SYNCHRONY: Music News, Week in Review & Upcoming Releases (10/09/20)

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THIS WEEK IN NEWS (10/03/20 – 10/09/20)

  • Eh? Modern p-p-p-power metal? Here? Sure, ARRAYAN PATH‘s eighth album ‘The Marble Gates of Apeiron‘ is due to be released via Pitch Black Records this November 27th on CD and Digital. These guys have more or less picked up the pace for this album, and though I’m not a fan of this operatic multi-tracked vocals extravagance in theory the lyrical themes of this accomplished Greek band have always been interesting, based on mythology and not always so focused on being a pep talk for nerds. You’ll know if it is your thing within a minute or so, maybe sooner. Check out the first single “A Silent Masquerade” on Bandcamp: [MORE INFO]
  • Baltimore, Maryland doom metal project SERPENTS OF SECRECY have announced the completion and release date of the much anticipated debut from the band formed via members of Sixty Watt Shaman and King Giant among others. ‘Ave Vindicta‘ will release this October 31st in homage to late bassist Rev. Jim Forrester. Forrester was murdered on the streets of Baltimore two years ago, just as momentum for the album was building. It sounds like the grieving process wasn’t going to be complete until they’d finish the album and it wasn’t something they’d realized until it was finally done. If you’re a fan of southern and stoner rock with a heavy stoner/doom lean check out the songs they’ve got up on Bandcamp thus far: [MORE INFO]
  • Icelandic viking/black metal duo FORTÍÐ have signed a multi-album deal with German label Prophecy Productions. Naturally they’ve announced this alongside the reveal that a sixth full-length is coming later this year. The band have mentioned they will unveil the details for the album alongside a new song this coming Monday (October 12th) so follow the band on Facebook and keep up: [MORE INFO]
  • Washington D.C.-based extreme sludge maniacs ILSA have announced their sixth full-length ‘Preyer‘ will arrive this coming November 20th on Relapse Records. The theme of the album centers around Sean Sellers and, well, you should read about him rather than get my Cliff Notes version. I’ve found the band hit or miss in the past but this one sounds pretty fantastic, nice suffocating sound with some somber sludge/doom heaviness and some melodic ideas that develop nicely. A bit of Sheer Terror, Crowbar, and their own grimy sound. Check out “Poor Devil” and you’ll see what I mean: [MORE INFO]
  • Finnish psychedelic doom mantra artists DARK BUDDHA RISING have long been at work on their seventh full-length album ‘Mathreyata‘ which is slated for a Friday the 13th release this coming November via the ever-enlightened Svart Records. The first single from the album drops today in the form of “Sunyaga” a 13 minute epic accompanied by visuals from Dehn Sora. This is my most anticipated doom-related release as I look at the rest of the year. Watch the video for “Sunyaga” over on YouTube: [MORE INFO]
  • Although I’d thought I’d covered this announcement previously, I have to mention that Les Acteurs De L’Ombre have announced November 6th will be the release date for the ultra-anticipated new album from French black metal band DARKENHÖLD‘s which will be titled ‘Arcanes & Sortilèges‘. One of my personal favorite black metal acts of the last ten years, anyone looking for triumphant tones and castle-envisioning melodies will be likely absorbed by their stoic work. Three songs are available for preview, with a few more coming shortly before relase. Take a closer listen over on Bandcamp: [MORE INFO]
  • Purity Through Fire have sets October 31st as the release date for an event that is so satisfyingly characteristic of Finnish black metal band OCTOBER FALLS, an acoustic album. ‘Syys‘ will continue the honorable tradition of limited acoustic releases from the band this one bearing just 199 digipack CDs as well as a digital release. ‘Marras’ (2005) is an album I’ve long cherished and utilized for meditation via its very stripped down dark folk sound. What else are we missing from my ’05 playlists? A new Moonsorrow album, at least. ‘Syys’ features percussion, cello, and more complex accompaniment as you’ll hear on the first preview track “Syys III”. [MORE INFO]
  • A raven on either side signals their return! In fact it has been about seven years since we’ve heard from German viking black metal staple THRUDVANGAR, who’ve announced their sixth album ‘Vegvisir‘ will release via TrollZorn Records on vinyl this November 13th with the CD version coming a week later on the 20th. This type of music is still well-loved by many folks, myself included, so it is a joy to see this Köthen-based band still around and bringing mid-paced stompers like “Siegvaters Maid” to life. Watch the music video for the song on YouTube: [MORE INFO]
  • Finnish black metal label Primitive Reaction have announced December 4th as the release date for ‘Prey‘ the debut album from Finnish black metal band VALRAVN. Raw melody, malevolence, and one could assume we’re in for something typical but as you’ll see with the first preview song “Throne of Blood” they’ve plenty of their own ideas leading the charge and the core melody doesn’t overtake the entire statement of the piece. The cover art is lovely as well, something to look forward to in early December. [MORE INFO]
  • If you’ll recall I’d really enjoyed CONSTRUCT OF LETHE‘s second album ‘Exiler’ back in 2018, and it looks like they’ve spent some time reflecting upon the first album ‘Corpsegod’ (2016) in the interim as they’ve re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered it with Kevin Talley on drums and now including solos from Pat Bonvin (Near Death Condition) who also played on ‘Exiler’. Awesome news and awesome sounds as they’ve put a few preview tracks up on Bandcamp as Everlasting Spew Records have announced they’ll be releasing it on CD (original was digital only) this November 6th. If you like Rutan-era Morbid Angel and Hate Eternal as much as I do, this’ll be essential. [MORE INFO]
  • Eisenwald have announced November 27th as the North American release date for a re-recording of CEREMONIAL CASTINGS‘ ‘Salem 1692’ – titled ‘Salem 1692 (MMXX)‘ – on CD, cassette, and vinyl LP formats. There is a lot to unpack here, but the most pressing statement is that Ceremonial Castings were essentially a DIY production from the start (mid 90’s), spanning nine albums of finely crafted symphonic/melodic black/death metal largely known only to the pacific northwest. Each album was self-released on their own label, CD only and ~1000 copies for a single run. The album in question was perhaps the peak of their exploration of witchcraft, from what I remember at least, themed around the Salem witch trials. The main reason I have enthusiasm for this band stems from their persistence, being one of the more effective USBM bands in the symphonic style who’d continue to refine those ideas long after most had given up on developing it. They were not casually creating this stuff, it lead to detailed and extravagant work that still translates into their other projects today: Uada and Mysticism Black. You’ll hear a bit of a Lunar Aurora-esque spirit and some Aeternus-worthy black/death in the first preview song “Damned Be Those of the Craft” over on Bandcamp: [MORE INFO]
  • Has it been a full five years? And now a tenth album? All things modulated, the will of HORNA is steadfast as W.T.C. Productions sets December 8th as the release date for ‘Kuoleman Kirjo’. The spectrum of death will be revealed in the sense that this release appears to intend strongest vibrancy, elemental shifts revealing broadest but most distinctly Horna craft and a new rhythm section ensures this. You can feel their steely blasting resonance via opener “Saatanan Viha” with a nightside intent on full display. Anyhow, I am a huge fan since ‘Sotahuuto’ (2007) and can’t wait for this one to land. Check out “Saatanan Viha” on YouTube: [MORE INFO]
  • Chaos Records have announced horror movie/TV themed Mexican old school death metal band SUMMONING DEATH‘s second full-length album ‘One Step Beyond‘ will release this October 31st just in time for Halloween. Indebted to the classic Scandinavian style and intent on illustrating the best of classic horror movies and television the band have swapped in a new vocalist for their second album and pulled into a more distinct but fully authentic sound. “The Mask” is the first single from the album but I’m sure you’re likewise dying to hear their cover of Depravity’s “Silence of the Centuries” too. [MORE INFO]
  • NOTABLE ALBUMS AT PRESS THIS WEEK FROM: Eternal Champion, Spectrale, Darkenhold, Horna, Pulchra Morte, October Falls, Shaidar Logoth, Mizmor & Andrew Black, Morpholith, Depravity, Ascian, Ruff Majik, Sunyata, Invernoir, Ihloosuhree, Summoning Death, Uthullun, The Sombre, Askog, Prezir, Moskowa, Arrayan Path, Alison Cotton, Alien Mustangs, Mugstar, Bleakheart, Yaotl Mictlan, Farer and several more. Look for coverage in the near future. Don’t see your album listed? Send it to me:

GRIZZLY BUTTS‘ WEEK IN REVIEW (10/03/20 – 10/09/20)


  • …From the Tomb 10/05/20: “Accumulation of formless ajīva.”
    • This year Ten From the Tomb changes to …From the Tomb and is no longer limited to ten releases. It will post every Monday with a list of at least ten new releases coming out during that current week and a short review will be included for each one.
    • This week I chose to cover 10 New Releases from October 1st-October 12th. Next week will span releases from October 16th-23rd.
    • Favorites: Leviathan, Kira, Repuked.
  • The self-directed will in view of infinity. A conversation with SERPENT COLUMN | INTERVIEW
    • Our fourth interview with Serpent Column is almost entirely off-topic from the album. This is largely because intimately discussing further motivations or illuminating the meaning of the record isn’t presently the motive of the artist. The idea is to convey the need for the listener to find their own meaning, search and sift if they must, but ultimately appreciate the work for what it is.
    • Instead we discuss some existential philosophy, art appreciation, musical analysis, and get an idea of how the artist sees the continuum of their works. Another EP release is hinted at slyly, so keep an eye out for that whenever the next Mystiskaos cycle-through resurges.
  • TERMINUS Extreme Metal Podcast #22 – Trident, Mysthicon, Panzerwar, Encephalic (2020) | PODCAST
    • This week the guys discuss that righteous Trident album I’d mentioned in this column last week. A very busy and interesting record from Mysthicon. Something primitive but deadly via Panzerwar. Ugh, and another thug brutal death metal band. Gross!


Big releases this week from Necrophobic, Empress, R.I.P. and Dysylumn. I don’t personally give a shit about new Hellripper or Venom Prison records, lots of energy coming from each but underwhelming (more than usual, even) songwriting across the board. Two things folks are likely to overlook: The underhyped ‘Realm Of The Feathered Serpent’ from crusted extreme sludge/doom band Hexer, an oddly arabesque motif makes it quite a strong atmospheric sludge feeling record. The black/heavy metal strength of Ur also returns, they’ll release their ‘Obelga’ EP tomorrow, wishlist it if you like the preview track.

EMPRESS – Premonition (2020) | REVIEW
ZÖLDÏER NOÏZ – Merci (2020) | REVIEW
DYSYLUMN – Cosmogonie (2020) | REVIEW
RADIANT KNIFE – The Ghost (2020) | REVIEW
R.I.P. – Dead End (2020) | REVIEW
CALIGULA – Technical Aggression (2020) | REVIEW
ARROGANZ – Morsus (2020) | REVIEW
RABID BEAST – Rabid Beast (2020) | REVIEW

EMPRESS – Premonition (Petrichor)


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WAYFARER – A Romance With Violence (Profound Lore Records)

UPCOMING RELEASES (10/10/20 – 10/16/20)

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