Bloodsoaked Necrovoid – The Apocryphal Paths of the Ancient 8th Vitriolic Transcendence (2019) REVIEW

Growling out one final heave in defiance of the finality of death the collective shaking cerebral consciousness of witless humanity runs red into the circuitous crevices of rare-earth metallic floors. Cold and final, this resting place a feeding ground a galaxy wide were hand craft by transcendental beings through glowing fingers and sightless, eyeless realities. Dimension is meaningless to the voracious ‘Gods’ that’d allow only a gasp and a mess of spewing gore as they feed upon unknowing sacks of skin and meat that wander into the fabric of their space. The curious are damned to obliteration as they unravel the mystery surrounding them, a farmed and infinite source of their greatest hunger: Terror. Fear they siphon as thousand year old radiation from the screaming uncivilized as they slowly die, their anthropocene a feast to revive old and black-eyed tastes. Doom erects the siphon and death the lubrication for the horror to begin and this doomed death ritual begins with otherworldly, nether-worldly soundscapes performed psychically through San Jose, Costa Rica cultic void worshipers Bloodsoaked Necrovoid. Eyes filled with the sight of cosmic reapers of fear and their oceanic farm of suffering, they move at a paleolithic pace that’d crush all frailties and monger fear to ecstatic levels of shock and mania. Two captures of this phenomenon exist as their cult oppresses further, touring the minds of their faithful into knowing ruin.

They are but a long line of conspirators of the knowing (and some unknowing) cult of the Necrovoid and in their generational wake lie a litany of hosts across the globe: The esoteric impetus derailing of all consciousness found within Disembowelment, the searingly pretentious cosmic sickness of Pan.Thy.Monium, the all-too revealing geist shatterers in Timeghoul, and the deeply buried warnings of Grave Upheaval. The eruptive blur of Bloodsoaked Necrovoid‘s dimensional consciousness provides little warning as it strikes and coils repeatedly with death/doom metal riff and minds-eye shattering atmospheric depth. A phobia yet exists beneath the numbness of the human experience, that being confronted by death every waking moment could cause resistance is a myth of the thoughtless. Survival instinct among mammal is inescapably felt in the presence of the first horror incantation of ‘Demo I’ (July, 2018) as the trio conjures all imaginable Earth rupture and visions of apocalyptic end to wrack and rattle the listeners faculties. The second wave ‘Demo II’ (November, 2018) serves as a spark of infection deep within the already indoctrinated mind; A belching Demilichian defragmentation of the psychic self-worth of the listener, embalming their humanity (innards first) so that they might join the cult rather than feed any void. The rites of recruitment and incantations of suffering that persist in these recorded works is unerring and inoperable damage, a ruination of the men they cull by association.

How crazed are these death/doom metal vibrations when viewed from the panopticon of ‘old school’ sub-genre traditions depends upon your experience with the most rotten works left behind in the form of informal and self-limited artifacts. Only the darkest crypt keeper with scores of magnetized scriptures spinning upon reels day-after-day will see the Spina Bifida, the ‘Ode To The Churning Seas Of Nar-Mataru’, the Hic Iacet, and beyond but there is hope for those who would answer the call of the Spectral Voice and heed the importance of the Cosmic Void Ritual within. ‘Demo I’ will give clarity and ‘Demo II’ will provide imposing damnation through nuanced flows. With both pieces in mind, this compilation of both works speaks beautifully the language of ancient death/doom forms. This Bloodsoaked Necrovoid and their kin Astriferous both warp the old ways into even darker formic tides without any cheapness, and perhaps with too authentic a disintegration of the human spirit. I am already indoctrinated by ancient extremism and sought these rites only to become a more zealous follower of death’s doom so, a colossal recommendation persists for all past motions and forward-facing monoliths to be constructed. For insight into the beyond hear first “Substance Conceiled in Opened Conduit Discharging Flesh – Penetrating Agony” for righteous and impossible highs, and then conduct yourself the way of “Metaphysical Prolapse Through Purulent Detaching Nightmares” for the entirety of their gaze.


Artist Bloodsoaked Necrovoid
Type Compilation [CD, Ltd. to 500]
Released April 5, 2019
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Genre Death/Doom Metal,
Atmospheric Death Metal

A true fourth dimension of the dead. 4.0/5.0

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