VƆID – Jettatura (2018) REVIEW

Although I do place some value on the experimentation between the limitations of hard rock structures and extreme metal aesthetics any “genre ‘n roll” I’ve come across over the years has more or less proven to be measly gimmickry. From the blackened punk of Kvelertak, the post-grimness experimentation of Darkthrone and Satyricon, and the modern improvements found in Glorior Belli and Vreid records to date, there are few (if any) releases considered classics within this sub-sub-genre permutation. Nantes, France based quintet Vcid approach the amorphous qualities of black ‘n roll with a history of short-lived thrash metal projects behind them for a style not far from the semi-melodic black metal of early Vreid and certain Nachtmystium records. There is no lack of impactful riff and second wave black metal fury at the behest of Vcid on their debut full-length ‘Jettatura’ but little distinguishes this record beyond its influences.

The driver’s side airbag exploded swerve of Scandinavian garage rock is there in terms of the punkish progressions that define ‘Jettatura’ but, much of it serves as alternate rhythm to fairly generic second wave (or sometimes modern atmospheric) black metal songwriting. A sort of songwriting that changes too little in pace and dynamic from song to song for my own tastes. Much of Vcid‘s jog is satisfying as mid-paced black metal with breaks into rock riffing and solos but at no point do I think they -own- the style so much as resemble it in a very nice way. The more vibrant tracks like “Omen” and “Red Cardinals” become standouts after a handful of listens despite more or less sounding like B-sides from ‘Milorg’ or ‘Welcome Farewell’.

For my own taste in black metal there isn’t much interest generated by an average black n’ roll band but I do appreciate their musicianship and the general quality of the guitar work. The title track/opener “Jettatura” makes a solid case for their style but again nothing so transcendent that I could personally recommend. Because I found this release entirely average I figure many folks will feel differently and I’d suggest the melodic spikes of “Omen” and “Woven Woods” as the best tracks to start with in figuring if it is your kind of jam.


Artist VƆID
Type Album
Released October 5, 2018
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Genre Black n’ Roll,
Black Metal

Unveiling your bleached bones. 3.0/5.0

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