Chthonic Deity – Reassembled in Pain (2019) REVIEW

Formed in late 2013 as a side project (preceding another similar side project) celebrating shared death-punk influences, Chthonic Deity is as much of a bridge between Bay Area and Pacific Northwest death metal that conjoined twin Necrosic had been back in 2016. Though they’ve added Paul Riedl of Blood Incantation and Spectral Voice on vocals/guitars since, thus far Chthonic Deity‘s songwriting and performances are set to tape entirely between Erika Osterhout (Scolex, ex-Extremity) and drummer Charlie Koryn (Ascended Dead, Funebrarum, ex-Ghoulgotha) who’d been jamming on ideas since touring together all those years ago. If you’re already familiar with their ‘Chtonicmagick‘ split with Runemagick from September of this year consider this ‘Reassembled in Pain’ 7″ EP a prequel of forms as it was demoed in 2015 during the ‘Putrid Decimation’ (Necrosic) sessions and completed in 2018. Primitive, cavernous, and insulated by a healthy mix of thrashing hardcore punk influence this first demo from Chthonic Deity isn’t a deep or particularly involved set of punkish death metal songs but they’ve managed to translate their shared love for Nihilist, Autopsy, and Stormcrow into a satisfying hit of barbaric death metal style.

Shit, that is a hell of a lot of namedrops to process but the gist of it shouldn’t be too tough to figure for folks who follow ‘modern’ death metal’s craggy, fucked up focus on primitivism; The militant bent that hardcore punk influences lend to the caveman aura of Chthonic Deity keep the songs flowing big and nasty throughout. Earhammer Studios always does this sort of band right (see: Vastum), never obscuring the artist while making sure they’re as filthy as they want to be and no doubt Osterhout was aiming for something grotesque and ‘old school’ in approaching this demo. If you’d just put on “Drained” and shook your head at me thinking it sounded like some long lost ’92 Midwest death metal band, fair enough, but the sci-fi/horror stomp of the opener is a Kool-Aid man through a brick wall compared to the steady buzz, groove, n’ churn of the rest of the EP.

‘Reassembled in Pain’ ends up being a solid listen that ends a little too soon, that’d just be the nature of a 7″ anyhow. I guess “Blood Ritual” and “Echoes of Death” could’ve been swapped in the tracklist for a more ‘complete’ feeling statement but I have no real qualms with Chthonic Deity‘s steady, standard, and sickened punkish death metal style. Love the atmosphere, enormous vocal sound, big wailing guitar leads, and I think the demo shows some great promise if they can find a medium between the stomping burliness of “Drained” and the slithering descent of “Blood Ritual”. Moderately high recommendation. For preview purposes I’d suggest you’d just as well spin the whole thing at around 14 minutes but aim for “Disintegrating Organs” and “Blood Ritual” for the bigger picture.


Artist Chthonic Deity
Type Demo [Ltd. 7″ Vinyl EP]
Released October 31, 2019
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Genre Death Metal

Fill the mind with silent fear. 3.75/5.0

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