Molder – An Act of Revenge (2018) REVIEW

There’s been something sinister brewing these last couple years just fifteen minutes west of Joliet, Illinois and it reeks of rotten Abscess, putrid Death, and thrashing bloody Autopsy. They’re Molder and they stink… of the foul Pungent Stench of late 80’s horror, death and thrash metallic decay. Originally formed by Aaren Pantke (Melting Rot, ex-Nefarious), Dom Vaia (Strange World) and members of thrashers Savagery in 2017 the line-up was trimmed to a trio and now includes Ramón Garcia (ex-Nefarious) on guitars. You know they’re up to no good creeping through the night with their spongy, bounding death/thrash riffs and bulbous penchant for gore but there is little society can do to stop them! On this first demo they go ham exploring themes of revenge killing, the science of decomposition, cannibalism with a taste for rotten meat, and violent acts from criminally insane medical professionals.

Sure whatever, throw any halfway decent old school death metal at me and I’ll slap my face into it like a pie. Molder have a dry-boned sound on this demo that seems to go for pre-‘Leprosy’ demos in both style and lack of production but it all sounds professionally wiped up and the performances are precise. I appreciate Pantke‘s drumming both for his study of ‘old school’ methodology and restraint that sticks within his skill set. To jump on a death metal demo that is ‘in time’ and not wobbling under the pressure of death metal standards is remarkable enough but, they do a great job of resembling that Autopsy/Death/Repulsion/Master concurrent stable of bands like Disastrous Murmur, Impetigo, and Pungent Stench without doing anything fancy with the sound. I appreciate this demo as it provides a damn satisfying grinding groove and doesn’t intend to be much more than a good time without losing the plot.

Molder have a lot to compete with in this niche but if they’re any good live I could easily see them on bills with groups like Anatomia, Maim, Mutilate, Scorched and Undergang in the future. They have a ways to go with making that sound their own, or doubling down on it’s traditions, but either way this is a promising first release done in good taste and rotten spirits.


Artist Molder
Type EP
Released August 10, 2018
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Genre Death Metal

Warm and cold skin joining again. 3.5/5.0

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