Gulch – Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath (2018) REVIEW

Metallic hardcore schizophrenics Gulch go one step beyond the d-beaten, pit-fighting jagged metalcore mania of their ‘Demolition of Human Construct’ demo from early 2017 and crank out fourteen brutal minutes of amphetamine hell on their debut 7″ EP for Creator-Destructor Records. These Santa Cruz, California whippersnappers don’t waste a second of your ear-time in their spastic, harried pace as they don’t offer more than ten seconds of repetition before finding something else new, and often unexpected, in their treatment of death metal influenced hardcore mosh music. The filth levels are off the charts and though their sound is akin to stuff like Bad Times Crew, Gulch never sits still long enough to compare to any one particular group. There’s a bit of Integrity‘s early 2000’s brutality, the noisome buzz of Eternal Sleep, and the unexpected twists and turns that take several listens to mentally map out.

All of the crackling static and d-beat hits are good fun but if the damn thing lasted another ten minutes I think I’d need a break after a couple of listens. Distorted vocals and simple beats bring some aesthetic atmospheric value but I wanted the vocalist to shut up or do something else during sessions on loop. I love the potential of this sound either way as they could go more metal, grind/powerviolence or just pure mosh-hop and come out of it still sounding like themselves. I feel like this sort of band was more common in the early 2000’s Napalm Death comeback buzz and the death metal parts do have a bit of a classic UK deathgrind swagger to them; Although some of my enjoyment came from nostalgic proxy for that era ‘Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath’ is nonetheless a fun kick of death metal influenced spastic hardcore and well worth the 14 minute spin.


Artist Gulch
Type EP
Released August 10, 2018
BUY/LISTEN on Creator-Destructor Records’ Bandcamp! Gulch’s first demo [Bandcamp]
Genre Metalcore,
Death Metal,

The reek of human blood. 3.5/5.0

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