Today we have the privilege of premiering a split cassette tape from two raw black metal acts — The first side from prolific Australian musician Again-Walker and his latest project Torresian Call. The second side of the tape features just one eleven minute song from Welldweller, also a solo project but this one comes from an American musician named Vu who is so far best known for Vampyric. The cassette version of this split releases this coming Friday, February 12th via Eternal Death. Scroll down to listen to an exclusive full stream of the whole thing, pick it up if you can and support underground artists. Thanks goes to the band(s), their record label, and their representation for the opportunity.

Per the press release:

ETERNAL DEATH is proud to present a split tape between TORRESIAN CALL and WELLDWELLER. This split features the debut material from two one-man underground black metal projects.

Hailng from Australia and having released material in several other projects – Blödskog, Meaningless, Tarmblod, and under his own nom-de-guerre – Againwalker has a new solo-project, TORRESIAN CALL, making its debut release as Side A of this split. With an atmosphere similar to the early material from America’s well-known one-man black metal project Leviathan, these songs from TORRESIAN CALL also have a quirkiness (for lack of a better word) reminiscent of Judas Iscariot’s early material. Traditional black metal with a strong underground feel.

Hailing from the United States, WELLDWELLER is the newest project from Vu, also of solo-project Vampyric. With his side consisting of one 10-minute-plus song, the WELLDWELLER material has a similarity to the prolific underground black metal project Bekëth Nexhëmü. This is music for nightmares of cosmic chaos.

Together, this split tape shows startlingly accomplished first attacks from TORRESIAN CALL and WELLDWELLER: fathomless darkness and obscurity from the depths of the underground. The dungeons are calling!

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