SYNCHRONY: Music News, Week in Review & Upcoming Releases (4/24/2020)

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THIS WEEK IN NEWS (4/18/20 – 4/24/20)

  • I definitely did a bit of a spit-take in my office when this e-mail hit this morning, man! My favorite doom metal band of the last twenty years PALE DIVINE have announced ‘Consequence of Time‘, an adventurous and inspired sixth full-length album from the Pennsylvania based group and the follow-up to their brilliant self-titled album back in 2018. 2020 also marks the 25th anniversary of the band’s formation and they’ve undergone some intense changes that I think folks will love, primarily new guitarist Dana Ortt (Beezlefuzz) is now second vocalist, allowing for harmonization and myriad possibilities you’ll hear on the first preview song “Tyrants & Pawns (Easy Prey)”. I was having a great time with music so far this year but this one’ll set me over the edge, I couldn’t be more excited for it. ‘Consequence of Time’ will be released June 26th through Cruz Del Sur Music. Head over to YouTube to hear the song: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Lovecraftian in description though no memories remain, an impossible to recount beast when seen, and a trance-inducing shock to the primordial neural tube results when its din is heard… From every possible angle, Bay Area blackened technical death-warping trio of violent ghasts ULTHAR will unseal the gates for a second time as their second full-length, ‘Providence‘, is readied with its storm of a thousand cocks and the detritus of ten times as many mutilated bodies to be released among the finest around by way of 20 Buck Spin this June 12th. ‘Cosmovore’ is too fucking underrated and I think because it was such a challenging and wild monstrosity. Get ready for this first preview track, “Through Downward Dynasties”, because it shows even more vicious tirades, warped Demilichian concepts, blackened night terrors, and the shaking edge of the eye when sleep deprived. Check the song out for yourself over on Bandcamp: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • If you weren’t sure what Greek psychedelic prog metal band HAIL SPIRIT NOIR had up their sleeves for their fourth full-length album, ‘Eden in Reverse‘, all worry and hand-wringing can cease as the first single Agonia Records has unleashed, “The First Ape On New Earth”, is unarguably stellarly stuff. June 19th cannot come fast enough and I’ve already pre-ordered based on this song, completely enthralling extreme prog with psychedelic swells, curious synth layers and dissociative moodiness. Check out the song on YouTube or Bandcamp: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • I’m going to stroke out this week getting hit with all of these fantastic doom metal pieces. Get a load of Vancouver, British Colombia based progressive stoner/sludge metal trio EMPRESS and the emotionally driven first single (“Sepulchre”) from their upcoming debut full-length, ‘Premonition‘, an album dealing with mental illness from the perspective of the helper, healer, and confidant. A strong and certainly well-crafted build upon the style they’d been exploring with ‘Reminiscence’ back in 2017. “Sepulchre” has an enormous groove, fantastic bass tone, really a crystal clear sound and a sweetly balanced song. It kills me to discover bassist Brenden Gunn had passed away back in late October in the midst of admiring this song. Completely destroyed by that and the impact it adds to this already soul-wrecking song. Listen to “Sepulchre” over on Bandcamp: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Hey, do you want to sing on the new album from death/doom metal band PULCHRA MORTE? Well, vocalist Adam Clemens (Noose Rot, Wolvhammer, Skeletonwitch) has it covered for the most part but they’re getting fans involved with the gang-shouted vocals from the song “The Serpent’s Choir”, a song concerning the power of the written word when backed by a legion of voices. Be their legion! Hurry up though, the deadline is May 1st. Instructions on how to do so are included in a video (also see the description) on Pulchra Morte’s YouTube channel. Check it out here: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Italian noise rock quartet ELM have announced their second full-length album, ‘The Wait’ will release through Bronson Recordings this June 12th. Think of them as an Italian Barkmarket hosting an elaborate parody (or, ode?) of the United States deep south. Judging by the preview track, “Kingsnake”, it sounds like Elm have put a lot o work into not only their songwriting and presence but upped the production values quite a bit, great heft bass tone and big elastic 90’s alt-metal/noise rock riffs. Check it out on Bandcamp: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • In case you missed the new song song from heavy noise/freak rock band ILS last week, here it is again alongside the official announcement of their debut album, ‘Curse‘, which will self-release on 12″ vinyl LP and digital on June 3rd. Check out “Bad Parts” again and pre-order the record, these guys are great: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • The year of doom metal over the world continues to scoot its butt across the proverbial carpet with countless fantastic releases coming each month. CLOSE THE HATCH have their pulse set to to modern post-metal though they’re ripping out some pretty strong doom metal from that basal rift. If you liked Chrome Ghost’s record, ears up! Based out of Ohio Close the Hatch will partner with Red Moth Records for their fourth full-length, ‘Modern Witchcraft‘ on its May 22nd release. : [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Put a smile on that skull. Keep dunking it in sulfuric acid and punching the flesh off the bones until its permanently flashing them pearly whites. Take a hammer to the ears and snap off the central tendon, elbow the flaps off the gaping jaw, play a couple three chord riffs, take the eyes, take the head, lea… In the three minutes it takes to fire up “(Trapped) In Depths” from Finnish black/death coffin stuffers VIOLENT HAMMER you’ll either be excited as fuck by the brutality or so revolted you’ll unfollow me on LinkedIn. The fine folks at Hell’s Headbangers Records will be the ones to release the Finn’s debut, setting May 29th as the international release date for ‘Riders of the Wasteland‘, which’ll be on CD and 12″ vinyl LP. These guys are deathgrinders who aren’t afraid of some brutal war metal style in the mix, raw as Blood but heavy as Carnifex (no dude, the Finnish one). Check out “(Trapped) In Depths” over on Bandcamp: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • German sludge/doom metal band EREMIT have announced their second release with Transcending Obscurity Records, an EP entitled ‘Desert of Ghouls’ alongside the release of an enormous preview song, “Beheading the Innumerous”. Huge sound, big plodding sludge riffs, and you can check it out over on Bandcamp: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Eclectic Chicago record label Ideas have announced they’ll be releasing the debut full-length from GHOST WORK a post-punk influenced venture graced with the presence of Seaweed’s vocalist as well as members of Minus the Bear, Snapcase and Milemarker. The two tracks they’ve revealed from ‘You’ll Be Buried With‘ are uptempo 90’s indie rock influenced post-punk numbers that are charismatic and yet unaffected, nothing dry or downer about ’em. There is a bit of ‘Neu! 75’ in there too. The album is out June 5th. Check out the latest ear-thrillingly catchy bop of a single, “Go Stat” over on their Bandcamp: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Philadelphia based black/death influenced sludge metal quartet WITCHING have announced the self-release of their debut full-length ‘Vernal‘, with happen on June 5th. Damn it feels like I haven’t hit up an Audiosiege mastered sludge album in a while, that huge sound is always music to my ears and Witching is the exact right band for that clarity. Intricate, aggressive, and flitting between death rolls and frantic blackened sludge twitches there is a lot to pull from the first single “Witness”, hell there are actually riffs! Sounds very promising to my ears, check it out for yourself over on Bandcamp: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Brilliant Belgium-based technical death metal devotees PESTIFER have released a music video for the stunning “Swallower of Worlds” from their March full-length ‘Expanding Oblivion’. Also note that XenoKorp their label is having a huge bandcamp sale, tons of classic French and otherwise death metal releases as well as incredible modern stuff. Go check out one of the best songs from one of the best technical death metal albums you’ll hear all year! Click over to YouTube: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • NOTABLE ALBUMS AT PRESS THIS WEEK FROM: Cauldron Black Ram, Pale Divine, Paradise Lost, Obnoxious Youth, Bait, Odraza, Ordo Sanguinis Noctis, Hornwood Fell, Abrams, Eremit, Purtenance, Voodus, Nyrst, Auroch, Ofermod, Shivers, Doomsday Profit, Devil With No Name, La Phaze, When There is None, The Path of Memory, Niege Morte, Violent Hammer, and several more. Look for coverage in the near future. Don’t see your album listed? Send it to me:

GRIZZLY BUTTS‘ WEEK IN REVIEW (4/18/20 – 4/24/20)


  • …From the Tomb 4/20/20: “The Poignancy of the Individual – Part I”
    • This year Ten From the Tomb changes to …From the Tomb and is no longer limited to ten releases. It will post every Monday with a list of at least ten new releases coming out during that current week and a short review will be included for each one. This week features reviews for 14 new releases. Part II will be published today (4/24) or possibly this weekend.
    • Favorites: Unmerciful, Xpus, Bones, Warlust.

REVIEWS: Big releases this week from Katatonia, Cirith Ungol, Ulcerate, Elder, Traveler, Black Curse, and Warbringer put out a new one but it isn’t anything special. Also Cruz Del Sur Music/Gates of Hell Records put out like six incredible records today and I’m way behind but I’ll get to pretty much all of them with full reviews. Likewise make sure you don’t overlook Allelic‘s second black/folk masterpiece or Witches Hammer‘s brutal speed metal return after a 30 year wait.



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UPCOMING RELEASES (4/24/20 – 5/01/20)


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