SYNCHRONY: News, Week in Review & Upcoming Releases (5/28/21)

A weekly feature focusing on select heavy music news, primarily involving new and upcoming releases with a list of ’em provided at the end. This also serves as a week in review, collecting all of the most recent content on Grizzly Butts in a brief additional list. Want to see what came out this week? Read the “Annihilate This Week” column every week. If I can’t hear it, I won’t cover it! If you have new releases, show announcements, or important heavy music news that’ll be relevant or interesting to folks send it to:

THIS WEEK IN NEWS (5/22/21 – 5/28/21)

  • German death metal band TEMPLE OF DREAD crank the thrash a bit on their third full-length album ‘Hades Unleashed‘ and so far, I’m pretty sold on it. The album will release this coming July 23rd via the good folks at Testimony Records. From the sound of things drummer Jörg Uken / Soundlodge Studio have refined the trios sound nicely here based on the preview song “Wrath of the Gods (Furor Divinus)”. The band comments: “We have both clubbed the fastest songs of our career so far and slowed down the pace significantly on some of the other songs. All in all, the listener gets a fat piece of Old-School Death Metal, seasoned with a good portion of eighties thrash.” and that is music to my ears, totally. Check it out over on Bandcamp: [LINK]
  • Bay Area thrash metal group INFEX have announced they will self-release their latest album ‘Burning in Exile‘ this August 13th on CD, digital, and limited edition red translucent 12″ vinyl. Their sound is rooted in extreme thrash, not exactly blackened but sorta ‘Beyond the Gates’-era Possessed at times, ripping with some hardcore punk/crossover touches old and new. You can check out the official video for “Acid Reign” over on YouTube: [LINK]
  • Nuclear War Now! Productions are dropping a whopper this coming September 1st as they’ll release the third album from Canada’s brilliant ANTEDILUVIAN which will be titled ‘The Divine Punishment‘, on vinyl LP format. It has been eight long years since the release of ‘λόγος’ and based on this first preview song “All Along the Sigils Deep” they’ve transformed but maintained thier manic horror all the same. Check it out on Bandcamp: [LINK]
  • Finnish dark doom metal band ASPHODELUS have signed with the legends over at Hammerheart Records and have announced they will record a follow up to 2019’s beloved ‘Stygian Dreams‘ this Summer. They’re expecting to release it in early 2022. I love this band and their first album has only improved with time, so, tons of hype for their future! Click over to Asphodelus’ Facebook to keep track of what comes next: [LINK]
  • Purity Through Fire have set June 7th as the release date for vampyric black metal act ORDER OF NOSFERAT‘s second album, ‘Arrival of the Plague Bearer‘, on CD and A5 digipack. The vinyl LP and cassette tape versions will follow later in 2021. I dunno, every time I see vampire black metal bands I think of The Crow movies and Cradle of Filth and zone out for the sake of self-preservation, these guys sound pretty good though. They’ve got a video up on YouTube: [LINK]
  • Selfmadegod Records have announced a double CD reissue including the early recordings and debut album from Polish death metal band DEIVOS. Their first album ‘Emanation From Below‘ is the main event and the title of 2xCD collection but the second disc features their ‘Hostile Blood’ EP (Butchery Music, 2003) as well as the ‘Praised By Generations’ (1999) demo, which will be released on CD for the first time in this compilation. If you love late 90’s/early 2000’s Polish death metal brutality as much as I do, this one is essential. Pre-order over at Selfmadegod’s webstore: [LINK]
  • Italian brutal death metal band FULCI have readied their third full-length album just beyond reissuing their first via Time To Kill Records who will release ‘Exhumed Information‘ on July 23rd. Their style is a brutalized version of 1994 US/UK death metal, straightforward and very hard hitting, something like Deranged. Their theme is horror, I mean that much should be obvious, but hey watch their latest video for “Glass” a collaboration with TV Crimes that is a long horror synth/soundtrack piece (sorry, no death metal…) over on YouTube: [LINK]
  • Hell’s Headbangers Records have announced more INCANTATION reissues! So, we’ve gotten some slick-as-Hell reissues of their 90’s stuff and now we’re getting the 2000’s stuff which means CD reissues of Decimate Christendom (2004) and Primordial Domination (2006) on June 11th and then on July 30th both albums will release on cassette tape for the first time ever. You’ve got to figure they’ve got vinyl cooking up at some point too. Support these now since they’re also working on getting ‘Blasphemy‘ (2002) back in print later this year, keep the Incantation back catalog machines flowing, their work is important. Jump over to Hell’s Headbangers shop, search Incantation, and get to it: [LINK]
  • Nidrosian black metal group BEYOND MAN have premiered the new track “Ave Usera” from their self-titled album over at Black Metal Promotion on YouTube. The album is set for release on June the 21st via the always impressively curated The Sinister Flame. Hear “Ave Usera” over on YouTube: [LINK]
  • Svart Records have announced they will release the latest album from Finnish act DUST MOUNTAINHymns For Wilderness‘ this coming October 8th. Dust Mountain was founded in 2016 by Toni Hietamäki (Oranssi Pazuzu, Waste of Space Orchestra) and Henna Hietamäki (Cats of Transnistria, Henna & Houreet), accompanied by drummer Jukka Rämänen (Hexvessel, Dark Buddha Rising) bassist Riku Pirttiniemi (Death Hawks) and guitarist/backing vocalist Pauliina Lindell (Vuono). Stacked line-up if you’re a fan of otherwordly, psychedelic stuff. Listen to Village on Fire” on YouTube: [LINK]
  • Florida death metal band INHUMAN CONDITION have released the last single from their upcoming debut album ‘Rat°God‘, which comes out June 4th on Listenable Insanity Records (and like ten other distro/labels). Ex-Massacre members, seemed like a more negative split every time it happened over the years with different people. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be good but it is and will guaranteed be ten times better than whatever Massacre puts out. This single, “The Neck Step”, includes a music video which you can watch on YouTube: [LINK]
  • TOWARDS ATLANTIS LIGHTS will be releasing their second album ‘When the Ashes Devoured the Sun’ on July 16th through their vocalist’s own label Melancholic Realm Productions. The theme looks to be the burning of Rome at a glance but it sounds like the theme focuses on lesser known civilizations of the Mediterranean Minoans and the forgotten Pelasgians, early ancestors of the Greek people. They’ve promised a more to the point production, heavier focus on guitars, and altogether more weight while maintaining their epic funeral death/doom metal feeling. I am really excited about this one because I’d seen huge potential in the first and can’t wait to dig into this one in terms of sound and themes. Follow them on Facebook and check Kostas’ Bandcamp for pre-orders soon: [LINK]
  • NOTABLE ALBUMS AT PRESS THIS WEEK FROM: Beyond Man, Towards Atlantis Lights, Fate’s Hand, Infex, Cerebral Rot, Catharsis, Vomit Ritual, Arcane Sun, Karloff, Gnosis, Black Ceremonial Kult, Necrochaos, Crypt Monarch, Nigrum Pluviam, Deivos, Nefarious Dusk, Fulci, Tombstoner, White Tundra, Arna, Hexorcist, Fucked Up, Headshrinker, Black Hosts, Molis Sepulcrum, Vrexiza, Breathless and several more. Look for coverage in the near future. Don’t see your album listed? Send it to me:

HEAVY SENTENCE – ‘Bang to Rights’ (Dying Victims Productions)

SITE WEEK IN REVIEW (5/22/21 – 5/28/21)

This week generally centered around two releases, Ghastly‘s third album ‘Mercurial Passages‘ and Portal‘s ‘Avow‘. You’ll note that Portal also released a companion album this morning entitled ‘Hagbulbia‘, which focuses on vocal torment and noise-focused expression, I’d compare it to Chaos Echoes. Make sure you don’t miss Gosudar‘s debut, it rules. Didn’t set aside enough time for High n’ Heavy, Heavy Sentence, Riexhumation and Alastor reviews this week, maybe this weekend but they are coming this weekend after the Best of May 2021 is done, some will be included.

KILLING ADDICTION – Mind of a New God (Xtreem Music)

UPCOMING RELEASES (6/01/21 – 6/04/21)

NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list, some titles are already reviewed and/or covered and some have yet to enter the final queue for consideration and processing. An asterisk (*) indicates that a full review is drafted or in preparation. A pound (#) indicates a short review is warranted and in process. A plus (+) indicates that the album has already been reviewed. Click/Tap on RECORD LABEL name for preview, stream, or store.

  • BOSS KELOID – Family the Smiling Thrush [June 4th, Ripple Music]*
  • STARLIGHT RITUAL – Sealed in Starlight [June 2nd, Temple of Mystery]*
  • KILLING ADDICTION – Mind of a New God [June 1st, Xtreem Music]*
  • CODE – Flyblown Prince [June 4th, Dark Essence Records]*
  • CASKET – Urn [June 4th, Neckbreaker Records] #
  • CRESCENT – Carving the Fires of Akhet [June 4th, Listenable Records]*
  • INHUMAN CONDITION – Rate God [June 4th, Blood Blast/Black Serpent] #
  • ADAM – Sun [June 4th, Venerate Industries]
  • ANTI-GOD HAND – Wretch [June 4th, American Decline] #
  • WORM SHEPHERD – In The Wake Ov Sòl [June 4th, Unique Leader]
  • LYCANTHRO – Mark of the Wolf [June 4th, Alone Records]
  • FLUIDS – Not Dark Yet [June 4th, Hells Headbangers] #
  • KLAMM – Misanthropocene [June 1st, Disharmonia Records]
  • CANENS CARCER – Canens Carcer [June 2nd, Morbid and Miserable Records]
  • BIZARREKULT – Vi Overlevde [June 4th, Petrichor]
  • OSSAERT – Pelgrimsoord [June 4th, Argento Records] #
  • INTERPOLANT – Arbor [June 4th, Terminarch Records]
  • SEPUTUS – Phantom Indigo [June 4th, Willowtip Records] #
  • T.O.M.E. – I-III [June 4th, Spread Evil] Premiere
  • NEPHILA – Nephila [June 4th, The Sign Records]
  • WINTER ETERNAL – Land of Darkness [June 4th, Hell’s Headbangers Records] #
  • TOTALLY SLOW – Casual Drag [June 4th, Refresh Records] !
  • SHUN – Shun [June 4th, Small Stone Records]
  • DEZ DARE – Hairline Ego Trip [June 4th, Ch!mp Records]
  • CARIVARI – Reset [June 4th, No Good to Anyone]
  • CRIMSON DIMENSION – Crimson Dimension [June 4th, Spread Evil]
  • BELK – Umpire [June 4th, Glasshouse Records]
  • SOUL GRINDER – Lifeless Obsession [June 4th, MDD Records] #
  • OSLO TAPES – ØR [June 4th, Pelagic Records] #

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