Lvcifyre – Sacrament (2019) REVIEW

The sacred oath that’d hollow out the human vessel and make room for the insidiously pious self is a ritual of old useless magick that’d see the lamb imbibe the blood of false deity and the flesh of the ever-living’s command. The light is only control, only the severing status quo of greed giving rise to greater hordes that’d manipulate, and to bask in its radiance is to deny humanity itself. Release yourself from grace and the wretched canon of God’s bodily infestation and seek the volcanic violence that sits at the peak of unnaturally extended human existence. Seek the black flame within and pull it out as if it were vestigial entrail, flail this dark mortality and curse the world unto hastening end. Force-feed its power into unholy sacramental rite and deconstruct each pillar of feigned holiness until the waxen flesh of the pious slicks off to reveal their reptilian scale. The sacred violence of the non-believer reaches back to early defiance in seeing a destructive path forward beyond 2019 as London, England based blackened death metal trio Lvcifyre erupts once more with pyroclastic force, spraying obsidian munition and bellowing fire after some extended dormancy. ‘Sacrament’ is the unrelenting defiance of man, the infection that’d spread and shatter unto death in mere days, and the explosive violence that intensifies within the collapsing environs of defeated mankind.

Call it ‘occult’ or just simply blackened death variation the discography of Lvcifyre thus far has naturally progressed from ‘The Calling Depths’ (2011), a driven and thrashing death metal record with a thrust of black/death past and present akin to Azarath and Angelcorpse, towards a spacious sound with brutal jolts of unpredictable violence. Their second album was definitive in many respects as ‘Svn Eater’ (2014) pulled in the doom of the ancients by applying Behemoth-esque brutality towards an inspired style defined by thick Incantation grooves and atmospherically oppressive production. It was a shot into the depths of the arcane and the brutal that would appear to have been refined and rethought in the five years since. ‘Sacrament’ is unpredictable blackened bombast freed from oppressive atmospherics and rife with creeping strikes of death that create movements within non-conforming structural pathways. Energetic rushes occur in-the-moment and within greater building arcs for a sound that appears partially improvised but is surely composed, in this sense there is a hint of ‘Drought’-era Deathspell Omega in the genetic code of ‘Sacrament’ that is subtle in the waves it creates. The riff gives itself to the morass, an abyss of snaking tongues and toppling boulders with demonic rasp hailing shouts of victory in cryptic speech. No shackles hold Lvcifyre in place and ‘Sacrament’ is the conjuring of freed will, a deconstruction of forms with diabolical sense.

Of course this is a movement now somewhat commonplace in the extreme metal world, especially those that’d formed in the black/death metal hybrid space and saw potential for atmospheric experimentation, dissonance and unexpected forms. That doesn’t mean Lvcifyre are rote, though, and their approach is distinctly rooted in the fires of classic death metal from Morbid Angel and Immolation all the way up to more relevant contemporaries today. This sense of ancient ethos and modern thought expresses even when covering a classic speed metal track, as evidenced by their cover of ‘Morderca’ from Kat‘s classic ‘666’ which isn’t fully deconstructed but given the force necessary to convince. As a next step beyond ‘Svn Eater’ a full listen of ‘Sacrament’ is satisfyingly coated with five years worth of insight and progression, it also appears to be the last release with drummer Menthor who is likely stretched thin between the fairly active schedules of Bestia Arcana, Death like Mass, Enthroned, Epping Forest, Necrosadist, Nightbringer, Voz de Nenhum, and Aoratos. I could speculate as that being some of the explanation for the long wait in between releases but, it wouldn’t really add anything to my analysis of this generally strong and entertaining EP. The fact is that we’re treated to what is the most dynamically satisfying and original work from Lvcifyre to date with ‘Sacrament’ and therein lies my generally high recommendation for it. For preview I’d suggest trying “Death’s Head in Crown” for that righteous lava-spraying death metal you’d likely come to expect from the band and “The Greater Curse” as a promising look in every possible direction the band might take in the future.


Artist Lvcifyre
Type EP
Released May 24, 2019
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Genre Death Metal,
Blackened Death Metal

They whose words are flames. 4.0/5.0

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