SYNCHRONY: Music News, Week in Review, & Upcoming (5/24/2019)

SYNCHRONY is a weekly feature focusing on relevant heavy music news, new releases, upcoming releases, as well as a week in review to help folks keep up with all of the content on GrizzlyButts. This’ll also include a list of upcoming releases and some preliminary notes on upcoming reviews or coverage. Some Seattle, Washington area live shows will be intermittently featured. If you have New Releases, show announcements, or important heavy music news that’ll be relevant or interesting to folks contact me at: Priority to PR/label submissions and straight up if I can’t hear it, I won’t cover it.


  • Xenocorp have announced the first new MITHRIDATIC album in three years, ‘Tetanos Mystique’, scheduled for a September 13th release date. Based on books by Roger Gilbert-Lecomte, Louis-Ferdinand Celine and Charles Bukowski, this new album is intended as a “nauseating beast of infectious blackened death metal”. [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Sentient Ruin present us with a brand new 7″ limited edition split from American ambient black metal sorcerers SUTEKH HEXEN, and multinational psychedelic/experimental black metal alchemists 夢遊病者 (AKA “Sleepwalker“). Short but infinitely deep, this limited EP is sure to go fast. [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • “Queen of Swords”, the title track taken from Stuttgart, Germany based dark folk/doom rock band CRESTFALLEN QUEEN‘s album ‘Queen of Swords’ released today May 24th, on Church Within Records. Check this one out if you liked the Sabbathian but wanted a deeper early 80’s doom vibe. Watch on YouTube: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Listenable Records announced death metal war machine BERZERKER LEGION have been signed into their ranks. BERZERKER LEGION is a 5-member collaboration between European death metal veterans formed in 2016 by guitarists Tomas Elofsson (Hypocrisy) and Alwin Zuur (Asphyx) with death metal in mind, they recruited James Stewart (Vader) on drums, Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath) on vocals and Fredrik Isaksson (Dark Funeral) on bass to complete the band. An album is on the way soon. [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Swiss melodic blackened death band TYRMFAR, have opened pre-orders for their second album, ‘Renewal Through Purification’. They’ve unveiled a video for the album’s lead track, “The Commander Of Death” as well. The record will be released through MTAF Records on June 22nd. Watch on YouTube: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Creator-Destructor Records is proud to welcome California’s death metal/hardcore punk act COLD CURSE to the label’s ever-evolving roster. The info on their ‘Violent Measure‘ debut 7″ EP, its lead track, “Clandestine,” and digital pre-orders for the release have been posted on their Bandcamp. [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • After their highly acclaimed debut album, ‘Poisoned Void’, and the outstanding mini-album ‘Current Mouth’, many shows and two European tours, Finland’s Vorum ceased to exist. But the dead cannot die, for they are still hungry… Up from the ashes, a new phoenix arises: CONCRETE WINDS is about to release one of the most bestial recordings ever erupting from the far north by the name ‘Primitive Force’, through Sepulchral Voice Records, which the label will release on July 12th internationally on CD and vinyl LP formats. [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Legendary San Francisco stoner/doom metal trio ACID KING announce the 20th Anniversary reissue of their 1999 sophomore album ‘Busse Woods‘ to be released on RidingEasy Records. The reissue is in conjunction with an extensive North American tour featuring support from Wizard Rifle and RidingEasy label mates Warish. Originally released via Frank Kozik’s groundbreaking Man’s Ruin Records in 1999, ‘Busse Woods’ will be remastered, with updated artwork and available on LP, CD and download on August 30th. [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed Delaware’s extreme Thrash trio DESCENDENCY and are set to release their new album entitled ‘Generate The Genocide‘ June 28 on CD and Digital formats. “Hailing from central Delaware, DESCENDENCY formed in 2007 and are an all out aggro speed assault of Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Crossover. Generate The Genocide is the third full length album from this extreme Thrash trio, showcasing seven tracks of unrelenting brutality…” Check out “Opaque” on YouTube[Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Texas-based cult noise rock trio CHERUBS have continue to capitalize upon their unforeseen return to the scene from a two-decade hiatus in 2014, now joining forces with the Relapse Records for the release of their fifth full-length ‘Immaculada High‘, to be released on July 26th on CD, LP, and digital formats. Check out the first single “Sooey Pig” here: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Malta’s premiere death metal outfit BEHEADED reveal a new track from their upcoming album “Only Death Can Save You”, which will be released on June 14th via Agonia Records. Available as a lyric video, “The Charlatan’s Enunciation” is the album’s opening track, and second the single to see the light of day after “A Greater Terror”. Stream the song here: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Dutch metal punks THE FLESH have completed works on their new EP, aptly entitled ‘Vehicle of Ruin’ is set to be released on tape by Tartarus Records this summer. The first single is now online: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Transcending Obscurity Records have announced August 9th as the release date for black/death metal band TRENCH WARFARE. The debut from this Texas based outfit promises to bring the fire of war metal from a heavier death metal perspective. [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Caligari Records sets June 22nd as the international release date for TRISTENGRAV‘s striking second demo, ‘II – Nychavge’, on cassette tape format. Tristengrav hail from Patras, Greece and released their first demo, ‘Incendiarism of Nous’, in 2018. Now, roughly a year later comes Nychavge, a four-track (plus one outro) recording featuring their unique blend of black metal with gothic rock. Imagine GISM crossed with Rozz Williams-era Christian Death or later Anti-Cimex covering Mighty Sphincter and you have some glimpse into the ever-growing madness that is Tristengrav… Or listen to this preview track: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • HYPE ALBUMS AT PRESS THIS WEEK FROM: Superstition, Deathspell Omega, Misþyrming, Primitive Man, Barbarian, Aphrodite, Gygax, Trench Warfare, Impure, Evil Angel, Concrete Winds, Tristengrav and a few more. Look for coverage in the near future. Don’t see your album listed? Send it to me!

GRIZZLY BUTTS‘ WEEK IN REVIEW (5/18/19 – 5/24/19)


  • Ten From the Tomb 5/20/19: To grow as hungry for light as for food.
    • Ten albums that are essentially a grab bag of modern death metal permutations ranging from viking themed blackened death to technical progressive, deathgrind, death/doom, and more. None of these were all that exciting to be completely honest but all were good quality. The one I’m most behind is probably Wounds or Equipoise.
  • Thrash ‘Til Death #21: Epidemic (United States) 1987-1994
    • A fan-fuckin’-tastic Bay Area crossover band discovers death metal and incorporates straight thrash then goes groove/death all in the space of 6-7 years. Two great albums, one just alright chugger. Epidemic do still appear somewhat lost in time but those first two albums have stuck with me for a couple of decades now.
    • Next week (5/28) will feature German death/thrashers Assorted Heap.

REVIEWS: A huge week for releases but I tried to make sure I didn’t get stuck on all new releases. Lots of genres covered here. Are the reviews getting too long? Too indulgent? Great. Album of the month is absolutely Krypts‘ third album so far but I still need more time with Deathspell Omega and Misþyrming.

UPCOMING SHOWS: [That I’ll likely attend]

  • Northwest Terror Fest 5/30/2019 – 6/1/2019 – Seattle, WA [Cirith Ungol, Spirit Adrift, Inter Arma, Thantifaxath, Wayfarer, etc.]
  • POISON IDEA w/The Derelicts, Acid Teeth and Victims Panel 6/13/19 @ Jazzbones – Tacoma, WA
  • SUPERSTITION 7/05/2019 @ Highline – Seattle, WA
  • ACID KING w/Wizard Rifle, Warish 9/21/19 @ Highline – Seattle, WA



NOTE: This small sample includes overlooked releases that are not yet reviewed or covered but are recommended. Some of these will still be featured in other coverage. An asterisk (*) indicates that a review is drafted or in preparation. Click/Tap on RECORD LABEL name for preview, stream, or store.

UPCOMING RELEASES (5/25/19 – 5/31/19)


NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list, some titles are already reviewed and/or covered and some have yet to enter the final queue for consideration and processing. An asterisk (*) indicates that a review is drafted or in preparation. Click/Tap on RECORD LABEL name for preview, stream, or store.

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