BLACK MASS PERVERTOR – Sodomiittien Seura (2021)REVIEW

A partial bung in their pipeline for years, the second full-length from Oulu-based trio Black Mass Pervertor represents a key point of evolution for the projects “sodomite rock” vision of crust/hardcore punk influenced Finnish black metal. Recorded in 2017 and delayed by deals falling through with a couple of labels since, ‘Sodomiittien Seura‘ represents where the band were at in between (or, nearby) 2016’s ‘Phanerosis‘ and our point of ingress, ‘Life Beyond the Walls of Flesh (2018) an EP I’d reviewed along with a cursory spin through their discography up to that point. As such, it’d been intended as the prophecy of swine-skulled sodomy to come, a prescient nod to where their next three EP releases would go. Even if experienced out of sync with time itself ‘Sodomiittien Seura’ effectively conveys the major strengths of the trio in creation of memorably stated and always punk-twisted ‘traditional’ black metal spiritus.

Set within its proper facet in time and viewed as an artifact of Black Mass Pervertor‘s inspired boon of work as they kicked back into gear beyond 2015 or so, ‘Sodomiittien Seura’ has a sort of blackened thrash, first wave Finnish black metal spirit again calling to mind both the late 90’s mindset they’d birthed from and the jagged knife of the late 80’s. There are a few degrees of separation between Beherit‘s filthy beginnings and the first few blasters from Impaled Nazarene and it’d be fair to mentally set yourself within that spirit in reference to these guys but, nothing quite as juvenile in terms of performance. So, fans of modern degeneration via Rodent Epoch and Sadokist will still be thrilled but likely not shocked by this records innards. The rehearsal room clangor of Black Mass Pervertor‘s last three tapes generally line-up with this admittedly cleaner but still primitive and echoing skull-clobbering black metal sound.

Pig noises, ‘Apocalyptic Raids’ riffs, and kinda mid-paced black n’ roll movements make for an effective but never particularly performative experience. Relatively clear production allows the slightly skunked distorted bass guitar tone to kick some extra groove into these pieces (see: “Silent Observer”) which generally range from 2-3 minutes. Where I’d felt this relatively short album shines best is in its Scandinavian hardcore punk influenced pieces such as “A Statement”, the introduction feels entirely classic before careening through a slow-blasted and kicking second half. Following this up with the bent and growling black n’ roll ride of “A Quest for Glory and Leadership” makes for the passion pit of the full listen. The peak of ‘Sodomiittien Seura’ for my own taste comes with the ease of “Towards the Higher Plane of Existence” the plateau of the song would repeatedly caught my ear with the line “Give Satan what he wants…” and yeah, of course I will. Though it is a bit more slick compared to the garage blasted EPs that were meant to come afterwards, ‘Sodomiittien Seura’ manages to leave a solid impression beyond its intended conceptual order. A quick spin with straightforward appeal and a sound right on the edge of filth. A moderately high recommendation.

Moderately high recommendation. (72/100)

Rating: 7 out of 10.
TITLE:Sodomiittien Seura
RELEASE DATE:March 26th, 2021
BUY & LISTEN:Bandcamp [All Formats]
GENRE(S):Black Metal,
Black Metalpunk

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