SYNCHRONY: Music News, Week in Review, & Upcoming (5/10/2019)

SYNCHRONY is a weekly feature focusing on relevant heavy music news, new releases, upcoming releases, as well as a week in review to help folks keep up with all of the content on GrizzlyButts. This’ll also include a list of upcoming releases and some preliminary notes on upcoming reviews or coverage. Some Seattle, Washington area live shows will be intermittently featured. If you have New Releases, show announcements, or important heavy music news that’ll be relevant or interesting to folks contact me at: Priority to PR/label submissions and straight up if I can’t hear it, I won’t cover it.


  • Traditional heavy metal powerhouse RAVENSIRE will release their third full-length album, ‘A Stone Engraved in Red’, June 21 on Cruz Del Sur Music. Timeless traditional metal from the heart of Portugal — including tributes dedicated to fallen heroes Mark “The Shark” Shelton and Hartmuth “Barbarian Wrath” Schindler. Listen to the first preview track on YouTube: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Portland, Oregon heavy psychedelic indie songstresses BLACKWATER HOLYLIGHT recently completed recording the followup to their 2018 self-titled debut album. The new songs are scheduled for release in October via RidingEasy Records. While they’re off touring the UK, they’ve released a bit of a slasher flick in the form of a music video. Watch the video for “Sunrise” on YouTube: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Swedish crust punk/metal outfit MARTYRDÖD have issued a lyric video for “Pharmacepticon” as their seventh album, ‘Hexhammaren‘, nears North America through Southern Lord on May 24th, with Century Media handling all other territories. Preorders for the album have been issued, as the band’s impending US tour with Skeletonwitch approaches. If you’re outside of North America, the album released today (May 10th) in most other territories. [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Portland-based progressive sludge metal titans LORD DYING today unveil their stunning new video for “Nearing The End Of The Curling Worm.” The track comes by way of the band’s third album ‘Mysterium Tremendum‘, released late last month via Entertainment One (eOne). [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • XenoCorp Records is proud to announce July 12 as been set as release date for “Human Cattle”, the debut full-length by international (Canada & France) Death Metal band DISOWNING with pre-orders to launch on May 20 for the 500 copies limited edition deluxe DigiPak CD first print, digital and new merch. [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • 20 Buck Spin declares the July release of Planetary Clairvoyance, the dominating third LP by Toronto, Ontario death squad, TOMB MOLD, a label priority for 2019, and one of the anxiously awaited death metal albums of the year. Alongside the album’s release info, cover art, and track listing, the advance single “Infinite Resurrection” has been issued for public consumption. TOMB MOLD has also announced a summer tour with labelmates Superstition in conjunction with the release of the new album. Whole lot ‘o RIFFS, holy shit! We need a Krypts + Tomb Mold co-headline in the US/EU already. Love this album art by Jesse Jacobi! Listen to “Infinite Resurrection” here: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Caligari Records sets May 30th as the international release date for HEXENBRETT‘s debut demo, ‘Erste Beschwörung’, on cassette tape format. Originally self-released at the end of 2018, this first summoning of the macabre Hexenbrett will surely be one of 2019’s most nefarious recordings. Coffin munching blackened doom-rock, pure evil! [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • 90’s Spanish crossover thrash band MORDOR, will see their two albums re-issued through Xtreem Music. Both ‘Hogar, Dulce Hogar‘ (1994) and ‘¿Evolución?…‘ (1997) will contain bonus tracks taken from their two 1992 demos and will include liner notes, photos, flyers, etc. Both records will be released simultaneously May 28th.
  • Iron Bonehead Productions sets August 16th as the international release date for HELLVETRON‘s massively anticipated second album, “Trident of Tartarean Gateways’, on CD and double-LP vinyl formats. “Hell’s serpentine maw unhinges and its venom-drenched jaws spew forth Hellvetron’s long-awaited second full-length offering titled Trident of Tartarean Gateways – a baneful opuscule of ceremonial black metal ensorcelled by nine accursed spells formulated to awaken the primal current and rouse the chthonic Witch-Gods of the Tartarean Realms. SoundCloud: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • On May 23, Hypnotic Dirge Records will be releasing the second full-length from the Finnish Atmospheric Black Metal band KVAL. The album is entitled ‘Laho‘ (‘Rotten’ in English) and will be presented in a 6-panel digipack alongside new merch. Very exciting reveal for fans of atmospheric black metal, their debut was incredible. Bandcamp pre-order/preview: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Svartronix is the new sub-label of Svart Records, with its primary focus on releasing Scandinavian electronic music for an international audience. A major part of planned operations will consist of a series of 2LP compilations each focusing on the output of one Finnish cult electronic label. “The field of electronic underground music has been very vital in Finland ever since the early 1990s, with many small labels and events operated by people in the bands and projects themselves, hidden away from mainstream culture. However, the world of grassroots-level electronic music culture has always been a global scene, and Finnish micro-labels often have directed their output to an international fanbase.”
  • Ventura, California fantasy metal warriors GYGAX have completed their third LP, ‘High Fantasy’, now confirmed for release on June 21st through Creator-Destructor Records. They’re also on tour with POUNDER right now.
  • Chicago’s THE HÿSS have just released their new track “Gold Tooth Ding’ via their Bandcamp. The song is taken from their upcoming album ‘Hound‘ which can now be pre-ordered for only a buck. Sounds like some freak-ass stoner rock to me, and I like it. [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • West of Hell (Sacramento), California lies death metal act MOFSED who will be self-releasing thier debut album ‘Rattenkrieg!’ on June 6th. You can listen to the track “Dawn Patrol” and pre-order the album on Bandcamp. These guys can riff, give that song a few minutes to warm its ass up and they break into some Priest solos and whatnot. Support independent music! [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Nuclear War Now! Productions sets July 31st as the international release date for the highly anticipated sixth album of Brazil’s HOLOCAUSTO, ‘Diário de Guerra’, on CD and vinyl LP formats. Holocausto were among the very first extreme metal bands to form in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, a city now recognized for spawning one of the most crucial regional styles of extreme metal. Along with Sepultura, Sarcófago, Mutilator, and a handful of other bands, Holocausto played a particularly sinister-sounding strain of deathrash (or deathcore, as they used to call it in 1987), which, owing to the evil edge it exhibited, is now regarded as an early expression of the then-emerging black metal movement. Preview on Bandcamp: [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • Norwegian doom metal band HEX A.D. released their debut album “Even The Savage Will See Fair Play” in 2012. For the first time ever it will be available on all digital platforms May 24th, together with 2 new versions released by Fresh Tea. This will coincide with the release of ‘Wicked Serpents’ an EP with re-recorded songs from the bands debut. [Click/Tap HERE for more info]
  • HYPE ALBUMS AT PRESS THIS WEEK FROM: Kval, Draghkar, Hexenbrett, American Sharks, Kingdom, Cenotafio, Heresiarchand a few more. Look for coverage in the near future. Don’t see your album listed? Send it to me!

GRIZZLY BUTTS‘ WEEK IN REVIEW (5/04/19 – 5/10/19)


  • Ten From the Tomb 5/06/19: Deranged by the environs of collective pain.
    • Requested reviews from independent bands and/or labels. All great stuff this week including: Refusal, Dreams of the Drowned, Hellfire, Trespasser, Monograf, Kavod and more. You must at least hear Dreams of the Drowned!
  • Thrash ‘Til Death #19: Disciples of Power (Canada) 1987-1993
    • Canada’s most underrated technical death/thrash metal band gets a quick look at thier first demo and three full-lengths leading up to ‘Mechanikill’. This is exactly the sort of ‘niche’ band that inspired me to keep digging through the piles of the past these last twenty years. Beyond their appeal as a part of underground Canadian extreme metal history, Disciples of Power have a unique style of rhythm guitar playing that is entirely their own.
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018) REVIEW [Posts 5/11]
    • A review of the third in a trilogy of video games that revived the well-beaten intellectual property of Tomb Raider into a modern blockbuster action film influenced third person action/adventure game with puzzle/platformer challenges. This third entry fully makes up for the trashy Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015) and outdoes the promising reboot Tomb Raider (2013) by just a hair in most respects.

REVIEWS: A truly fantastic week for new heavy metal releases as tours kick off and festivals begin to heat up across the globe. I’ve done my best to cover a range of genres though there are easily 10-20 more albums released today that I’ll try to review in the near future.


UPCOMING SHOWS: [That I’ll likely attend]

  • THE WELL 5/10/2019 Seattle, WA @ Substation
  • Northwest Terror Fest 5/30/2019 – 6/1/2019 – Seattle, WA [Cirith Ungol, Spirit Adrift, Inter Arma, Thantifaxath, Wayfarer, etc.]
  • POISON IDEA w/The Derelicts, Acid Teeth and Victims Panel 6/13/19 @ Jazzbones – Tacoma, WA
  • SUPERSTITION 7/05/2019 @ Highline – Seattle, WA



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UPCOMING RELEASES (5/11/19 – 5/17/19)


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