An early stream of JESUS WEPT’s ‘Apartheid Redux’ (2020)PREMIERE

Today we’ve been provided with an early stream from Detroit, Michigan-based hardcore-stunting death n’ roll band JESUS WEPT who recorded their ‘Crushing Apartheid’ EP way, way back in 2017 for an independent release — The original recordings were notable for their late 90’s Carcass-esque groove and heavy render thanks to Arthur Rizk, and I say “notable” in retrospect as I don’t think anyone noticed all that much. Now that they’re working with the fine folks at Redefining Darkness Records they’ve re-envisioned the EP as ‘Apartheid Redux’, giving it a proper CD release while clipping off the terrible Smashing Pumpkins cover (“Disarm”, btw) and adding in two previously unreleased original songs. Those have been premiered elsewhere so the big reason to show up today is the cover of W.A.S.P.‘s first single “Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)”. And hey, the mid-80’s arena-sized poodle rock stomp of it all translates pretty well with their ‘Swansong’-sized guitar tone in hand.

“W.A.S.P. has been pretty influential to us as a band and we felt the song suited our style well… Equal parts catchy and provocative.”

Jesus Wept, 2020

There you have it: Popular 90’s death metal, 80’s shock rock, and the fun of mosh metal in uncanny harmony. If you’re into Cold Curse, Homewrecker, Creeping Death or Enemy Mind you’ll likely dig these guys. Thanks goes to Redefining Darkness Records, the band, and their representatives for the opportunity to present an early full stream of the revitalized EP, which officially arrives as a jewel-case CD this Friday August 21st via Bandcamp.

Per the press release:

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, JESUS WEPT self-released their (digital only) debut EP Crushing Apartheid in late-2017, unleashing their brand of sleaze-soaked Death Metal upon the industrial wasteland they call home. Described as “Carcass for the next generation”, JESUS WEPT’s sound harkens back to the Heartwork and Swansong-eras, while also channeling the spirit and attitude of ’80s L.A. Metal. While Apartheid Redux contains re-mixed/re-mastered tracks from the original EP (1-4), it also features brand new unreleased work (5-6) and a fun cover of W.A.S.P. classic ‘Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)’.

With a myriad of bands trying to “out-brutalize” one another or sound more ’90’s’ then the next (while you know we love that….), JESUS WEPT bring in a some much needed relief by way of rockin’ headbanging riffage coupled with solid musicality.

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