Feed Them Death – No Solution / Dissolution (2018) REVIEW

What perpetual momentum had been stored by Italian musician Void beyond the 2002 disbanding of brutal death metal band Antropofagus would pressurize for well over a decade into a great spark of revolt in 2017 as he formed three new projects that each began to bear fruit soon after. Bune focuses on sludge/noise experimentation, Rising Bear Floatilla put an extreme metal spin on 90’s EDM/industrial, and Feed Them Death arrive in 2018 championing the hard-hitting depth charges of late 80’s/early 90’s grindcore and the surge of brutal death soon after. Abrupt, menacing and staunchly socio-political in his messaging what fuels this solo deathgrind act is a love for the classics of the genre and a dissatisfaction with what feeble imitation persists as grindcore today. On this debut full-length Feed Them Death arrives as a tightly wound, no nonsense deathgrind machine playing at head-spinning speed and always coming head first with filler-free riffcraft.

Although they note Terrorizer, Brutal Truth, and Phobia as influences the brutal speed and somewhat technical approach should compare best with early 2000’s Napalm Death (“Order of the Leech”, “Enemy of the Music Business”, later Nasum, and the bands that’d take that sound to a more brutal plane such as Misery Index, Lock Up and Rotten Sound. Void‘s sensibilities are of an age of tremendous brutality, a time when brutal death was becoming an over the top competitive sport and this translates to the chest-exploding pace of his drum programming, which generally avoids sounding mechanized. ‘No Solution / Dissolution’ plays much like ‘Utopia Banished’ in the sense that it begins with a big and memorable riff but quickly gets to work blasting away at death metal infested grindcore. The entirety of the record does begin to lean far more heavily towards death metal rather than say, Terrorizer but the intended stylistic goal isn’t lost and early 2000’s style of deathgrind is really the golden age of that ‘second coming’ of the sub-genre.

The ‘one man band’ status doesn’t really score any extra points in 2019, at least not as much as it might’ve in the past but, Void does impress with the tautness of his self-driven rhythms and the inventive circular strings of death and grindcore riffs he weaves. There is a rousing old school brutality within his guitar work that serves as spectacle and storyteller with moments that rise and fall into somewhat memorable movements. There are riffs here that range from Anata-esque (see: “First Time Dead”) to late 90’s Cannibal Corpse streamlining (“Cadavoracity”, “Prosperity/Captivity”). Though the various influences are made subtle by a one-dimensional approach to guitar sound the full listen really benefits from this linear train of thought as the straightforward nature of the performance and production provide the feeling of constant forward motion. ‘No Solution / Dissolution’ slipped under most grind-head’s radar late last year, including mine so, I enjoyed it enough to warrant a signal boost several months later. Moderately high recommendation, as it won’t change your life but it’ll provide a hard slap of deathgrind for folks looking to keep the high from ‘Rituals of Power’ going. For preview I’d suggest the duo of “First Time Dead” and “Prosperity/Captivity” will sell the album to riff-hounds, whereas “Cadavoracity I” will have just about any deathgrind fan flinging themselves at this album.


Artist Feed Them Death
Type Album
Released November 8, 2018
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Genre Deathgrind,
Death Metal,

Higher spheres of the lowest reign. 3.75/5.0

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