Putrevore / Grim Fate – Split [Vinyl] (2019) REVIEW

We knew that some new material would fire up soon after Xtreem Music announced their signing of Friesland, Netherlands Finndeath worshipers Grim Fate but I’m sure few expected we’d get a split with the relatively quiet, and abominably brutal, Putrevore right after. Putrevore kicks off this eleven minute death fest with “Titan Towers Submerged” and I’ll admit I really hadn’t caught up with this band since the release of their second full-length ‘Macabre Kingdom’ (2012). The power of Dave Rotten‘s (Avulsed, Christ Denied, Xtreem Music) guttural hulk and snarling layers thrives within the frantic backing and intense riffs of Rogga Johansson. I won’t name all of Johansson‘s bands as there are least 20+ to choose from but, this is one of his better ones (along with Revolting and Paganizer) where he comes with his A-game material. If anything this track inspired me to see what I’d missed on ‘Tentacles of Horror’ back in 2015.

I’d reviewed the Chaos Records version of Grim Fate‘s first EP ‘Emerging from the Crypt’ back in 2018 and I couldn’t be happier to see that they’d gotten signed as their doom-paced take on Finnish death metal was inspired and still a bit groggy. They’ve sharpened their timing without losing that late 80’s demo tape groan on “Untimely Demise” and as a result it reminded me quite a bit of that first Disma tape (‘The Vault of Membros’). At this point it would seem their sound leans towards the Krypts side of things rather than the Desecresy lurch. There is a fine line there depending which era/album you’d associate with either band but the gist is that it is perfectly raw and blunt as intended. Just past the 3:30 minute mark on the track I’d wanted that meandering lead delivered a little bit more intentionally, it just kind of trails off, but it more or less adds to the surreal mood of the song. I’m definitely looking forward to their debut full-length as it comes and this split 7″ does a great job of showcasing the style and strengths of each band. Highly recommended.a2380746579_10

Artist Putrevore / Grim Fate
Type Split 7″ EP [Ltd. 300]
Released March 15th, 2019
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Genre Death Metal

Colliding in spectacular gore. 4.0/5.0

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