Defecrator – Abortion of Humanity (2019) REVIEW

Wrenching loose the aponeurosis-bound flesh of mankind from the cancerous lungs of the Earth, her womb frays with lesion from fornix to ampulla with trapped carbonized breath and choking gaseous death. The inciter of symptom a cloud of invisible damnation dooms her quicker towards a great cesspool, a ruptured vessel of life. First a warmth jolts across the fevered plains as the final stand of humanity births, cutting from xiphoid to pubis a linea alba of hope that’d belch the stench of incomplete gestation. The most rotten generation slithers along her belly, suctioning blood and shitting dark red trails along her skin. Wriggling parasite with deep black eyes emerge from pockets of blued dead skin, empty as the obsidian realm their stares are vacant as insect. Existing in finality and without purpose beyond destruction, they slam and strike upon the bones of their creator to tenderize her meat and defy whatever spirit’d dare escape into apeiron. The sun’d dry up sloshing rivers of afterbirth into a final slug-trailed sheen, shat across her deserted flesh. Three cambion rise among the insectoid offspring released: The first an Abhorrent Orgy Ejaculator of the Dead who’d plow the moisture from the corpse with thunder and howl, the second an Anti-Human Unholy Sexslayer of Hate who’d rip the very atmosphere from the sky and pound it into a siphon of worlds, third came Angel Raping Invoker of Bestial Chaos preceded by his own bounding, twisted lute of human entrails to conjure vortex that’d mine and erase all traces of mankind. These abominable daimon, Defecrators tasked with swallowing the corpse and defiling the vestiges of man into oblivion, leave permanent void where men lie extinct; A black hole of black/death metal birthed from the thousand curses that war brought before them. This unstable gravitational vacuum resultant is deemed the enlightenment, a new ‘Abortion of Humanity’ known only to the highest pantheon of ancients.

Conjured five years ago in the abyss of Sacramento, California blackened death metal band Defecrator conjure celebratory monolith for the end with their inspired and straight-forward black/death metal debut here in 2019. Risen in 2014 from the wetted sulfuric ashes of grinding black metal act Killgasm and in conspiracy with Invoker A.S. 218 of Gloriam Draconis the goal intended was an ancient form of brutality that’d been heavily influenced by the Finnish war cultic arts shared between Beherit, Archgoat, and the debauched Impaled Nazarene. Today in their fullest glory and a refined regalia flying as banner to destruction they arrive upon a sound akin to that of Embrace of Thorns‘ ‘Darkness Impenetrable’. An evolution beyond war towards virulent atmospheric death metal defenestration empowered by its elite black metal attack. What extrudes from the wormed corpse when compressed of its void-filling girth quickly nears the Mayhemic severity of Nightbringer and the bounding blasphemies of post-Immolation sensibilities. The rip provides not rift but impenetrable oceanic torsion, a frustrated boil that’d foam and hiss but never tire of its own rolling movement.

Transfixed and stunned by this piece from the first listen, I’d find myself physically oppressed beneath its hulking, rapacious mass and spiraling atmospheric crawls. It is so rare that the dance between, and the combination of, black and death metal is a musical success rather than a novel stylistic showcase. These rhythms become an intoxicant, an escape from diabolic societal entrapment and towards a huddled mass of twitching eyes that could see the end clearer than any hope men might feign today and relish in the destruction of all. Heeding the call of the death riff too seriously might create some misunderstanding with the listener as this is arguably a work of black metal that’d incorporate the roar and the muscular contraption of atmospheric death metal to provide exciting and brutal force upon each piece. A hallucinogenic fury awaits those who’d obsess over guitar first and delight in the variable shapes the underlying brutal battery creates. Fans of Archgoat‘s ‘Apocalyptic Triumphator’ as well as the more recent efforts of Pseudogod should immediately see some resemblances of pace and atmospheric values but neither hold the exact machine-gunned finesse that Defecrator would form across the length of this piece.

“Carnal Misanthropy” features an immediate second guitar progression within its intro that very slightly resembles the first verses of “Ye Entrancemperium” but follows this very second-wave black metal introduction with a some of the most brutally achieved death metal riffs on the album. It almost reaches a hint of ‘Pandemonic Incantations’ before pulling back just quick enough. This wasn’t the first moment to grab my attention when I first began immersing myself within Defecrator‘s first album but it would come to become a moment that I’d anticipate and enjoy as it resolved as a first peak within the track list. “Thy Infernal Penance” again yanks my spinal cord within my body as its opening riff develops into what is probably the most spectacular arrangement on the album, if only for how grand and powerfully it strikes between noxious atmosphere and brutal sledging. This is where my fandom of Embrace of Thorns does kick in, primarily because their quality level is that high but also because their goals and influences are somewhat aligned. I found his track unforgettable and placed smartly towards the end of the record to rouse momentum amidst the most dense point of the full listen. Between eight songs an an exacting 35 minutes ‘Abortion of Humanity’ is a fantastic listen that is well-paced and just dense enough with ideas that it feels driven by above-average intelligence.

This polished and brutally achieved debut from Defecrator is already among the finer black/death metal release of the year by virtue of more than a few impressive riffs but, also for its harrowing atmospheric presence. A deep and frightening darkness billows from its vents, as if a war machine spending its entire load while ignoring the engines that’d become enraged with fire. If you were on board with my recommendation of ‘Scorn Aesthetics’ the year previous I believe this very high recommendation will make good sense to the enlightened. Highly recommended. For preview the opener “Confronting Choronzon” offers a fine set of riffs that are instantly memorable though I would also include “Thy Infernal Penance” and “Carnal Misanthropy” as equally prime offerings.


Artist Defecrator
Type Album
Released March 29, 2019
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Genre Black/Death Metal,
Blackened Death Metal

Granting Namaah’s embrace. 4.25/5.0

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