An Early Stream of GATEWAY’s ‘Flesh Reborn’ EP (2021)PREMIERE

Today we have the honor of premiering a full stream of Bruges, Belgium based death/doom metal maestro GATEWAY‘s return to the fray, a monstrous EP ‘Flesh Reborn‘. From my recent review: “ should be evident that Gateway have struck upon some greater magic here and also that they intend to fully grind into unholy death/doom beyond funereal passages. “Slumbering Crevasses” is nothing if not imposing, a cacophony that crawls and yanks at these Finnish death tendrils as it develops beyond the one minute mark. There is a chaos, a violent loss of control that occurs as these moments rise and fall to bookend a relatively simply arranged piece in conveyance of cavernous and grievously illustrated existential dread. This still falls into the wheelhouse of a band [like] Rippikoulu in spirit thanks to a raw and bristling reverberation during the faster sections of the song but as we progress to “Rack Crawler” we’ve pushed beyond the primal brutality of the early 90’s and perhaps represent the post-funeral doom popularity boon of the early 2000’s and its effect upon atmospheric extreme doom metal sound design as a whole.” Without question a top release for May!

Scroll down to the full YouTube stream below and witness the unearthly majesty of ‘Flesh Reborn‘ which will be available on CD format and digital download this Friday, May 7th through the fine folks at Chaos Records. Thanks goes to the band, their representation and Chaos Records for the opportunity to share this fantastic EP early!

Per the press release:

CHAOS RECORDS is proud to present the comeback EP of Belgium’s GATEWAY, Flesh Reborn, on CD format.

Based in Bruges, GATEWAY formed in 2014 and soon began their ascent through the underground as one of the murkiest and most mysterious death-doom bands around. After a stage-setting demo, GATEWAY released their self-titled debut album in 2015, which established mainman R as an individual with a decidedly twisted vision: Gateway didn’t so much crush like most death-doom records did, but rather enwrapped the listener in a cocoon of mildew and moss.

A few digital singles followed thereafter, before the release of GATEWAY’s second album, Scriptures of Grief, which further fleshed out the band’s torturous-yet-alluring sound. In 2018, GATEWAY released the acclaimed EP Boundless Torture before going on indefinite hiatus. A tragedy, that, as GATEWAY’s name had firmly and formidably entrenched itself in the underground…

Now, at long last, GATEWAY rises from the slumber of the crypt with the aptly titled Flesh Reborn. Featuring four songs across 26 minutes, Flesh Reborn reanimates GATEWAY in a most dramatic fashion. This is R’s most ambitious effort – the songwriting winds and wends through labyrinths that are more uptempo than previous, with this uptick in speed also revealing a hitherto-unexplored catchiness, all before plunging to the abyss with the slo-mo destruction of the closing title track – resulting in a more focused sound and featuring deadly guest leads by M, a first for the band. Oozing atmospheric death-doom RIFF-worship for fans of Disembowelment, Coffins, Winter, Thorr’s Hammer, and Rippikoulu, GATEWAY can now stand tall in the hall of the ancients with Flesh Reborn!

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