Omegavortex – Promo 2018 [Cassette] (2018) REVIEW

In bearing witness to the increasing violence created by record-setting storms across the world humanity appears dumbfounded despite decades of warning. Already shoulder deep in the muddy death and brutal chaos encroaching upon our shores, one great solace in viewing the inevitable swallowing of humanity beneath intensifying storms (and the sun’s unhinged incineration) comes with satellite images of vortex shedding. Helical alternations that follow the wake of great spinning storms appear as incredible wave-like patterns braided behind death’s incoming force, much like a tadpole with a miles-long tail. Even the tail of the storm brings destruction as this shedding of force remains capable of uprooting bridges and demolishing buildings. With a long mounting storm of ambition reaching it’s full gestational fury so appears a named and equally dangerous prospect in the form of Omegavortex. Conceived in 2007 as Ambevilence but largely unstirred until a promo tape and self-titled EP (2014/2015) achieved a more appropriately cosmic level of focus, Omegavortex appear as a more serious and increasingly frantic blackened death metal havoc on this pre-production teaser for their upcoming ‘Black Abomination Spawn’ full-length.

Consider the 2007-2014 era of this project humanity’s collective sub-conscious terror doing its best to subvert their own destruction. The manic, consuming void of Omegavortex appears as equally volatile as the violence created by fellow German groups Verberis and Beyond but with a precision that sets further expectations even higher than the Ambevilence material had. Previous works remain satisfying but this four track promo lights that old immensity afire with crushing death/thrash riffs caught in a spiral of technical black metallic mastery; A space between Coroner, Necrovore, and Pseudogod with its own mutant sentience acts as a hammer upon consciousness equaled by a very scant set of peer. I feel the frightening potential for destruction in this attack and feel nothing but excitement for the death Omegavortex promises in the future.

“Black Abomination  Spawn” is the apex of all forms covered on the promo/demo and the ramp-up towards it’s final explosive end is at the core of my braying admiration for the recordings. Whether polished or left raw these songs have twisted, alluring structures that are as ancient in their influence (“Gateways”) as they are nearly modernist in terms of progressive music level composite (“Dark Matter”). The guitar work seems intent on creating physical tears in flesh and void alike and the attack is ruthlessly achieved. With all of that said the clearest point of access I’d recommend in preview is “Omega Spheres” for the immediate hooks of the riffs that will act as claws to the neck of anyone interested in death/thrash metal guitar work. Highly recommended, and with hope that this project receives massive support in executing their grand vision.

Tape, Inlay

Artist Omegavortex
Type Album
Released July 13, 2018
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Genre Death Metal,
Black Metal,
Thrash Metal

Instinctive telescopic acrophobia. 4.25/5.0

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