Into the Cave – Insulters of Jesus Christ (2018) REVIEW

There are few compilations that were as exciting to discover as Cogumelo Records‘ infamous three part Warfare Noise series. It’s gritty, bestial thrashing helped change me from a casual early Sepultura worshiper to a dedicated fan of Brazilian extreme metal. The most celebrated first volume offered a small but potent glimpse of that early 80’s scene and it’s followers. Brazilian thrash metal in particular took obvious influences and sought greater extremes of speed and brutality, all with shockingly limited resources. The winds would change for many bands but many only became more extreme, and occasionally innovative, as the death metal boon of the early 90’s arrived. This is the era and style that Rio de Janeiro, Brazil based black/death metallers Into the Cave seem to pull their most basic inspiration from as they carve their way into bestial death and thrash metal traditions.

There are many parallels between Into the Cave‘s two full-lengths and the general trajectory of death/thrash Sextrash in that there was a considerable stylistic change between albums due to big line-up changes. That isn’t to say that the horny, alcoholic speed metal of ‘Sex and Lust’ (2014) is dead and gone but, only the founding member/guitarist remains. ‘Insulters of Jesus Christ’ finds greater structure and brutality that slaps away comparisons to Sextrash and Sarcófago in favor of stuff like Mortem, Expulser, and Grave Desecrator. Consider it the difference between speed metal ‘fun’ and thrash metal insanity as they skirt the line between brutal coherence and the glory days of early war metal. There are ripping early Kreator influenced thrash moments all over the album that are as raw as early Transmetal (see: ‘Sepelio en el Mar’) yet Into the Cave are just as capable blasting out brutal blackened death metal when they see fit.

Expect whammy diving with abandon, kicks into Slayer-ized beats, and plenty of influence from the earliest 90’s death metal. It is the perfect adjunct to the style of records like Sarcófago‘s ‘Rotting’ and Grave Desecrator‘s ‘Sign of Doom’ with a heavy lean towards classic thrash metal influences. ‘Insulters of Jesus Christ’ should also appeal to the sensibilities of war metal fans both for it’s brutal, bestial musical sensibilities but also it’s compelling artwork and lyrics. The image of Satan’s snake-penis striking Jesus’ bloody, whipped body is a perfect fit for the raw-but-powerful mixture of old school blasphemy found on Into the Cave‘s second album. Highest recommendation for fans of old school (and ‘new old school’) South American thrash, and you’ll see why by the time your first full listen finishes. Impressively cumulative in it’s savagery.


Artist Into the Cave
Type Album
Released July 14, 2018
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Genre Death Metal,
Black Metal,
Thrash Metal

Symphony of obscenities. 3.5/5.0

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