Undeath – Demo ’19 [Cassette] (2019) REVIEW

The horrors of the infinite void spawn unfathomably thick irradiating curse that’d  psychically numb into death the pathetic shred of life teeming at the marbled nodule of our cystic galaxy. We, the bacterial fester abreast cataclysm suffocating within our grand cosmic accident, lash out helplessly as the self-induced loss of air bursts weakening lungs like lids from coffins; Spewing rotted serpent carcasses expulse as gore-births, each coalescing into winged and writhing shade to scour the eyes of any long-pretending great overseer. The ink of our explosive death blackens the vision of creation and deepens the horror of the clairvoyants sight, that of mankind’s zombified vengeance-in-death against the all-seeing. The tormented popping of lung precedes a pouring of melted death, and the black sorcery of ghoulish resurrection, wretches aghast the horrors of Undeath, the sorcerer adept and the violent creed writ in eternal cosmic search with hatred for the supposed deviser. Bear witness the translation of this vision in the form of death’s music, gnarled and bellowing in its coughing fits and malevolent angular egress, a demonstration set to ancient plastic and rolled tightly into short form, high intensity rituals.

As if a beaten corpse collapsing wetly down a flight of stairs the music of Undeath is a final, humiliating collapse away from life a cruelly cast husk receiving one last bruise beyond existence. With the cavernous roar of Dead Congregation and the slippery, spiraling aptitude of post-Demilichian technical death metal so rises a trio of devout youths with curved dagger and rotted book in hand. Clever as early Cadaveric Fumes, rabidly detailed as Fabricant, and cavernesque as Voidspawn this demo would give a glimpse at a superior understanding of pace, movement within variation, and a true skill for transitional moments not seen since Tomb Mold. “Archfiend Coercion Methods” bristles with doom until slipping deftly into a sort of Crematory-esque tirade of riffs that intensify into a resemblance of the dynamic that Caducity created for themselves back in the day, there is that same technical insight amidst a next-level of progression that is stunning.

For this initial descent into twisted forms Undeath appear more than capable of incredibly detailed ‘new old school’ death metal with a moderate technical flair. There is such adept feeling in the guitar work that it begins to sound as if it were a long dead demo tape from the mid-90’s, preserved with crystalline ideas and cleaned of its obvious influences decades later. No question they will succeed with this level of guitar arrangement and doomed pacing moving forward. I could use a different approach to pacing were it to play beyond the 17 minute mark but when considered as a first born piece there is little to prod at with dissatisfaction. Highly recommended. For preview I’d suggest the Drawn and Quartered feeling of “Perverted Self Reflections”, the Finn tech-death riff wrangling of “Ineffable Torment”, and the sheer brilliance of “Archfiend Coercion Methods”.


Artist Undeath
Type Album
Released March 29, 2019
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Genre Death Metal,
Technical Death Metal

Ancient burning scars. 4.25/5.0

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