SYNCHRONY: Music News, Week in Review & Upcoming Releases (9/25/20)

SYNCHRONY is a weekly feature focusing on relevant heavy music news, new releases, upcoming releases, as well as a week in review to help folks keep up with all of the content on Grizzly Butts. This’ll also include a list of upcoming releases and some preliminary notes on upcoming reviews or coverage. If I can’t hear it, I won’t cover it! If you have New Releases, show announcements, or important heavy music news that’ll be relevant or interesting to folks contact me at:

THIS WEEK IN NEWS (9/19/20 – 9/25/20)

  • Witchfinder-finders! Aural Music have announced they will release the debut album from French epic doom metal band ECCLESIA titled ‘De Ecclesiæ Universalis‘ on CD, digital and vinyl this coming November 13th. The band have had this album in the works for roughly four years and they liken their coming as that of a new inquisition. Their sound however is suggested as heavily influenced by late 80’s releases from Candlemass, Cathedral and Solitude Aeternus. So, it sounds like they’re epic doom with the possibility of harsher vocals. Based on their message and photos, I’m interested. Follow Aural Music on Facebook to keep up to date on Ecclesia: [MORE INFO]
  • Norrköping-based post-rockers PG.LOST have announced their latest album ‘Oscillate‘ will release this November 6th via Pelagic Records. There is nothing meek about the grand-sized production values on this record and it is a bit of an ear-catcher because of it, and why shouldn’t it be a bit loud and professional as members/ex-members of Ghost, The Great Discord, and Cult of Luna round out the line-up. This release seems to recall the sort of mid-2000’s boon of popularity for post-rock and gives it todays more spaced out, surrealistic sheen. Check out the first single “E22” over on Bandcamp: [MORE INFO]
  • The best LP shippers & handlers in the underground Nuclear War Now! Productions have set December 1st as the release date for PNEUMA HAGION‘s debut full-length ‘Voidgazer‘ on vinyl. You might recall this guys work when I’d reviewed his demo/EP compilation a couple years back, needless to say his brand of depth-ridden death metal is highly anticipated in full-length form and the cover art is brutal, mentally stifling and primitive which is what I’d want from the artist at this point. Check out the first preview track “The Black Light” over on Bandcamp:[MORE INFO]
  • Death is coming and in the hands of Invictus Productions it won’t be natural causes that makes a sack of rotting meat of ya. They’ve set November 27th as day of death wherein Swedish scourge AVLIVAD debut their self-titled demo tape, ‘Avlivad’. This Gothenburg based trio include the drummer from Ensnared in their ranks so I’m pretty much in. The first preview song is the last of the four tracks and it has a damn kick to it! “And You’ll See” is up over on Bandcamp: [MORE INFO]
  • Norwegian folk/black metal band VARDE are slated to release their debut full-length, ‘Fedraminne‘, this November 27th via Nordvis Produktion. Varde features former members of Nordjevel, Alsvartr and Dødheimsgard and although we do not have a taste of their new album just yet you can find them on Spotify and try out their 2019 single “Varde” for an idea of where they’re at, the conviction on this track sells the band quickly and the aggressive drumming can be imagined on a bigger or smaller scale in the future. Follow them on Facebook and await further samples in the future: [MORE INFO]
  • Spanish melodic death metal band DORMANTH have announced their fourth album will be titled ‘Complete Downfall‘ and released via Xtreem Music this December 15th on CD format. These guys formed in 1993 but would take a long break between 1995-2015. Heavily influenced by Peaceville three and Amorphis in the early days, the band would return with modern melodic death influences. This first single “Fire” has some Amon Amorth-esque feeling to it, probably a bit more powerful than anything on ‘IX Sins’ back in 2018. Will see how it turns out! Listen to “Fire” over on YouTube: [MORE INFO]
  • Man, I’ll speak frankly here… I haven’t dug a new SODOM record since 2007. It isn’t that I don’t care but, it felt like they’d really peaked with ‘M-16’ and their self-titled was solid enough but when a classic thrash band starts re-recording oldies I feel like its time to jump off and support bands who don’t have a legacy yet. Apologies for the rant, where I’m headed with it is basically this new Sodom record ‘Genesis XIX’ and the first single “Sodom & Gomorrah” reminded me how much I like classic stuff from this classic thrash band and it seems like they’re aiming for that old but updated sound and featuring some self-recorded/produced elements. The sound is right, the songs are simple but weirdly ‘off’ in the true Sodom tradition so I’m into it so far. ‘Genesis XIX’ is out on eOne Records this November 27th. You can listen to “Sodom & Gomorrah” over on YouTube: [MORE INFO]
  • If you’re into the whole “death metal with riffs” thing you’re going to want to go pre-order the new GOREPHILIA record ‘In the Eye of Nothing‘. Dude from the last two Krypts albums is a big part of this band and he’s taken over vocal duties in addition to his usual guitar work, rough couple of years getting there but man what an album. I’ll do my best to fight off the 10/10 on this one but things are lookin’ grim and fully scored on my end. Do you need more hype than that from me? Well hey, we’re about a week out (releases October 2nd) so make sure you don’t have to wait for the second shipment or a later pressing. Still riff-curious and/or questioning? Check out the second single from the album, “Ouroboran Labyrinth” and if you’re not sold right then and there, get off my lawn. The song is up over on Bandcamp, LP’s are sold out on Bandcamp so hit the Dark Descent store otherwise, they’re fast and never ding shit up. Bandcamp: [MORE INFO]
  • South African stoner rock quintet RUFF MAJIK will release their third album ‘The Devil’s Cattle‘ this October 30th via Mongrel Records. They’ve put out a zombie apocalypse themed video for the first single “Lead Pills and Thrills”, a piano-tickled up-tempo desert rocker that brings a bit of the current Australian sound alongside the quickly evolving scene they’re coming from. Adventurous and kickin’, the dual vocal thing is working for them. Curious to see what the rest of the record is like. Check out the song on YouTube: [MORE INFO]
  • Ripping Storm Records have announced they’ll be putting out French nuclear thrashers ZOLDIER NOIZ‘ third full-length album ‘Merci‘ this October 10th. If you don’t know the band their last album ‘Regression Process’ can’t be missed! Everything Ripping Storm puts out rules and this is no exception. If you love death/thrash, punk-death, Voivod weirdness, and a truly unique mesh of it all, get it. So far we have one preview track “Termination Race” over on YouTube: [MORE INFO]
  • Don’t start counting your “best of the year” because December’s got bloody gold stashed away yet! Southwest United States blackened death-doom trio HERETICAL SECT will release their debut full-length album via Gilead Media this December 11th. It’ll be titled ‘Rapturous Flesh Consumed’ and looks to be focus upon the reality of the American southwest rather than the romanticized cowboy frontier many still see it as. “Religious persecution, disease, slavery, and other violent acts are burned into the memory of the landscape” and right there I am fully keyed into this one, I mean I already loved their EP so the theme just kicks it into my ears. Check out the via Zac Scheinbaum and pre-order from Gilead Media directly (alternately, hit up Bandcamp): [MORE INFO]
  • NOTABLE ALBUMS AT PRESS THIS WEEK FROM: Enslaved, Convulsif, Heretical Sect, Apathy Noir, Griiim, Goratory, Feed Them Death, Orplid, Paranoid, Svabhavat, Essence of Blasphemers, Ixion, White Magician, Deadwood Tree, Cidesphere, Fumarole, King Parrot, Scardust, Elkhorn, Vvyrion, Dropdead, Shattered Hope, Ecclesia, War Orphan, Desert Lord, Odax, Convulse and several more. Look for coverage in the near future. Don’t see your album listed? Send it to me:

GRIZZLY BUTTS‘ WEEK IN REVIEW (9/19/20 – 9/25/20)



Big releases this week from Uada, Proscription, Infesticide, Transcendence, Hexecutor, Madrost, Nubivagant, Crépuscule d’Hiver, Indoctrinate and Sammas’ Equinox. I have not heard the new Hexx or Morta Skuld yet and I won’t make any assumptions because both bands have surprised me in the past. Way behind on reviews, I’m tired as hell from my job, don’t have shit to say about shit otherwise. Reviews for Easy Prey, Nubivagant, Proscription, Hexecutor, Infesticide and Second to Sun are in the works.

DROPDEAD – Dropdead (2020) | REVIEW
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TRANSCENDENCE – Towards Obscurities Beyond (Blood Harvest Records)


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RABID BEAST – Rabid Beast (Unspeakable Axe Records)

UPCOMING RELEASES (10/01/20 – 10/08/20)

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