An early stream of AFFLICTION VECTOR’s “Abandoned Into the Madness” from ‘Death Comes Supreme’ (2020)PREMIERE

Today we have the honor of unveiling “Abandoned Into the Madness” the second preview song from Italian black/death metal duo AFFLICTION VECTOR‘s upcoming debut EP ‘Death Comes Supreme‘! Due out on Argento Records on Friday, September 25th this slick EP offers a cyclonic reap of chasmic dissonant blackened riffs and blasting death clangor meant to illustrate the chaotic inner torment of the artist, featuring current and former members of Ooze, Grime and The Secret. Note the intense hulk of the Audiosiege mastered sound and the evocative possession of the cover art via Karmazid. A class act and an intense, gritty maelstrom of an EP. Thanks to the band, Argento Records, and their representation for the opportunity to present an early spin of this intense song. Before you dive into “Abandoned Into the Madness” via the YouTube embed below, hear what guitarist Ans has to say about the song:

“Abandoned into the Madness is about a state of mind I often experienced and fear. It’s a feeling that became so familiar to me, that I decided to write about it, and express this unrest through cacophony. As our inner voices haunt us with turmoil and distress, we slowly drench ourselves into the void until our lungs are filled with it’s miasmal smoke. We often mistake the pleasure of – for example – substance abuse, violence against others or oneself as something that helps us calm these inner voices, but in reality this “pleasure” is the self-destruction that feeds our inner demons and allows them to take control over us. Abandoned into the madness, I laugh at my failure”.


Per the press release:

AFFLICTION VECTOR: Italian black-death metallers featuring current and former members of Grime and The Secret to release “Death Comes Supreme” debut EP via Argento Records

Italian chaos mongers AFFLICTION VECTOR are proud to announce that they have signed to Argento Records. The band will release the “Death Comes Supreme” debut EP next month.

AFFLICTION VECTOR has been conceived as an introspective exploration by Ans in 2018. After the dissolution of Ooze and his separation from Grime, the artist decided to embrace a solitary journey through his own inner demons, choosing isolation and his dissolving mental health as a fuel for his creative flame.

In 2019 drummer Christian Musich (The SecretGrime) joined the project, projecting his primordial percussive ferocity into the compositions and solidifying the line up.

Inspired by masters like Mayhem, Bolt Thrower and Teitanblood, AFFLICTION VECTOR regurgitates its influences into a completely new, unique, self-devouring Death and Black Metal magma that annihilates every boundary between nightmare and reality.

“Death Comes Supreme”
 is a spirit-possessed descent into suffering without any expectation of catharsis or cleansing. It’s the sound of an artist abandoning his mind into his own inner chaos, a realm dominated by demons.

“Death Comes Supreme” 
will be unleashed upon mankind via Argento Records on 25th September 2020.

Recommended if you like: Mayhem, Teitanblood, Bolt Thrower, Black Curse, Heresiarch

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Argento Records

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