Idiot Sect – Idiot Sect (2019) REVIEW

The blood and piss resultant of the swinging suburban knife fight that’d unshackle the Idiot Sect sours the world stage with an uncanny, unhinged hardcore-built siege of nihilistic release. Canned, confined, and controlled too long a righteously defiant and very broken mentality crushes and stabs at its predestined (but hilariously thin) aluminum coffin. A horror of knife and viscera splatters for six minutes amidst storms of nuclear radiation that’d freeze time and devolve the simian mind. The drum is a hard punch to the face, a primal maxillofacial crunch aimed at mutilation and in a moment of absolute rage you’ll see red too. As if the very blood in your eyes had burst, so blinding is the harried and brief firepower of Massachusetts thrashcore/grindcore act Idiot Sect.

As if some kind of microwaved nuclear Ligotti-penned post-apocalyptic murderer the point of view here is never redeemed or anti-hero but a misanthropic and doomed mind set to kill, maim, and self-harm. The darkest and most outrageous hardcore of the mid-to-late 80’s are represented here in this five song six minute EP from the apocalyptic blast of Unseen Terror, the vomitous brevity of Siege‘s ‘Drop Dead’, and the hollow thrashing guitar tone of Righteous Pigs‘ debut there is an ancient filth (intention or not) smeared all over this EP that is incredibly satisfying. I see the potential for an early Nuclear Blast grindcore sound, like Deathcore‘s ‘Spontaneous Underground’ with more Boston hardcore/thrashcore influences. The intent appears to push the thrash elements further as the EP presses on and dabbles less on the Unholy Grave side of things that expected. Wherever they go in the future in terms of style I’m on board for more, more, more of it.

If you’ve never been in the mood for fucked up, machine-gunned hardcore punk you’re not gonna lose any sleep over what Idiot Sect have done here. I love it and would generally recommend a listen if you’re inclined towards grindcore, thrashcore and noisecore. Mid-to-high recommendation, I found these six minutes just above average. I wouldn’t bother with a preview, just listen to the whole damn thing. But if you want a good starting point go with the duo of “Rite of Imbecile” b/w “War of the Wretched Lands” if you’re a curious crossover kind of kid, and if you’re a ultra-hardcore buff all 24 seconds of “Burial Sequence” will be stunning as hell.


Artist Idiot Sect
Type Album
Released May 10, 2019
BUY & LISTEN on Idiot Sect’s Bandcamp! No facebook, no website, embrace the void.
Genre Grindcore,

Pluck out your eyes. 3.5/5.0


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