Vitriol – Chrysalis (2019) REVIEW

Crush the sacred pupae atop the subjects forehead and release the cyanic freedom within its no longer gestating oils. First the vision will blur amidst a shimmering inner-ear sensation as both drums are forced through loss of impact and intermittent auditory hallucination. Bred for their alluring sweetness of scent and textural satisfaction the moth’d never arrive in the midst of human greed for entirely intoxicating escapism, the larvae are impossible to resist. There is no void in wanton anointment with the carapace’s juices as their miniature coffin-bursts assuredly create an upward-spiraling poisoned transcendence that curls its heady distortions upwards along the spine and into the mind itself. From Nuremberg, Germany unto the masses comes a truly exciting meditation upon all-seeing sacred poisoned vision that Vitriol would induce with their debut EP ‘Chrysalis’. No mere collage of enticing sounds but a guided, mercifully on rails, vision quest towards death and into the beyond to fill the mind with surety of both doom and meaning-devoid existence; Here arrives self-actualization through chemically induced ego-death.

Immediately seeking venous entry with their venom, Vitriol descend quickly as a duo steeped with mystery and spike the flesh with fast-acting delirium. These Germans are not healers but brutally experimental alchemists, inciting a visceral reaction with basal garage-bristling death metal and cryptic psychedelia that’d send ‘Jar of Kingdom’ era Alchemist adorers spiraling into ecstasy. In positing alchemical mastery it becomes prudent to seek out Vitriol‘s ‘Vitriol’ (2014) demo before seeing a cosmic lineage with the now defunct, and brutally overlooked, Thuringia act Alchemyst. That demo carried a chainsaw and obliterative echoes whereas this EP is an experience that is far less standardized in motion, closer to the transitional heft of ‘Transient’ from Chaos Echœs in some respects but, still far less subtly dark ambient. There is a sense of improvisational process to the performances that places ‘Chrysalis’ along those same lines but the design of the two experiences within are so beautifully arranged it’d be a shame if any large part of its twisted psychedelia was by chance (as is the risk with say, Oksennus material) and not pure possession.

As my vision returns, and my ears would clarify of their oozing distortions, I see clearly the future of Vitriol is to be an enfeebling force. Theirs is an all-destructive pathway towards enlightened, demolishing death music and I am equally enthralled by this piece’s artistic value and what grand hallucinating death they will strike with next. Very high recommendation for those seeking broken structural barriers and infinite mind-alteration. Suggesting a point of preview is difficult, though “Swarming Segments, Spirit Splinters of Stellar Dust” is the correct first impression to be made, both pieces are very related so, I’d ultimately recommended to spin the full listen repeatedly in hopes of achieving the ‘cryptic metal carnage’ mind-state intended.


Artist Vitriol
Type EP [12″ MLP]
Released April 19, 2019
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Genre Psychedelic Death Metal

Shattered larval sweetness. 4.5/5.0


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