in the near future. Don’t see your album listed? Send it to me:

PHARAOH – ‘The Powers That Be’ (Cruz Del Sur Music)

SITE WEEK IN REVIEW (6/12/21 – 6/18/21)

  • Annihilate This Week 6/12/21: “Aggression, consequent on the growth of luxury.”
    • This year …From the Tomb becomes Annihilate This Week, still focusing on new releases from the week but now accumulating a New Releases list/discussion in addition to short reviews for around 5-10 new albums each week. It will now post every Saturday (or Sunday) to better fit my schedule.
    • This week I chose to cover 9 New Releases from June 12th-18th. Favorites being Blazon Rite, Alustrium.
  • From June 18th-30th the Spirit Coffin Publishing BigCartel shop will be offering free shipping within the United States for all Distribution items (non-label releases), specifically CDs and cassettes. Use the code “TROOPER” at checkout for free shipping on items by: Stargazer, Intestine Baalism, Deviser, Anti-God Hand, and Molten Chains. After June 30th all distro items will move to a fair-priced Discogs account along with used records/CDs from my collection.

Been busy with sorting out my own releases, big announcement for Journey Into Darkness in particular, and have several things going on in July between the Incinerate and Mariner tapes plus the Parasitic Entity CD, and Mystification Issue #1 is ready for printing in a little over a week. I’ll cool off after that, some. Reviews for Dunbarrow, Polemicist, and Suffer Yourself likely publishing over the weekend. Going to skip out on reviewing the latest Red Fang and Code records, they’ll be on my best of the month list.

WARMOON LORD – ‘Battlespells’ (Werewolf Records)

UPCOMING RELEASES (6/19/21 – 6/30/21)

NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list, some titles are already reviewed and/or covered and some have yet to enter the final queue for consideration and processing. An asterisk (*) indicates that a full review is drafted or in preparation. A pound (#) indicates a short review is warranted and in process. A plus (+) indicates that the album has already been reviewed. Click/Tap on RECORD LABEL name for preview, stream, or store.

  • SIDEREAN – Lost on Void’s Horizon [June 25th, Edged Circle Productions]+
  • CEREBRAL ROT – Excretion of Mortality [June 25th, 20 Buck Spin]+
  • POLEMICIST – Return of the Sophist [June 25th, Hessian Firm]*
  • PESTILENCE – Exitivm [June 25th, Agonia Records]+
  • SUFFER YOURSELF – Rip Time [June 25th, Aesthetic Death]*
  • WARMOON LORD – Battlespells [June 25th, Werewolf]*
  • BEYOND MAN – Beyond Man [June 21st, The Sinister Flame]*
  • CATHEXIS – Untethered Abyss [June 25th, Willowtip Records]
  • THE ABSENCE – Coffinized [June 25th, M-Theory Audio]*
  • SXUPERION – Auscultating Astral Monuments [June 25th, Bloody Mountain Records]#
  • CATHARSIS – Human Failures [June 25th, Mad Lion Records]
  • MENTAL CAVITY – Mass Rebel Infest [June 25th, Creator-Destructor]#
  • LA MERDE – La Vie en Noir [June 21st, Signal Rex]
  • SEANCE OF… – The Colour of Magick [June 21st, Signal Rex]
  • IRAE – Dangerovz Magick Zpells from the Mesziah of Death [June 21st, Signal Rex]#
  • LORD MORTVM – Diabolical Omen of Hell [June 22nd, Helter Skelter/Regain]
  • ODYRMOS – For the Brightest Light [June 22nd, BMC Productions]
  • HELLISH FORM – Remains [June 25th, Translation Loss Records]
  • KILTER – Sys [June 25th, Alter-Nativ]
  • INSTITUTION D.O.L. – The Thelema Tales [June 25th, Edged Circle Productions]
  • STENCHED COLLECTOR – Effluvatorium du Jour [June 25th, Redefining Darkness Records]
  • PRAYERS OF SANITY – Doctrine of Misanthropy [June 25th, Rastilho Records]
  • KOLLAPSE – Sult [June 25th, Fysisk Format]
  • EXORCIST – Nightmare Theatre (Re-Release) [June 28th, High Roller Records]
  • RUACH RAAH – Misanthropic Wolfgang [June 30th, Signal Rex]
  • ANTOLOGI – Chronicles of Catastrophes [June 30th, Vrykoblast Production]
  • EUTHANIZED – Sanguine Spectacle [June 30th, Helldprod Records]
  • EXISTENTIAL DREAD ‘Full Moon Bliss [June 24th, Moonlight Cypress Archives]
  • HEAVY METAL ADDICTED – Criminal Ways [June 30th, Murder Records]
  • BONG-RA – Antediluvian [June 25th, Tartarus Records]

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